Want To Be An Evine Live Host?

Here’s your chance for fame and fortune in the home shopping world, folks.

The No. 3 channel Tuesday announced that it is hosting a national talent search at Mall of America, America’s largest retail destination, next month.

The “Born to Host” open-casting call will be held at the Bloomington, Minn., shopping center on Oct. 16, where viewers can audition for a spot on Evine’s host team.

Guess people like us who make snarky comments about hosts will get a chance to see how hard the job really is.

“This is a brilliant opportunity for those out there who feel they were born to be a host on our channel,” Nicole Ostoya, Evine’s chief marketing officer, said in a canned statement.

“We have a lot of star power at Evine and we need equally talented personalities to help them tell their stories here at our network. It’s going to be a truly one of a kind event. We can’t wait to meet contestants and watch their Evine ‘Born to Host’ auditions live.”

Taking place on a Sunday, the “Born to Host” event will run from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time in the mall’s Rotunda.

“Serious” (as opposed to “silly”) candidates must be 18 or older and should come prepared with an item to ‘sell,’ a head-shot and a resume.

Candidates will be prescreened then, if qualified, will have an additional three to five minutes to present their item in front of a panel of judges. There will be call-backs after the event with an invitation to visit Evine for an in-studio audition.


Not afraid to freeze your butt off in Minnesota?

For more information on the event, what to expect and how to prepare for an audition, visit http://www.evine.com/BornToHost.

Here are some of the tidbits from the website:

To Bring:

“Something to sell to an audience. Plan an item in a category we support, such as jewelry, fashion, beauty, watches, home goods, etc., but if you have a better idea, go for it, just avoid anything that needs plugging in.”

Audition details:

“Approved candidates will … have 3-5 mins to wow the judges with your ability to sell your item.”

“Be yourself, have fun and bring it. Note: You’ll need to role-play, so plan on some interaction with our on-air talent.”

“Candidates who pass the audition will receive a call back and an invitation to Evine Studios on Monday, Oct. 17, for an on-camera audition.”

Other good things to know:

“You are auditioning to be on TV so, please present yourself as one of our hosts would, i.e., wardrobe, hair, makeup, accessories, etc.”

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6 Responses to “Want To Be An Evine Live Host?”

  1. TwitWhiffle Says:

    I guess they must need to find another new awkward, hand-waving TV watch host now that Tim Temple has left Evine, as of Sept. 27th from what I saw on his Facebook page. What a loss he is … pffffffttt!! But I think one of those kids from the “Born to Host” promos would probably replace him quite adequately ;o)

    • Twat Waffles Says:

      Would be nice if you made up your own name, but your comments are very funny.

      Their all carnival barkers at best.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I am assuming this is predicated, at least in part, by the vacancy left by Tim Temple. Or are more hosts fleeing, like over at HSN. Please keep us posted, Linda, you pen a great column.

  3. Chris Says:

    Let’s hope they get better hosts than they currently have. Just about all of them should be replaced. No one is perfect…but Evine has one of if not the worst host lineups on TV.
    One mistake the home shopping channels are making is hiring really young hosts. Some of them are great…but most are like the 2 recent blondes HSN just hired…..airy, vapid, and too much jabbering about nothing. Ugh…who cares about the nonsensical and made up descriptive words that say nothing about the products? And I don’t care what my friends think of my purchases. Or whether or not they’re jealous.
    Please select people with brains this time around, Evine. Set an example that the other channels will hopefully follow.

  4. Annette Says:

    Cardboard cutout figures would be better than most of the hosts they have now, so choosing new ones should be very easy.
    Let’s hope they don’t go after the same kind however. That would be like putting a fire out with gasoline. That shopping channel, along with HSN, has gone backward in quality. And then there’s the Outsource King, the politically incorrect anuses at QVC. My cup runneth empty.

  5. Tom Says:

    DEAR GOD, I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN EVINE LIVE HOST. But best of luck to those who do.

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