At HSN’s $160 Price, Our Bling Will Stay Dirty

We daresay that there are few more rabid jewelry lovers than us and our mom.

That said, we would never pay $160 for a fancy jewelry cleaner, which is what HSN is charging for its Today’s Special this Monday.

Oh sorry, it is officially a “3-in-1 Jewelry Cleaner and Sanitizer.”

Here’s the pitch from HSN:

Now is your time to sparkle, shimmer and shine. Bring home this versatile cleaning solution for on-demand, professional-grade cleaning of jewelry, glasses, watch bands and more.

Use the power of ultrasonic waves and steam to remove dirt and oil from your lovely pieces. The UV light not only dries and sanitizes your jewelry, it’s also a great choice to sanitize items that should not be exposed to liquid or steam. You shine everyday; your jewelry should, too.

Steam, great.

Ultrasonic waves, great.

UV light, great.

Price at $160? Not so great.

We guess we’re going to be walking around with dirty baubles.

Are we nuts or is this device a pretty pricey proposition?

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8 Responses to “At HSN’s $160 Price, Our Bling Will Stay Dirty”

  1. Gloria Castro Says:

    Sorry..A little Ammonia in a dish & a little toothbrush works wonders on my $7,000.00 diamond.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    LOL. I’m with you.

  3. Linda Finch Says:

    I’m with Gloria on this one.

  4. Kristen G Says:

    I’m with you ladies…and who needs sanitized jewelry? The second you pick it up to put it on, it’s “contaminated”. For that price it should make you a cappucino while you’re waiting for your jewelry to clean!

  5. Trina Dade Says:

    Not only is the device unnecessary, ugly, and way overpriced, it is HUGE! Where would one put this contraption? There are jewelry “cleaners” that cost $4.99, but I agree with all of you ladies, break out the toothbrush and ammonia. Or Dawn dishwashing liquid is adequate, too. Hope they did not buy too many of these. If they did, these will be a lunchtime special for years and years!!!!!

  6. Kate Says:

    For more delicate gems… white vinegar. For tarnish on most silver…toothpaste and a little scrub. Sometimes the afore mentioned dish soap works great. What a stupid, overpriced item! And jewelry does not need sanitation. Another heap of useless junk on shopping TV!

  7. Barbara Says:

    At this size and price, it sounds like more of a commercial jewelry cleaner that a jewelry store would use for large volume cleaning in their repair department. The toothbrush/home remedies listed in the posts above work fine for the rest of us. I also get excellent cleaning results with a rouge polishing cloth.

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