New Joan Rivers’ Bio Coming Next Month

We just learned that there is a new biography of QVC queen Joan Rivers about to come out.

“Last Girl Before Freeway: The Life, Loves, Losses, and Liberation of Joan Rivers” has been written by veteran journalist Leslie Bennetts.

The author, a Vanity Fair editor, will be speaking about the bio as part of the Open Book/Open Mind Conversations series at the Montclair Public Library in our New Jersey hometown. The event is Sunday, Dec. 4, at 4 p.m.

“This is to be the definitive book about Joan Rivers’ tumultuous, victorious, tragic, hilarious, and fascinating life,” according to the library.

Gloria Steinem offered a quote about Rivers for the book.

“You may think you know Joan Rivers, but I’ll bet you’ll be shocked by the revelations in Leslie Bennetts’s irresistible biography.

Before there was a women’s movement or much hope for a woman in stand-up comedy, Joan made it by ridiculing everything she craved, from beauty and respectability to fashion and power.

With unmatched energy and an ambition that made Napoleon look like Gandhi, she broke the boundaries of taste and commonsense-and widened the path for us all.”

The book is being released Nov. 15, and is being published by Little, Brown & Co.

Anyone who lives in the area and wants to attend the library event may register at


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