Trump TV, QVC And Fox News Channel

Reading through the coverage of Wednesday night’s presidential debate, we were surprised to see QVC’s name come up in The New York Times. And we have a bone to pick about it.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Donald Trump’s son-in-law had been talking to investors about launching a cable network. That prompted a Times story today with the headline “Was Wednesday the final presidential debate of 2016 or the opening night of the Trump News Channel?”

“If you’re tired of biased, mainstream media reporting (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s super PAC), tune into my Facebook Live broadcast,” Trump posted.

“That ramshackle pregame show was like state television produced by QVC, with interviews by, of and for Mr. Trump’s supporters, cable-news-like graphics and a relentless sales pitch,” The Times wrote.

That was not a QVC-like production, folks. That was a Fox News Channel show.


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2 Responses to “Trump TV, QVC And Fox News Channel”

  1. Cindy Says:

    No as much as Donald Trump is repulsive, he has it right, greedy CEO’s like Mike George are what is ruining America, shipping jobs overseas… Don’t buy from QVC

  2. Mammaberti Says:

    Not sure about your beef with QVC . Don’t really care however if you think Trump, a hard working man who has earn d every penny he has made versus Clinton a lifetime politician, not the best choice then you are sadly misinformed and need to be reminded elections have consequences!

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