Nicki Minaj Returns To HSN With ‘Trini Girl’

Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj’s big booty will be back on HSN Thursday, when she returns to the home shopping network to debut her latest fragrance.

The singer will be appearing on “The Beauty Report” to hawk “Trini Girl,” the new perfume.

The fragrance is already being sold on

It is described as “Vivacious. Tantalizing. Exotic. Capture the captivating charm of Nicki’s proud Trinidadian heritage with this beautiful fragrance. Let its sensual cocktail of juicy fruits and creamy coconut inspire you to stay true to who are and where you come from.”

Minaj already sells a number of her fragrances, which all come in decorative bottles that depict a bust of her (no pun intended), on HSN.

One of her fragrances some time back was a TS, and her appearance caused a stir among HSN viewers who disapproved of her sexy image and performances.

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One Response to “Nicki Minaj Returns To HSN With ‘Trini Girl’”

  1. Diane Says:

    I wish Nicki well. She was very personable both times on HSN. Although some of her lyrics are racy, she is not selling music on HSN, she is selling fragrance.
    She is also definitely not one of my favorite artists but I have deep respect for her. She carved out a successful career in the male-dominated hip hop arena. That is no small feat, and I think someone who breaks glass ceilings with their talent and intelligence definitely deserves credit and respect.
    If you don’t like Nicki, don’t watch. Frankly, she is a lot better to watch than phoney Colleen or drippy Callie. Just saying.

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