Is QVC Ending Guessing Game On Diamonds?

We were snoozing on the couch early this Thursday morning, too exhausted to move to bed after staying up to 2 a.m. to watch the election results, when we saw something remarkable on QVC.

During its Affinity Diamond segment to kick off its TSV, QVC’s Peyton Kelley was telling viewers the precise clarity and color of the stones of one of the rings being featured.

He also offered a tutorial – using Gemological Institute of America guidelines — on what the various measures of a diamond’s worth mean. We have been asking for this forever from QVC and HSN, questioning why someone should buy diamonds without know how good they are, or aren’t.

For example, a five-stone emerald cut ring, selling for $2,449, had diamonds that were H in color and VS2 “or better” in clarity.$uslarge$

If QVC has been doing this before, we missed it. But we say bravo to the Q for finally providing this info.

We only wish that QVC revealed the quality of the diamonds of all its jewelry. For example, it was not provided on the TSV, a five-stone band ring. Kelley simply described its stones as “eye clean” and “near colorless.”

You’ve hear of “TMI,” too much information. We call that too little information.


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One Response to “Is QVC Ending Guessing Game On Diamonds?”

  1. charades Says:

    my girlfriend and me didn’t sleep that night, too!

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