Michael Buble’s HSN Encore Includes Song

Charming Canadian crooner Michael Buble is set for an encore on HSN later this month, and this time he’ll not only be selling his fragrance but singing. Oh, and he has a new CD.

Buble will be appearing, and also performing live, on the No. 2 home shopping network Oct. 17.


Buble’s first stint on HSN in August, where he debuted his fragrance By Invitation, was a stunning success, selling out with the product. We’re talking 21,000 units in less than 24 hours


For his return, he will also perform, according to HSN’s Facebook page.

The network is already taking orders for Buble’s new CD, “Nobody But Me,” which drops Oct. 21.


Here’s what HSN.com says.

The one and only Michael Buble does it once again. Nobody But Me is the award-winning singer’s first album in three years and is his ninth studio album. This exciting new collection includes original pop tunes, breathtaking reinvention of classics and beautiful standards.

Buble says, “I don’t know that I’ve ever had this much fun working on an album. It was especially thrilling to collaborate with my band who understands that I want to sound better than I’ve ever sounded.”

Nobody But Me highlights Buble’s talent as a profound interpreter of the American songbook. This great collection is a must-have for the avid Buble fan.


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5 Responses to “Michael Buble’s HSN Encore Includes Song”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I enjoy Buble as an entertainer, but was sorry to see that he is following in the footsteps of everyone else with a fragrance line. Something new, please.
    He was charming during the on air presentations, but I don’t understand how so many people can purchase fragrance without smelling it first. If I were to smell it in a store, and like it, I would then order it from HSN, if it was a good price.
    I enjoyed him with all the hosts …even Colleen, whom I enjoy much less lately. She is a lovely person but needs to seriously cut back on all the “syrup” with her presentations.
    She was in a recent Facebook photo blowing a kiss to all the hurricane victims. She looked like Madame, the puppet operated by Wayland Flowers back in the 60s and 70s. I was a kid then and Madame’s bulbous nose, cheeks and chin, in addition to her glamour hag appearance, scared the sh** right out of me. Lopez looks even worse than Madame….and the lipstick she’s wearing in the photo makes her look dead. She should never have posted that. Yikes!!!
    And on the same note, another weird/bad photo of her IN HER BATHROOM, dressed up in cocktail hour attire, advertising holiday host pick. Yes, it’s a nice, over-the-top bathroom, but IT IS A BATHROOM. Where pee, poo, and other private things happen. I wonder if flying debris from the hurricane bonked her on the head!!! Her judgment is getting very bad.
    Please, Colleen, normal photos. And back off with the sugary, syrupy gushing. Then maybe Michael Buble will come back. Let’s not scare him and everyone else away!!!!!!

    • Joanna Says:

      I am a huge Buble fan. I will be buying his new CD…NOT on HSN. I wish him luck on there, however.
      I agree, Lisa, that it is impossible to buy a fragrance without smelling it first. So many Marilyn Miglin fragrance purchases….so many returned. All were nice scents, but either they “weren’t me”, or they triggered my allergies, or I just didn’t like them. There was one I adored…I believe it was Destiny…it was the one without topnotes. It took lots of buying and returns to figure that out.
      On another note…Colleen DOES look like Madame in that photo…only worse! I was thinking “dead horse, giving one last whinny” till I read your post. And….WTH?!!? Advertising a show from her bathroom :-p She has gotten batcrap crazy over the last 6 or 7 years.
      And one more thing, RIP, Wayland Flowers. I don’t remember too much of Madame, but my mom laughed hysterically at her, and was crushed when Wayland passed.

  2. Kristen Says:

    I would love to smell Michael’s fragrance…I haven’t seen it in my recent shopping trips. But I would never order without smelling it first. I had a bunch of go backs from M. Miglin’s fragrance line, also Clean, and a couple others. All fine fragrances..just not for me.
    I got a kick out of the Madame post….I looked “her” up…my heavens, Wayland Flowers passed in 1988. One of my uncles was a big fan, and I remember how he mourned the end of Madame when Wayland died.
    That is a terrible photo and pose of Colleen…really! And I do not get the bathroom photo…bad taste. The bathroom is beautiful, but it appears there is no window. I couldn’t stand that. The pee and poo, as Lisa so humorously put it, would linger in the air too long.
    Anyhow, good luck to Michael on his encore. I’m about ready to get the new CD!!!

  3. Lee Says:

    I will watch HSN…a rarity these days…tonight, just to see Michael. I will order his CD…he is a great performer and has a wonderful personality. He interprets songs so well ….original but totally himself.

    I didn’t get.the perfume……along with others here I have to smell before I buy.

    Colleen is a big put on as a host but I do like her. I looked at the Facebook picture everyone has mentioned and it IS a horrible, ugly unflattering photo. Her face looks contorted and all her bad points are emphasized and magnified. And the lipstick does look “dead”.

    As for the bathroom photo….it is a lovely bathroom but it IS a bathroom. With the huge beautiful house she has, one would think there were better and more appropriate places to take a “dressy” photo holding a glass of champagne….just saying.

    I hope everyone enjoys Michael’s performance tonight. I know I will…and I’m looking forward to getting his new CD.

  4. Suzette Says:

    I ordered Michael’s CD and am enjoying it. He has talent and charm.
    Just a note about Colleen’s unflattering photo…there’s a Halloween photo of her and Carlos. It looks like she has a chin implant…. And so does the “Madame” photo.
    She was off for a week or so recently for a staycation… Methinks she had a little plastic surgery on said downtime. I used to like Colleen but she lies so vehemently about her cosmetic procedures, it is very annoying. We can all see that she gets nipped and tucked regularly. No Lancome or any other skin care can give you a firmer jaw or bigger chin. And her face has been transformed repetitiously. “Smoke and mirrors”, my a$$.

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