Daisy Fuentes Brings Apparel To HSN

Has Daisy Fuentes been on HSN before?

Maybe this just went over our heads, but we don’t remember the Latina celebrity ever doing an apparel line for the No. 2 home shopping network. We knew she had a line for Kohl’s.

In any event, Fuentes will be on HSN Thursday night with Colleen Lopez to hawk her clothing collection.


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4 Responses to “Daisy Fuentes Brings Apparel To HSN”

  1. Emily Says:

    She did have some fashions at Kohl’s, Linda…and I was going to ask YOU if she’d been on HSN with fashions before. I know she sold hair pieces on there but I can’t remember about the fashions….maybe someone will fill us in.

    • Jerri Says:

      Yes, she was on HSN with fashions about 10 years ago, give or take. And I haven’t been in Kohl’s for awhile but around the time she was on HSN, her fashions were in Kohl’s as well. She was definitely on HSN back then, because I remember thinking that I liked her Kohl’s collection more than her HSN collection. And yes, she has sold hair pieces on HSN.
      You used to see vendors at one channel only, now they come and go and come back again.

      • Jerri Says:

        Hah! I didn’t look at the date; because of this column’s placement in my search results, I thought it was recent. Feeling stupid….now I’ll go see if she’s still on HSN. My reply was correct, however. She was on HSN with a fashion collection around 10 years ago.

  2. Dotty Says:

    She has about 15 apparel items for the first time at HSN. She has been selling “Secret Extensions” hair extensions for a little over a year now. She does a great job, and looks fantastic.

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