Evine Watch Guy Tim Temple Gone

Tim Temple has left the house as an Evine host.

Temple, a frequent participant on the home-shopping-watch network segments on timepieces, announced his departure on Facebook on Tuesday.

“Effective as of today Evine and myself are parting company,” he wrote. “Have always been and remain grateful for the support and friendship I have felt from you the viewership over the years. Please feel free to stay in touch here via social media; wishing you all well moving forward.”

The exit of Temple, an accomplished photographer, prompted a flood of comments from his fans and criticism of Evine. Temple is a veteran of both HSN and Shop At Home.

We have to admit that we’re not that familiar with him since we don’t watch many watch shows. But we do admit to having an Invicta from Evine that we wear nearly every day.

“So sorry to hear this Tim,” someone posted. “Your wit, knowledge and the energy you brought to your watch shows was a pure joy to watch and experience. Best of luck in everything to come.”

“I have always held you in the highest regard, not solely due to Evine, but more because of your knowledge of watches/horology and the fact that you’ve always been a multi-faceted artist,” wrote another fan.

“There are clearly not enough people like you anymore…musicians, photographers, etc. Evine has been slipping for quite some time but now it seems as though they’ve really f’d up.”

Yet another fan posted, “You were the best host they had. Period. I truly hope you go onto another network, stay in the business of broadcasting and particularly marketing watches, various brands perhaps. You are going to be missed on the EVINE broadcasts. This is not good news to wake up to. Meanwhile, yes, I know I speak for many when I say we will stay connected with you on social media.”

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28 Responses to “Evine Watch Guy Tim Temple Gone”

  1. Carl Solomon Says:

    Tim built Invicta and several other brands. His knowledge of movements taught me to purchase from cosmetic appreciation but also the movement. I can buy a Rolex without fear of quality and several others. Learning about Gevril, Fortus, and many other Swiss movements has saved me thousands of dollars just understanding the brain in the timepiece. For years it was only cosmetics. Thanks Tim. I will as my friends will continue enjoying your photography and music production. Shit happens and that’s ok. But Evine should never have cancelled Power Play last Thursday. Should have started to prove there solid without you. Programming, Programing, Programing!They have other great products to purchase, sorry to say they don’t have a watch show at this time. Steven J. Seems to be a man I would deal with. Fortunately, I know how to purchase from him. Having said that you created him at Evine. That’s that. Just to say it your departure was telagraphed several weeks ago. The CEO of Invicta seems like he’s a animal, in a good way. But your level with timepieces if all the hosts and Justin and Ryan are nice guys.
    Wishing you the best thanking you for collecting timepieces with understanding. Your a ‘Solid Guy’. Hope to be in contact.
    You sold a lot of Apple for Ervine. Again shit happens but they lost a wicked amount of audience. Invicta is also taking a hit at Evine.
    You don’t need my wishes to continue walking it out of the park.
    I wish you health and happiness.

    Stay Cool,


    • Twat Waffles Says:

      @Carl Solomon.

      You seem like a really nice person but Tim didn’t “build” Invicta even though he was there before and after Skelton, Jim Skelton and his top carnival barking skills built Invicta into the home shopping stratosphere, everyone knows that, and everyone knows Jim was the catalyst for “major” quantities being sold, especially from 2005 to 2011. As much as I hate to say it Jim was responsible for countless sales of new customers that NEVER even liked watches or horology to begin with.

      As far as Stephen Jay is concerned he’s not the guy for the job, he’s not too nice and he’s fake, and he’s terrified of being on-air for too long in fear he might attract a serious stalker like Tim had at one time in his professional career. Plus Stephen Jay is BEYOND bland, listen to him speak as he lulls you to sleep. Forget those Croton/Fortis folks.

      They got Allison Waggoner which is the worst choice along with Kendy. Now last night I tuned in and saw some chemistry with the rep vendor guest for Casio, and what this sloppy network needs (aside from an HD camera feed) is a resident watch guy (not nerd) who is relaxed, informative and exciting without being a fake ass pressure cooker salesman.

