HSN Recruits Three New Hosts

Three months ago we blogged about HSN hiring a new host, Geoff Cowan.


But it wasn’t until this week that the No. 2 home shopping network officially announced on Facebook that Cowan was on board, along with two other newbies, Tracey Kane and Valerie Stup.

Kane and Stup look like blond twins.

HSN.com has this blurb on Kane:

“Most people want to get off this roller coaster ride. I want to get on.”

Tracey joins us from Fairfield, CT, where she settled to raise her twins with her husband after an exciting career in the fashion industry in NYC. She loves to re-design houses and entertain at home, but her favorite pastime is being silly with her kids.

As for her lookalike Stup:

“By being yourself, you put something wonderful and special in the world that was not there before.”

Growing up in Orlando, FL, Valerie fell for the camera at an early age. She did it all – TV, commercials, film – a path that led her to Los Angeles to find her true career passion as a Lifestyle Host. When she’s not in front of the camera or meeting new people, she’s in hot pursuit of the next best thing to buy, hot yoga, and date night with her husband.

Here’s what the website had to say about Cowan:

“I am one of the lucky ones! I get to bring you the kinds of products that make our lives better…and more fun!”

An Australian transplant with a contagious smile, he calls Florida home sweet home. Nothing can subdue this one part city/one part country boy’s wanderlust. Having backpacked throughout the US and Europe, he’s got more places to go and things to see. And along the way, rest assured that he will hit the brakes for a pair of colorful, plaid pants to add to his rather unique collection.


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10 Responses to “HSN Recruits Three New Hosts”

  1. Marlene Says:

    I like Geoff Cowan. And he was good from the beginning. As for the 2 blondes, they are a bit bland and at the same time, too talkative. Time will tell if they fit in the host groove better. Times do change and life does go on, but the quality of HSN hosts seems to be slipping steadily downhill.
    I was saddened by the departures of Bill Green and Kathy Wolf. Two more good ones gone….

    • Betsey Says:

      The two blondes….two more reasons I no longer watch HSN or shop there. I agree; Geoff is very personable. But there are some recent additions that don’t make the cut, IMO.
      I wonder if Bill and Kathy quit/went behind the scenes on their own or if Grossman pushed them. She’s a bitch, that one.

      • Louise Says:

        Totally agree Betsey and IMHO Grossman has ruined HSN. It was a great place to shop 15-16 years ago. It
        just keeps going
        Some of the changes have been ok. But the host and vendor shuffle has not been good. Some of the promotions are downright stupid. And the pricing no longer represents value…it represents top prices, high prices.

  2. Caroline Says:

    The home shopping networks have ALL been going down the tubes, at a rapid rate, for the last 10 or so years. I agree with the above comments about the new hosts…including Cowan. I do like him…..but……unless I’m in dire desperate straits for entertainment, I don’t watch any of them anymore. Well, I do watch JTV just to look at the baubles.
    HSN really took a bad dive when they so unceremoniously fired Rachel Huber. Mindy Grossman is sure a _itch. And her network reflects it.

  3. Tony Says:

    Like the previous posters, I do not care for the new hosts on HSN…except for Cowan, what little I’ve seen of him. I am watching home shopping way less than I used to and this is part of the reason. As a guy, I didn’t buy too much, but I’d watch with my wife sometimes for entertainment. Yes, people move on and times change…so do hosts….but firstly, don’t fire good ones. Secondly, when you hire new hosts, try to get people who aren’t air headed chatterboxes. Most of them ramble on about a bunch of bullshit that has nothing to do with the product they’re presenting. And they talk too much, too fast, and interrupt or talk over the vendors.
    I can’t believe some of the choices that are made for new hosts. Granted, some of the veteran hosts could go and never be missed. But many of them seem to be in a better class than many of the newbies.

  4. Georgie Says:

    I don’t want.to sound mean, but in addition to everything above, Valerie Stup has an annoying voice. It’s so bad that it’s hard to concentrate when she’s on….the voice takes over.
    Sorry but with the exception of very few, HSN has been way off target with the new hosts.

    • Cristina Says:

      Although I like the “new ladies”, I agree. They seem nice but their on air personalities are that of aggressive air heads. Ditto Shannon Fox. Very likeable but obnoxiously annoying. There are others…
      And a one time favorite, Colleen Lopez, has become more obnoxious and annoying than any of them. She has that puffy, hard breathing but hushed voice, that sounds like she’s about to explode. And she fawns over everything like it’s made of solid gold. And why not buy 3 or 4 of everything? She has become a big diva, and her phoniness is out of control.
      I, too, liked Rachel Huber, Caroline. She was warm and down to earth, yet classy. If you check out her Facebook page, you’ll see she is doing well. And she deserves it. We’re not the only ones who miss her, I’m very sure.
      The powers that be should listen to us. HSN needs a host clean out. A few oldies and most newbies. And if you don’t get rid of Colleen, please quit giving her so much prime air time, and exclusive vendors.

