Actress Eva Longoria To Hawk Watch Line On Evine Tuesday

Actress Eva Longoria will appear live on Evine on Tuesday to premiere her TechnoMarine women’s watch collection, joining a long list of celebs that are selling their wares on home shopping networks.

“I cannot wait for the opportunity to show off this collection live at Evine,” the Mexican-American star said in a canned statement.

“This collection is the result of a close collaboration between myself and TechnoMarine and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The timepieces are a true reflection of my personal style and each graceful design was created to be enjoyed every day.”


The Eva Longoria for TechnoMarine collection is the result of Eva’s collaboration with TechnoMarine, “and is a dazzling collection of ten unique timepieces which embody today’s modern woman with timeless design and classic sophistication,” according to a press release from the channel that’s been dubbed the watch network.

Longoria will present the collection live from Evine studios during the three-hour premiere at 8pm ET. Before the premiere, she will appear on Evine’s Facebook Live show dubbed “Beyond Backstage,” a candid, unscripted conversation with Eva and will give fans a behind the scenes peek.

“Eva Longoria has long been a style icon and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the Evine family,” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said. “Eva has truly taken a hands-on role in the development and design of this collection, allowing the confidence, beauty and distinct style she’s known for to be channeled into each and every timepiece. We are excited to introduce her collection to our jewelry and watch fans.”

Here is the boilerplate on Longoria:

Eva Longoria is an award-winning actress, producer, director, entrepreneur, “Desperate Housewives” alum and philanthropist. She established The Eva Longoria Foundation, co-founded Eva’s Heroes and is the spokesperson for Padres Contra el Cancer, each with a different focus supporting the Latino community and youth with special needs.

A Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, Longoria owns BESO Hollywood, her own production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, two fragrances “EVA, by Eva Longoria” and “EVAmour,” has a New York Times bestselling cookbook EVA’s KITCHEN, her own bedding and bath collection with JCPenney, the Eva Longoria Home Collection, and most recently her first apparel line, The Eva Longoria Collection, sold exclusively at The Limited.

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6 Responses to “Actress Eva Longoria To Hawk Watch Line On Evine Tuesday”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    Turn on Evine and in the blink of an eye you can go from Alaskan king crab legs to Eva Longoria’s sexy gams, then to the mass produced Incrapta’s factory fresh from Wong’s Egg Roll And Timepiece Emporium, then to the dopey full of shit brother and sister dynamic fake duo in Waggoner Chocolates, then to Melissa Miner sucking Waterford’s ass while Jorge prances around like he’s on the Riviera in white pants and a drink with a cute straw, then to car chargers, then to goofy remote control helicopters and hover boards, then to linen and sheets sold by a friendly tall stout lady that wishes she could work for a real television shopping network, then to Fatima Cocci with her Medusa effect on the viewing audience, then to some jewelry…

    Awww fuck it!! Just rename the channel TGSS and I can promise you’ll increase revenue, that’s right think TGSS!!! It’s the “last” time you’ll ever have to change your rotten name!!!

    “The Garage Sale Network”

  2. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    twat forgot to mention the beekman boys and their baby goat. poor goat, what would they do if it pooped on live television

  3. Twat Waffles Says:

    @Carolyn Simpson…

    I caught them live just the other night, if the goat backed out little goat mini wheat’s live on the set Allison Waggoner would stick them up her alabaster bunghole at the same time woofing down Waggoner shit chocolates like a big blonde beast that she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Carrie W Says:

    C’mom Waffles – tell us what you really think!! So funny!!

  5. Twat Waffles Says:


    There would be little goat turds everywhere!

    Like frosted goat mini wheat’s,




  6. Mimi Says:

    And let’s not forget…it may be by Eva Mongolia, and it may be glamorous, but it’s still MORE WATCHES. Guess they don’t have enough of those at Evine..

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