QVC Host Albany Irvin Exits Network

We’re heading toward the end of the year, when people’s contracts with their employers may or may not be renewed, or folks decide on their own they want to fly the coop.

And so QVC host Albany Irvin announced Friday on Facebook that she is leaving the No. 1 home shopping channel.

“Hi friends, today I wanted to share the news with you that I have decided to leave QVC to spend more time with my family,” she posted.

“I’ll miss you and our time together, but I’m so thankful for your friendship and support over the years. It has meant more to me than you know. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life, and wish you all the best! XO”

We checked, and her name is already off QVC’s website.

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41 Responses to “QVC Host Albany Irvin Exits Network”

  1. Mammaberti Says:

    I love her! Maybe going to work for Lisa? I hope!

  2. Marion M Collins Says:

    Sorry to see you leave Albany.

  3. Barb Says:

    qvc is a cesspool with a leader with no values, good for her. Remember don’t buy from QVC this holiday season. They have destroyed American jobs.

    • Cristina Says:

      Hi Barb…and everyone

      I have boycotted QVC since I found out about the outsourcing to Poland. I never did buy much on there…but all shopping AND watching QVC have stopped in my home.
      There are some hosts I really like- Albany included. I will miss shopping with them but Achilles speed to those who leave that place. Home shopping in general has become a sleazy shadow of its former self.

  4. MaryAnn Says:

    Should have kept Albany and canned that atrocious Shawn Killinger😝

    • Deanna Says:

      Like what’s with that hair? I don’t bash people on line in fact first comment ever and a dumb one but for REAL what is up with that hair? And her clothes seem to b trying to hide something one min and the next …..I don’t get it….

  5. sapphire Says:

    Wishing Albany the best.

  6. Twat Waffles Says:


    I usually don’t comment unless it’s about that crap in a hat 3rd rate schlep network Eswine but…

    I’ve watched “plenty” of Shawn Killinger through the years to know that after she turned 40 she became a fake “I’m too sexy and hip” diva who thinks everyone is looking at her and that hairdo, she’s at her most full of shit when paired with Isaac Mizrahi!

    I’ve seen her without makeup and I can promise that good ‘ol Twatty Claus is getting her a metal spatula so she can easily remove the 2 gallons of crud she calls a face!

    I enjoyed Albany and felt she was a down to earth person that wasn’t pretentious, but…

    I’d take Killinger over Colleen Lopez thank you LOL!!!

    • Pauline Says:

      Hi Twat Waffles

      I’d take Shawn over Colleen, too. In fact, I’d take the most obnoxious host at Evine, or anywhere over Colleen.

      A side note…Coleen please quit wearing pants so tight we can see every crack, bulge and fold. Nothing wrong with a slim fit…look at “your old pal”” Suzanne Somers…..she wears them slim fit but classy. But you look terrible. Go 2 sizes up, and they’ll STILL be tight. Jeez.

      Enjoy your posts, TW…spot on and funny. And thanks for all the info, and a place to vent, Linda.

      • Bart Says:

        I agree Pauline. And Colleen needs to lose the breathless thing. There’s a video on her Facebook about holiday host pick, and she’s at it with the gushing breathless voice. I saw it when my wife was checking out her page. And I cannot stand how she puts her hand on her chest and breathes when she’s talking like that. Big phony. And quit lying about your facial surgery and Botox/juvederm usage, Colleen. Every 3 months, your face looks newly tweaked. Add that to your painted on pants, and your off the shoulder tops and dresses. You’re a mess. I leave the room now when my wife looks at HSN and Colleen is on.

  7. MaryAnn Says:

    Pauline & Twat Waffles, ITA with both of you. Both of them are atrocious, but Shawn with that makeup & fugly clothes is definitely the creepier of the two!! 😉

    • Deanna Says:

      WOW cow !!!! Going in kinda hard….I was quite tired of my stars and garters and cryin in a bucket so on the sec LR LEFT she thot she was gona b the next big thing I saw her leaving 3 months after LR did she was dressing all fancy pants and what about her hair come on!!! It’s very odd that production says nothing she cod use a Twinkie or 2 and I’m POSITIVE she was given leave or quit options the girl looooved flaunting it for the camera aways talking a bit sexual but truly Shawn must have 5 bathrooms and10 closets caz she claims to own and use everything she’s talking about!!

