$26 Million Wen Settlement? No Prob For QVC

What’s wrong with this picture?

1. Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care and Guthy-Renker agree to pay a $26.25 million settlement over a class action suit that alleged the product was making customers’ hair fall out and putting scabs on their scalps.


2. QVC notified people who bought Wen from the network that they were entitled to seek part of that settlement money.

3. QVC offers a package of Wen products as its Friday Today’s Special.


QVC must be doing a hell of a business with Wen if it risks selling it despite all the complaints about it — and the settlement.

We don’t get it.


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8 Responses to “$26 Million Wen Settlement? No Prob For QVC”

  1. Barb Says:

    You should get it, QVC cares only about one thing, PROFITS… not their customers and certainly not their employees who were recently replaced by Polish nationals working at half their wages… Is this a surprise to anyone.

    Mike George is shameless… don’t buy from QVC

  2. Millie Brown Says:

    This is a standard business decision. It is cheaper to settle than to go to trial to try to fight it. There were less than 150 claimants/plaintiffs in the class action suit-a tiny fraction of the thousands & thousands of Wen users who had no problems with the product. I for one am glad QVC is keeping Wen. QVC has better deals on it then Chaz’s own website. I love the product; have had no problems with it. It’s done wonders for my hair.

  3. Karen Leveen Says:

    I bought into WEN (named after NEW spelling reversed to create name) for years. It clogged my scalp to the point of my hair falling out & according to my internist gave me a cyst that finally stopped filling once i discontinued using WEN. My hair stopped thinning out. QVC notifying me? Never! I contacted the lawyer in the class action lawsuit but never pursued becoming part of the class action suit. 3 different formulas made :1 for international buyers, 1 for infomercials, & 1 for QVC. Will never trust QVC to care about their customers. QVC= quality, value & commitment? To shareholders pocketbooks only!

  4. Ellie Damaschke Says:

    I was wondering why Chas Dean was on QVC again also…especially a TSV!

    • Helen Says:

      Could it be that “some people” are allergic to the WEN products, whereas millions of others are not allergic, & it helps their hair?.?
      That is possible w any product!
      I have never used WEN products, but my nieces have and like it.
      I DID buy and have gobs of the different hair products sold on QVC called Ojon.
      I loved it for yrs. It thickened my hair.
      Then Ojon changed the formula and my hair started getting thinner and thinner.
      My scalp itched so bad.
      One QVC show host even remarked , during sale of a new hair product, “that they previously sold a product that itched her scalp really bad, but this one did not”!!
      I called QVC & asked for a refund on about 7 different Ojon hair products that was causing my scalp to itch and I couldn’t use anymore. Used to, they would take anything, back, refund, or exchange even months past my purchase date!! I shopped w them exclusively until they told me I’d have to contact Ojon in a foreign country! I never called them.
      HSN is now my choice, altho their refunds are usually stricker and only in 30 days.

  5. Modo Says:

    I think you answered your own question.

  6. Sara Says:

    I mean come on…Look at his hair, its a greasy mess, when he isn’t shaving it off….

  7. Teri Smith Says:

    My hair started thinningmonths ago but i had NO idea why&if some of it was my imagination? Also months ago i too got the letter from QVC but it was very unalarming. It led to believe some people had a problemand without any proof could get a one time amount of $25. But that they intended to continue to sell it.it led me to believe it was a good faith settlement to people who purchased it but with an allergic reaction were now unable to use it? What a joke,now almost bald, and get anyone to respond to me because i was unaware,therefore missing the April 2017 Deadline!!! Its without a doubt the worst thing I’ve ever experienced!! So,if anybody can help me here it will be Greatly Appreciated!
    FLORIDA 32164

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