      You also eluded to the Invicta CEO, Eyal Lalo, he’s certainly no animal, he’s a marketing whore, a pitchman, salesman, strategist, rips off many designs, and horrible customer service…etc.

      Hey Carl, look at the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the IWC Big Pilot and Portugieser, the Omega Speedmaster, the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, Seiko Prospex MarineMaster, Zenith El Primero, once your watch journey and your wallet permits you’ll forget about Invicta rather quickly, and you can always wear your Invicta’s in settings where you don’t mind…like mowing the lawn, mixing cement, mud wrestling drunken crabs, nose picking contest, and fart smelling competition!


  2. koimaster Says:

    No one cares. His knowledge of watches may have been “great” to those who knew nothing about watches, but like past and present watch shills on television, their knowledge extended to reading cards.

    • Twat Waffles Says:

      Here comes the pain!

      I’ve been watching TT since before anyone knew him as a watch guy on Eswine/SlopNbc/ValueVision or any other name, and those were some late nights back then I must admit, hello Larry Magen LOL.

      I know TT is not walking around town with a 65mm Sea Cunter, and just like Invicta’s “assbassador” InvictaRyan, he isn’t sporting around South Beach with a HUMONGOUS Incrapta mass produced anchor on his dainty ass wrist bone! He’d fall over with that heavy hub cap made of crap on his wrist.

      It’s all quota’s, smoke and mirrors and cue card reading as Koi said.

      These folks aren’t in the “watch business”, there in the “sell as many pieces of fake Swiss and Chinese crap as we can and fake smile all the way on a home shopping channel” business!!!!

      I’m sure TT has Patek, if not a Lange, and if not he’s enjoying an El Primero and a Blancpain or a JLC, not an Invicta PLEASE! Unless he’s mud wrestling with Jim and Lior then he’s wearing a Neptune LOL.

      He knew he needed a change from the carnival barking, a break from over selling inventory that he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing off camera.

      I bet he realized that he could do something fresh, and HONEST!


  3. Eddie Phluff Says:

    Pretty sad when people leave sad goodbye notes to…home shopping network shills. Incredible.

    Anyway, it wasn’t all peaches and cream for Temple at Evine/ShopNBC – yet another TV sales type who never admitted to Invicta’s horrible quality, but, hey, a guy’s gotta make a living – as he was on the broadcast that started the now famous suing of Stuhrling Original by Hamilton, which, in effect, the inexpensive watch brand lost. Not to mention the usual mess of bad products in its watch division that Evine continue to foist upon its audience.

    Think of it: Temple now joins such former ShopNBC featured wristwatch players as Jim Skelton, Michael Davis, Avi Viera, Larry Magen, and all the rest – they’re all gone. Something tells me Evine itself is the next thing to go.

  4. Mortuus Says:

    Hey, Carl–or do you prefer “Stud”? It certainly looks like you learned brevity from good old (no, not really) Tim “Shirley” Temple himself. In truth, he was most noted for his tendency to ramble on and on, almost never getting to the putative point behind his vapid jabbering, which often hit rock bottom when he routinely and repeatedly interrupted his in-studio guests, off-screen callers and even himself.

    And koimaster is absolutely on point when he asserts the fact that no one cares, other than the clueless, fapping gibbons who blindly spent hundreds–and in some cases, thousands–of dollars on the dreck and the schlock that are the staples of Evine’s vast sales inventory, and, come to think of it, their on-air sales team. There’s a REASON why they’re consistently the number three of three shopping networks.

    Goodbye, Timbo; we hardly knew ye.

    • Jean Says:

      Lololol…great funny post. Are you, Mortuus, really Twat Waffles going by a different name? I notice he/she has been MIA lately…and am wondering if you are the reincarnated version…..
      As of late, the shopping channels have all had a host mass exodus. Wonder what’s brewing that has sent them running, feet afire……

      • Twat Waffles Says:


        He’s not me, but he certainly is entertaining!