  8. SUSAN Says:

    I wish Albany the best, but for me she was just unwatchable!!! She was overbearing and irritating and flirted shamelessly with male vendors…..I’m happy she’s gone, and wish several hosts will follow—Shawn (who hates pants and handbags yet was appointed head fashion diva after Lisa Robertson left), Courtney who is all about herself, and the immature Jacque!!!

    • Deanna Says:

      Oooooooh my word RIGHT!!!! It was embarrassing watching thru fingers uuuugh!!! So TRUE!! U got it allllll the way right Susan

  9. Mary Anne Says:

    I like Albany, and she will be missed. But it’s a smart move on her behalf to jump ship from TON (The Outsourcing Network, formerly known as QVC). I watch occasionally but never order any more.
    Albany was a good host…but she used “so stinkin’ cute” way way way too much. That phrase is overused everywhere. I see it quite a bit on social media…and even from the mouths of retail clerks, postal employees, convenience store clerks….you get the idea.
    In your next incarnation Albany, please leave that phrase behind. You’re a good host; you just need to drop the stinkin’ cute thing.

  10. Sara Says:

    Hey TW,, long time no see.. 🙂
    Just stopped in to tell some that Connie Kunkle from the old SHOPNBC has died,, She had dementia,, Too young to pass…Then again death is an equal opportunity offender… Just want to wish everyone a very Blessed Christmas…
    That includes you, Linda,,,,

    • Suzette Says:

      Hi Sara…and Linda

      I came on here to say I liked Albany as a host. And she’ll be better off without QVC. I hope she enjoys her family time.
      And sadly, yes, Connie Kunkle passed away. I saw it on Kendy Koepfler’s Facebook. What a shock! She was so vibrant and seemed healthy. The dementia she had must be very invasive, to take her so quickly. I missed her on Evine after she left. What a shame. I hope her family heals and gains strength from wonderful memories of her.

    • Marina Says:

      I saw this on Koepfler’s page on Facebook. Connie just left Evine in March(?)….and somewhat suddenly. Now we know why. I feel bad for her family. She seemed to be a nice person and I enjoyed her as a host. She will be missed, and may she rest in peace.
      As for Albany, I hope she enjoys her time away from QVC. She was a good host but QVC is a sinking ship and she’s better off leaving there. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

    • Teresa Says:

      Heavens….I didn’t know about Albany leaving till I saw this…and now Connie has passed?!!
      I have watched more of shop NBC/Evine over the years than QVC. Although I like many of QVC hosts, their product lineup is sad and of course now with the outsourcing…..good luck Albany, you’ll be fine.
      Connie was a good host and on snbc I especially enjoyed her with Chuck Clemency. They had a lot of fun. I have missed her lately and now this. Prayers go out to all those close to her. We should all enjoy each day and our loved ones to the fullest. One never knows when we’ll be called home.

    • Nadine Says:

      Thank you, Sara. Although your news is sad, there are many of us who wondered why we heard no more from Connie after her sudden departure from EVINE.
      I send out prayers to her family and friends as this will be a difficult holiday season.
      I wish Albany the best as she leaves QVC. I’m sure she’ll do fine. I imagine it must be a challenge running a family and keeping up with host duties. Good for her for giving herself time with her family.

    • homeshoppingista Says:


  11. Lana Says:

    Good luck, Albany, you have been a good host. I hope your future holds all the best.
    I was just on Kendy Koepfler’s Facebook and saw what you already know, Sara…that former Evine host Connie Kunkle has passed away. So close behind her departure from Evine. Apparently the form of dementia she had moves quickly. I’m shocked and saddened by the news. Also shocking was the sudden passing of Alan Thicke. That, I saw on Suzanne Somers’ Facebook. Even Florence Henderson’s passing was surprising. Although she was 82, she seemed to be healthy and very with it mentally. Please pray for all their families, as I am.
    Let’s hope more cheerful news starts coming in for the remainder of the holiday season.

