HSN Is ‘Trolling’ With DreamWorks For New Film

HSN has cooked up yet another one of its million-pronged, multi-leveled marketing partnerships with a Hollywood movie studio for a coming flick, this time with DreamWorks and “Trolls.”

The No. 2 home shopping network announced the news on Wednesday, and the press release caught our eye because HSN vendor and celebrity chef Curtis Stone has a part in the movie. It is an animated film, opening on Nov. 4, so how does that work?

Here’s how, according to HSN: “Chef Curtis Stone is the voice of a character in the movie, and HSN will be featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of him filming for his role.”

The real deal is that the home shopping channel will be offering merchandise inspired by “Trolls.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DreamWorks Animation for the ‘Trolls’ movie, leveraging the fun themes, colors and elements in the film to infuse new and unique products into our assortment,” our buddy Bill Brand, HSN’s president, said in a canned statement.

“We are creating an immersive shopping experience on our TV, mobile and digital platforms, and cannot wait for Poppy and Branch to make their HSN debut.”

Here’s what the press reelase says, although we’re still not sure how this will work.

DreamWorks animators have developed custom animation to introduce characters from the film into HSN’s movie event, which includes TROLLS programming incorporated over five days leading up to the premiere; specifically, during the Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman (Monday, October 31st, 7-9pm), The Beauty Report with Amy Morrison (Thursday, November 3rd, 7-9pm), The List with Colleen Lopez (Thursday, November 3rd, 9-11pm) and Curtis Stone programming (Wednesday, November 9-10th).

“While I’m by no means an actor, it was good fun to sneak out of the kitchen quickly to read my line at the DreamWorks Studio in Universal City,” Stone chimed in with his canned statement.

“What I can reveal now is that I play a hardworking chef named Todd with a hankering for Troll-cuisine! I’m pumped to check out the movie with my kids soon. Starring in a movie – albeit a small role – is definitely a first for me.”

HSN has “collaborated with its designers to create a collection of products that bring the film to life, partnering with DreamWorks to ensure accuracy in character depictions and color ways,” the press release says.

The collection will included items from Adrienne Landau, Danielle Nicole, NeNe Leakes, Curtis Stone, Prai, Deborah Lippmann and Too Faced.


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3 Responses to “HSN Is ‘Trolling’ With DreamWorks For New Film”

  1. Marina Says:

    Please, HSN, please stop partnering with movies. Trolls, really?!? What merchandise is going to relate to THAT.
    Please bring back the old HSN…circa 1999-2000. Simple sets. Good, useful products. Good jewelry and fashions. And I’ve read similar on this blog and elsewhere. I’m not the only one missing the “good old days”.
    Bottom line…some things are better left unchanged.

  2. Alison Says:

    Last spring’s Alice through the looking glass event left me tired and bored…what little I watched of it. Ditto all the other movie themed sales events they’ve shoved down our throats over the past several years. The only one I actually enjoyed…and bought from….was Kung Fu Panda 3, from early this year.
    I’m scared to think what those bozos at HSN will offer in the troll theme. I won’t make any defamatory comments here but I bet you are thinking some of what I’m thinking…….
    I will not be tuning in. Boredom and slapstick, both sure to be on there, do not mix.
    PS Marina, I totally agree about bringing back the good old days. HSN was great circa 2000.

  3. Elayne Says:

    Another boring overkill movie themed showcase. I agree with previous posters…and Alison, I, too enjoyed tbe Kung Fu panda presentation. It was the only one.
    Trolls…really?!? If Curtis Stone did a voice character in it, good for him. But that isn’t a reason for selling troll related items.
    Thanks for posting the dates, Linda. HSN will not be on in my home then. They are on less than ever. It seems they try their hardest to come up with moronic themes. And please, no more walk through videos with Lopez!! The one she did for Alice in Wonderland was sickening and stupid.

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