      • Mortuus Says:

        Thank you both very much for your kind words. I’ve no personal knowledge regarding the “loss” of recently detached hosts/hostesses from bovine live, but they need to keep going; does anyone really want to see more of Melissa Miner, Alison Wagoner or Kendy Klubfoot? Me, neither…

        Thanks for letting me vent…

  5. William Palmer Says:

    Evine has no allegiance to their hosts. They want “party girls” that can go on location and do “whatever” they need to do to pease the boss. It is so obvious what has to be done to be a host. Sleeping around sure seems that it might help.

  6. Patrick waldeck Says:

    I was wondering what happened to Tim he really was very good with evine.com and I am really disappointed in a bind because lately they losing really good people such as Tim Temple and Daniel Green and other host that left, the question is why

  7. Geri Says:

    Thank you, Linda, for keeping those of us unable to view home shopping frequently up to date on all the host arrivals and departures. Lately it has been a merry go round.
    When was Tim on HSN? I don’t remember him….but I didn’t start watching till late 1999. Same with Shop at Home… but I might remember him from there? If you could enlighten me as to when he was on both channels, I would appreciate it, and thank you. And thank you for a great informative column. Geri

    • Steven P Says:

      Geri, not a fan of any rep or host the only one I even new before Tim was David from QVC. Not a watcher of his time on air. But Tim had a product I collected for years before I caught him late one night. This story must be repeated by many. Tim’s rude interruptions and rumbles at co:hosts was his charm. Everyone fed off his bumbling with more knowledge about boutique marks I probably would never have herd of. I have purchased several watches from wherever but may never have known they existed. I will clearly be OK without Tim the other hosts I don’t watch but I have to appreciate the six or seven marks I was not aware of. I do appreciate this. Clearly his departure had nothing to do with watches. Just my opinion.
      Just to say it the interruptions and rude funny way changed when representatives of Edos, Steven J. Etc. this is what I enjoyed those guests were treated very differently then the everyday network people. People say Tim was rude well having to live with the everyday host/guest that repeat to the word there rant about a watch after watch. Sedatives would have been required. I hope the two guys can break out and develop there personality and blow away the hosts. I won’t miss the one slot, three slot, and eight slot dive case. But it proves a point hammer products on tv and there is a run time. The CEO of the top brand seems to be a good guy. I hope his future continues to blossom. This means he finds a bunch of off the air accounts that can move product. My last rant about who I think turned on a country to taking sometime out of their day to watch people knowing they could go to Costco and purchase the same or like watch for literally the same price as what they were watching. The glue to what they were watching is gone at Evine. Good or bad they will sell watches but without feeding off of the deversions of Tim and his fumbling the units sold annually will drop.
      Goodbye Horology is alive and well!

  8. James Hitchens Says:

    Gonna miss u Tim been collecting for
    About 15 years and it started with u
    Sad to see u go my friend almost like I no u
    Because u taught me a lot about watches
    And I appreciated it much good luck and
    Be good see u around my friend (peace)

  9. KD Says:

    I will miss Tim Temple for his passionate albeit sometimes over the top delivery as a watch show host. While extremely knowledgeable, his on air blabbering was at times quite annoying. Economy with words was just not his style yet I still enjoyed watching him.
    The worst part of Tim’s leaving is the inevitable increase in watch show air time of that insufferable sea hag Kendy Kloepfer. Some one please make this woman go away!
    How in God’s name has she lasted this long? How does she get away with the bold faced lies on air describing a watch as a “Once Only” price neverrrrr to everrrrr be this low in price again only to find that the next day and day after that the once only price is still in effect. As a consumer I don’t mind the low prices but don’t lie about it. No other host does this as blatantly as she does. She is a total fraud and has zero credibility. Evine should be fined heavily by the Federal Trade Commission for her lies and deceit.
    If she is the best watch show point person Evine can come up, they are in trouble. Bring back serIous watch show hosts with horology credentials to bring back respect and credibility to these shows.
    The true loyal collectors that support Evine deserve far better than the sea hag.