  12. Twat Waffles Says:


    Hi Sara, I’ve been around commenting on all the Eswine articles.

    I enjoyed Connie Kunkle and I think she was a fabulous crooner.

    I think it SUX that her voice was silenced.

    I have to check out her Xmas CD, heard she did Broadway or off Broadway, either way she was a bright spirit, I did however catch her singing on SlopNbc yrs ago.

    None of us are promised a tomorrow…

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  13. Kitty Says:

    Pauline, and TW,

    I agree about Colleen. When Dan Dennis left HSN in 2001, Colleen was given more air time, more jewelry shows and more big vendors. I guess the fortune she made off Suzanne Somers wasn’t enough!!! Anyway, that’s when the diva bs started. And snowballed ever since.


    What a shock! I can’t believe Connie is gone. It hasn’t been long since she left EVINE. How sad and difficult for her family. Prayers for them.

    • Adele Says:

      Hey, Kitty, you seem to be a kindred spirit. I have also thought that Lopez started chipping away at other hosts’ air time after Dan’s departure.

      I think she has become so full of herself that she is a huge pain to be around. I know people who said that she worked hard and earned her place as queen bee at HSN. True, she does work hard. But she has pushed back and eusurped many hosts at HSN. Dan was their sales lead, and he had extensive jewelry experience. Lynn Murphy used to host quite a few jewelry shows during his time on there. Bill Green, John Cremeans, and Connie Craig (Carroll) as well.

      Lopez hosted jewelry, too, but back then it was more equally distributed. Once Dan left, one could see Lopez’s aggressiveness take over. That’s when all the lying, gushing, and poor acting started getting bad with her. Since then, she has steamrolled right over those other hosts.

      I’m glad someone else sees what I see. HSN needs to distribute important vendors fairly and evenly. I rarely watch anymore and haven’t bought anything in a very long time. Hosts are not celebrities and should have smaller egos. They are only a tool to help us learn about and choose products. I don’t want their recipes, recommendations on hotels or restaurants, or to see their homes. Anymore than I would want those things from the accessory clerk at Macy’s who sold me a bag last week!

  14. suzy Says:

    QVC has the worst show hosts.They are all about themselves

  15. Jenny Says:

    Glad Albany is gone. Didn’t know it til I read this though so it must mean that I didn’t miss her. I wish she would take Shawn and Jane Treacy with her. I don’t know how their egos fit in the building.

  16. Barbara Hill Says:

    I liked Albany.

    Wish Shawn, Jane Treacy, Nancy Hornback, Dan Hughes, Rachwl Boesing, Sharon Faetsch would quit. I find them all very obnoxious.

  17. David and Alberti's Hag Says:

    Geez…y’all hold nothing back and I LOVE it! I secretly always wanted to be a host, but I’m afraid I’d be ripped to shreds!

    Anywhoo, check out this link that has been making the rounds hinting that Albany was schtuping a higher up at the Q.

    I’ve wondered about her and why there are no pictures of a spouse (male or female.)

    Anywhoo, thanks for the bitchiness…it’s fantastic!

  18. M Says:

    I wish Albany all the best. I enjoyed her shows.
    I wish Courtney or Sharon would leave.

  19. Paulette m moore Says:

    Wish her a bless life, I like her wit really why didn’t qvc renew her contract she is so much better than Shawn I wish she would LEAVE

  20. Paulette m moore Says:

    Why did you not renew her contract , she is very witty and smart, and beautiful a real asset to QVC. You should ask Shawn to leave and Gary

  21. Sandra Voegele Says:

    Shawn, Courtney, Jackie, and Jane Tracy could leave QVC and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  22. Ann Says:

    Good couldn’t stand her. Now they HAVE to give Jill Bauer the boot. That woman is SOOOOO annoying. All she does is interrupt and talk over every single person. She’s a disgusting show host.

