QVC Brings Back California Gold Rush

Kudos to QVC for bringing back its 24-hour California Gold Rush even after an absence of three years. We are promised more than 200 new designs.

When gold prices soared, it put the kibosh on the QVC mainstay for a few years.

And vendor Imperial Gold, which hasn’t been on the home shopping network for seven years, has returned for the gold bonanza.


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3 Responses to “QVC Brings Back California Gold Rush”

  1. SUSAN Says:

    A refreshing change of programming…….are sales that bad that QVC could FINALLY FINALLY be listening to their long time customers….hope so!

  2. Karen Harden Says:

    It was so much fun watching, I forgot how much I missed it!

  3. Jackie Says:

    Please don’t buy from QVC, the halls are empty, offices deserted, why? from families ruined by Mike George, who continues to be compensated in the millions why the people he let go suffer and their jobs have been exported to Poland. Ladies you want Gold, look into your soles and donate your money to charities of your choice… help those families and others .. that’s truly gold.

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