    • Angie Says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who sees the horrors of Kendy. Not only with watches, but everything else she sells. And she has the personality of a rock.
      Evine needs to really change out their hosts. I enjoy Suzanne Somers but Kimberly Wells makes her segments unwatchable. And there are several other over animated duds on there. Please, hire hosts with some personality…..and less Red Bull.

  10. tim underwood Says:

    bring tim back and get rid of that hack named kenedy. just saying.

    • Mortuus Says:

      Goodbye, Herman. It’s been a slice. However, before you ride off into evine alive obscurity, please allow me to recommend what I’m certain will be a warm, fuzzy place for you — and similarly “special” friends of yours — at watchintyme.com. They are, like you, in deep mourning over Dim Tim’s departure. Embrace your inner gibbon, Herm…

    • Mortuus Says:

      Oh, dang. I’m very sorry, Tim; it looks like I posted my post in the wrong post position. On the plus side, you too might enjoy watchintyme.com along with the Hermster. You can thank me later.

  11. Twat Waffles Says:

    Catch the fervor Tim!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Herman Goodloe Says:

    i understand that Tim Temple is no longer at Evine . You have lost the most knowledgeable and the only reason why I watched and continued to buy your watches . I will no longer buy or watch or be associated with your brand anymore . You don’t know what you have lost but you will when your sales drop . A lost customer . Goodbye .

  13. Herman(Budas) Goodloe Says:

    Tim Temple was the only reason I continued to watch Evine and make watch purchases . He was a breath of fresh air and knowledgeable host . I will discontinue my relationship with Evine . You have lost a valuable member of your team . And I guarantee you will feel it in lost viewers and sales . Goodbye .

  14. Bryant Marlowe Says:

    Well I’m lost for words. Why would you let the most enjoyable to watch most knowledgeable main reason that most people watched the watch shows go? They should have done everything possible to hang on to you. And you must be by far the best watch photographer ever. What a massive loss for evine. You will be missed. I know I don’t watch evine watch shows like I used to.

  15. koimaster Says:

    Well Dim Dimple is now shilling Croton watches. A shadow of a watch company by a shadow of a (fill in your thoughts)

  16. Mortuus Says:

    Croton was once a power amongst watch companies presenting their wares over the TV shopping airwaves, but that golden era is long gone, and the selection and quality offered under the Croton moniker is now so weak as to be the butt of many a joke, even at the ‘feel-good’ watch sites where everyone claims to love everyone else.

    However, as a still-loyal fan of “the Merm” and his sometimes odd-but-lovable little watch company, even I must now recognize the absolutely desperate situation they must be in to have made the decision to hire Mr. Golden Gums of 2017, AKA Tim Temple, to be the “face” of Croton. Trust me, within the first hour of each watch show, Tim will have either put prospective buyers to sleep with his inane prattle, or driven them off to write short suicide notes before climbing into their bathtubs with a short length of rope, bent on making themselves dangle over their respective shower drains, just to end the pain.

    I had fervently hoped that Croton might be on the verge of a comeback when I heard that they were returning to the fold over at bovine alive, but hiring Dim Demple to somehow pull you back from the abyss is like hiring Jack Kevorkian to wax eloquent on the joys of staying alive no matter what. ***SIGH***

  17. koimaster Says:

    Tim Temple now has Time2talkwatches which is/was a podcast that was supposed to be the watch show we all craved and deserved. A complete bust to say the least. Perhaps it is time for him to move on to other endeavors.

  18. Mike Says:

    We as watch guys will miss Tim being such a wealth of knowledge to the watch industry. …especially to the scuba and diving world

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