  23. Joni Says:

    So glad to see the prick teaser gone.

  24. Glenda Says:

    Missing Albany,always liked her. She will be fine. Praying for her and family.

    Don’t be mean to each other. Life to short. You are all lucky!

  25. PAT Says:

    I just noticed that Albany was missing from QVC. She was an ok host. I’m retired and find all of the hosts entertaining. SHAWN especially. She should do alittle clipping with that hair cut of hers. My favorite host is AMY STRAN, she is so delightful to watch.

  26. Michelle Says:

    Bummer. I liked Albany. I love Shawn, too. I actually find some of the catty comments on here far more obnoxious than any host on any shopping channel. Best of luck, Albany. Carry on, catty B’s.

  27. Sarita Garcia Says:

    Really enjoy & like most of QVC hosts. I think Jill gets a bad rap because she’s very conscientious; I appreciate her thorough knowledge of products. Most are just really nice, pleasant, upbeat people who I enjoy, even if I’m not looking to shop specifically for something. It’s a pleasure; there are a lot of miserable, nasty people here in Jersey. QVC hosts are a more than welcome change.

  28. Renie Says:

    There are certainly home shopping hosts that I enjoy more than others and I’m sure that’s true for all of us. I tend to like best the ones that are rather calm and give more explanation regarding
    the product itself, slow enough to absorb what’s being said, rather than all the hyer-emotionalism that makes me feel voyeuristic since it’s often just short of having multiple orgasms on public TV with the whole world watching:-)
    However, perhaps I am a bit more sympathetic than some of you in that I realize their job is more difficult than it might seem. I wasn’t a shopping channel host but I used to work in television and “there is to be no dead air”…every instant of air time is virtually to be filled. That’s why you often hear them rattling like a magpie and gulp for a breath and sometimes beg for call-ins. And they’re under a lot of pressure. They have to be “UP” at all times while on air…whether they’re exhausted, ill or in pain or have have loved ones who are or other problems to deal with There are times when the stress factor is so severe that it causes adrenalin release and they get hyper just trying to keep going. Ever done that when you were running out of steam but had to keep going anyway??? I have. And yeah, sometimes they get wound up and interrupt or talk over a guest. On the other hand, there is a specific amount of time alloted to each item, and the host and director are responsible to keep control of the show and when a guest is taking too much time and/or not getting to the needed points, the host is often being fed directions through their ear piece to speed it up, etc. They are required to work with and be cordial to other people and guests that they may or may not even like or be compatible with and are required to sell an item whether or not it’s one of their personal favorites. That’s why I hate all the ‘loving EVERYBODY AND gushing over EVERYTHING. Just give me honest information about the product and don’t omit some important points (like it requires 5 expensive batteries or filters that need replaced every 2 months or something) and I’ll decide whether it’s for me or not. There are monitors all over the place. The bosses who sign their paychecks are watching. They know who is on the air selling what every minute of the day and how much is sold and $$$ made for the company under a host’s presentations and they may even get paid or get bonuses based on their sales. And don’t forget that no matter what their day at work was like, they have to leave it all behind and go home and be to their families all that they should be. And I’m sure there’s more I haven’t mentioned…so I’m just saying that when I’m tempted to get too criticial, I try to remember that I need
    not because I know darn well I couldn’t even do as well as they do.

    Just for fun, give yourself a test: Pick
    up any item in your home and for just
    3 entire minutes…while smiling a lot talk about it out loud, especially it’s glories, and see if you can do it in the way you’d like to see it done. It’s NOT easy and chances are, you’ll find yourself with brain fog, dry mouth, stumbling over your own tongue and frantically searching your mind for every adjective and descriptive you’ve ever heard.

  29. Natalie. Galland Says:

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    for my blog. Appreciate It!

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