HSN Newbie Carole Hochman To Compete Against Old Brand On QVC

Here’s a more lucid take on sleepwear designer Carole Hochman and her venture with HSN than we had in our blog yesterday, and we have Shannon to thanks for the insight.


We wrote about HSN’s press release that announced that as part of the Naked and Comfortably You firms, QVC vet Hochman was launching a line on the No. 2 home shopping network next year. But QVC still sells various items of Carole Hochman apparel.

As it turns out apparently Hochman, like some other fashion designers, lost the legal right to use her own name as a brand. So the Hochman collection on QVC is not designed by her and has no association with her.

So her new HSN line will compete with her old company’s QVC line.

We guess when Hochman left her old company she didn’t have a non-compete clause, or at least not a lengthy one.


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2 Responses to “HSN Newbie Carole Hochman To Compete Against Old Brand On QVC”

  1. Lennie Says:

    Hochman’s night and lounge wear can be found at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for a fraction of the home shopping prices. A good time to look is when they get new shipments in. Not the variety of TV shopping, but good enough.

    I’m curious to see if the prices on HSN will be as high as QVC. Her stuff was pretty expensive on there. And, a quick review. Her things wash well, and wear excellently. So don’t be afraid to try her sleepwear. Another brand that wears forever is St. Eve. I have nightshirts from them that are 7 years old.

  2. Juanita Brazell Harrington Says:

    When will Carol Hochman’s new line be on HSN?

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