Jane Iredale Skin Care Bows On Evine

Another beauty line that we’ve never heard of is coming to a home shopping network — Evine in this case.

Jane Iredale, the Skin Care Makeup, will debut on Friday, with segments at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

In its press release on Thursday, Evine described the collection as “a comprehensive line of makeup developed by innovator, philanthropist and makeup pioneer to the stars, Jane Iredale.”

We’re not celebs, so we guess that’s why we never heard of her.

“Evine is the perfect fit for us as we continue to work at increasing brand awareness in a saturated marketplace,” Iredale, president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Ltd., said in a canned statement.

“Not only does Evine offer us a new demographic from the one we’re used to, they create a platform for us to share our brand story and communicate in a way that no other medium allows for. It’s a chance to educate consumers on what makes us different and how our products fit into their lives and we are excited to share that experience with the Evine viewer.”

What’s the secret sauce in this line?

“Skin-loving liposomes, plant stem cells and peptides are blended with the highest quality pigments to create clean makeup that is a true extension of skin care,” according to Evine’s press release.

The cosmetics are used by women in more than 50 countries, we’re told.

“Jane Iredale has been a powerful force in the beauty industry for over two decades and we’re thrilled to bring her problem-solution products directly to Evine customers,” Evine Chief Merchandising Officer Michael Henry said in his canned statement.

“When we gave customers a sneak peek of the collection during Evine’s Before & After Beauty program on Sept. 30, we sold out of many color options. We look forward to repeating this success in the full hour premiere and demonstrating the positive and stunning results one can achieve from this multi-tasking line of natural makeup.”


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3 Responses to “Jane Iredale Skin Care Bows On Evine”

  1. Julie Says:

    ANOTHER meh skin care line. Evine already has 4 greats:
    Suzanne Somers’
    Skinn, by Dimitri James
    Elizabeth Grant

    I prefer Suzanne and Skinn…but the others are good too. Too many! And to add to this, a Reba MacIntyre line on HSN. I like Reba but she doesn’t impress me as a skin care/makeup expert. There really aren’t many good lines on HSN …maybe Prai, and Elysse. The rest are not very good at all. Adrienne’s stuff took a swift tumble downhill about 12 years ago. Too bad; some of her stuff was good before that.
    Fewer and better, people…fewer and better.

  2. Caro Ballard Says:

    Very well known line, carried in many dermatologist’s offices. Predates Bare Minerals.

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  3. Sarah Says:

    Jane Iredale is the PIONEER of mineral makeup- he makeup has been sold at plastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons offices for decades now- AMAZING quality!

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