      • Nancy Says:

        I, too, used to enjoy most of Colleen’s presentations, Cristina. She has become so over inflated she could breathe out and fill a hot air balloon! She has become phony, and talks over vendors all the time.
        Also, her attire has become gutter slut garb. I have never seen pants that tight that didn’t rip. I don’t like baggy stuff either….but you can’t count my pubic hairs when I wear jeans like you can Colleen! Go up 2 or 3 sizes, Lopez…they’ll still be a close fit but we won’t see your every bulge and crack.
        The off the shoulder, cold shoulder, split sleeve rags have to go, too. Buy a sports bra if you hate wearing one so much. Your shoulders are wide and thick; it’s not flattering. And it’s a ghetto look in most instances. Go braless at home. Once in a great while, the off shoulder thing is ok. But not for a program host. It’s at home wear. And paired with the too tight pants or leggings, you look like an old ho. Sorry, but for your own good, please dress a little more…. covered….and less camel toe.

  5. Tanya Says:

    Keeping up with the host lineup at HSN is a big job, especially lately. It seems like there have always been comings and goings, but lately it has been a big musical chairs game. The leaving/going behind scenes of Kathy Wolf and Bill Green really make me wonder. I have doubts it was all Kathy’s and Bill’s idea.
    One big shocker was the fast and unceremonious firing of Rachel Huber. She was a good host…..and there was plenty of protesting about it on all the boards. Rachel didn’t do or say anything to deserve that. She knows it, too.
    They keep several empty heads on there and who knows why. At 36, I don’t identify with any of them. I started watching HSN when I was 20. I liked it just fine……older hosts especially. Now they’ve added 3 more new hosts. Geoff is bright, witty and knowledgeable. It’s good to see a capable new male host. Sorry to say, Tracey and Valerie are more bland than a bakery full of white wonderbread. And Valerie’s voice is a little bit off, and gets irritating. Ok, that’s HSN.
    Evine live is another circus. They’ve really been playing musical host chairs for about 6 or 7 years now. Name changes, too. Ugh. I started watching them in 2004, as Shop NBC. Although the watch sales were monotonous, I otherwise liked them. They have gone downhill badly. And they need a new host lineup badly. They need new products, too. As does HSN.
    QVC….started watching in 2002 or 2003. Never liked the big, overly busy sets. Some products were ok. Some were not. I have always liked most of the hosts. They’ve had a couple here and there that I didn’t care for, but most were watchable. I still feel that way. And BTW, putting Dave Venable in the kitchen was one of their smartest moves. He’s a real foodie, and he’s charming and loveable. The one area they need to improve DESPERATELY is product lines. Update, revamp, clear out the old and please bring in the new. The fashion and beauty lines are especially stale. Some of them are great, but most of them are not. And bring your business that you outsourced to Poland home, here, to American soil. These people deserve their jobs. I have boycotted QVC because of this, and will continue to. Cheap, anti American a$$holes.
    Finally, prices need to go down quite a bit on all 3, especially in view of the quality. And shipping costs need to go down, too. When clearance time comes, mark things down more…a LOT more.
    And please dig deeper for better hosts. These last 2 at HSN are really bad examples.

    • Heather Says:

      You are spot on, Tanya. I have also wondered about Kathy and Bill. And I feel that Mindy Grossman has taken HSN in a bad direction. I miss HSN from the “turn of the century”.
      And Evine has really tumbled. There are a few vendors…including Suzanne Somers…who keep people watching. No one gives a fig about invicta so they need to trim the watch shows. They’ve lost some great jewelry vendors, as well as home products. They had some nice clothes and shoes….gone now. And they need new hosts, stat!
      I agree about QVC’s outsourcing; I also no longer shop there. I like just about all the hosts. But I agree about the busy, cumbersome sets. Simple is better. And they have always been so high priced…for the same crap HSN sells. That’s ok; Mindy has raised the prices at HSN substantially. And all for poorly made, useless crap.
      All I can say is, I’m shopping at Walmart and Target for the same or better quality level items I shopped for on HSN. And saving tons of money. Home shopping used to be fun, now my attitude is, who needs it?

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