A ‘Fresh’ Blog On Home-Shopping Cliches

Anyone else sick of hearing cliches from home-shopping hosts?

We wrote a post on Facebook on this topic a few months ago, but never blogged about it. But our Facebook friends added a lot of great ones to the list we already had back then, and we’re adding those suggestions here.

(And writing this blog sure beats going through the piles of medical bills we’re getting for our broken ankle.)

What we’re talking about here are the catch phrases that we repeatedly hear from many hosts and vendors on QVC, HSN, Evine Live and Jewelry Television. Granted, talking non-stop about merchandise for hours is a real skill, and we mean that seriously.

But for those of us on the other side of the fourth-wall, it gets a little tiresome to hear the same phrases over and over again, particularly during presentations on jewelry and fashion.

Do any of these sound familiar?


“Pop of color”

“A dollar a day”

“Jeans and a crisp white blouse”

“Knock your socks off”

“Buy more, save more”

“Love, love, love”

“Let me give you a tour”

“You can gift this”

Now, pair these words with HSN vendors. Come on, we know you know these.



Finally, name the HSN host who is guilty of saying, “There’s an argument for picking up at least a couple.”

That one was suggested by one of our Facebook friends, who wrote, “I have to laugh. Yes, why not ‘pick up’ two or three $100 rings at a pop, never mind we don’t receive HSN’s discount or freebies (I must assume) that the hosts enjoy!”

We know we’ve missed some of these repeated words and phrases, so please add your suggestions!

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15 Responses to “A ‘Fresh’ Blog On Home-Shopping Cliches”

  1. Risa Says:

    LOL! I just love this post. “A pop of color” sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me by now.
    Colleen Lopez.

    It hides what we want to hide
    “It is just $$ to get it home,” – with no mention of s/h
    It looks good on everybody
    It looks good now and it will look good later
    If you’re like me. . . . . .

  2. Carrie Witter Says:

    How about “Stop what your doing and come to the TV”. I’m paraphrasing a bit but Misty Mills and Nikki Rouleau (sp?) on JTV say this a lot. Um…no…I’m not going to stop what I’m doing. How about you stop trying to boss me around? LOL!

  3. SUSAN Says:

    Perfect for Pumpkin Patch Picking

    It makes a great teacher’s gift

    Let’s go through the colors again! (about the only product info QVC gives any more)

    In a Boutique you could add a 1 before the QVC price (who really shops in Boutiques????)

  4. Shirley King Says:

    Susan Gravers this is my favorite, I wear it all the time. If so she must them on top of each other

  5. Sara Says:

    You forgot Jill’s famous saying ~”When they’re gone there gone”

  6. Kim Says:

    You must have ESP. I was thinking this exact thing the other day as my ears were bleeding from not only all of the aforementioned but:

    -on the day (what does that even mean?)
    -spoken for
    -we work with plastic surgeons
    -we went to the manufacturer and bought them all (code for this is old stuff)
    -we heard you (never figured that one out-I have never thought CS reps passed along anything — they just want you off the phone)
    -what they DON’T tell you especially during electronics sales pitches
    -this gemstone is going away-you won’t be able to buy it except on the secondary market-the Chinese have scooped it all up so buy this ring for $39
    -hundreds and hundreds of you are now on the line
    -this will be sold out in this hour (NOT)
    -racing toward
    -here’s the thing

    I’m thinking I’m watching way too much TV!!!

  7. kimberly mellon Says:

    jill(qvc) kills ‘heres the thing”,”what i like “

  8. Trina Dade Says:

    I thought Albany Irvin was going to be a great QVC host, but every time she says, “It’s so stinkin’ cute,” I gag. Unfortunately, she says this 3 or 4 times a day. The image really turns me off. I know teens think it is cool to call “good” ‘sick’, to say it’s ‘bitchin” as a compliment, when yesterday it meant what it meant, etc., but Albany needs to admit she is no teen. Who wants to buy something that stinks? I start smelling something foul every time she says it.

    I was in shock one day when Allison Waggoner was working with Dimitri hawking his Skinn Make Up line on Evine when she started talking about how affordable his cosmetics were. She went on to explain that was the reason the packaging was not so nice. She said that saved money. Dimitri turned a dull, deep color of red. He appeared to be steaming mad. Allison knew it, too. She was really stammering after that!

  9. Trina Dade Says:

    Oh, and I hear on all the home shopping channels, “This color can be treated as a neutral in your wardrobe.” They will hold up lime green, brilliant yellow, fuchsia, orange and pink stripes. To me this is ridiculous. Everyone knows each of these is s ‘pop of color.’ 😉

  10. Queen Celeste Says:

    Sorry about the above test, I somehow logged out.

    The sentence “There’s an argument for..” sounded so familiar–it hit me I’d written it here a couple months ago! Somehow that saying of Miss Colleen’s drives me crazy.

    Also these:

    “Don’t even think about it!”

    “Get this home for $20!” Neglecting to mention the 5 or so subsequent monthly payments.

    “As well…” Often just thrown in for no good reason.

    “You can wear this to a testimonial dinner.” Not heard much these days, but a favorite of QVC hosts some time ago.

    “We only have one per state.”

    Use of the word “boughten.” Maybe a regional thing?

    “This goes back to…” As in matches? Coordinates with? A real pet peeve of mine!

    “This is going to be your red.” Rarely “This is the red.”

    “Look at that retail price!”

    “You will never see a lower price on this item!” No, not until a couple months or so later when it’s marked down.

    These are such fun. Great topic, Miss Moss!

  11. Mary Young Says:

    “Color ways.” What the bleep is that? I hate, hate, hate, it.

  12. Abigail Says:

    And the one all the phony hosts say ‘and change’ when they quote a price, annoying as all out since none of the taje actual change, and .99 cents should just be a dollar.

  13. Beth Says:

    Let us PLEASE not forget FABRICATION. Yes it IS a word and yes, I am SICK OF IT.
    Colleen is one of the abusers…and many of those afore mentioned phrases are of her original abuse. More Colleen ad nauseums….
    -It’s so cute
    -You ladies have been BUSY (referring to pre-show online ordering)
    -Girls, you have to get this
    -Your girlfriends will be SO JEALOUS when they see you wearing this
    -This won’t be back. You’d better order yours NOW.
    -(huffing and puffing) This is theeee most beautiful, drop dead gorgeous (ring, shirt, dress, mop-and-bucket, hand sanitizer, snow plow…) we have ever done

    And all are spit out with her breathy, gushy, nasally deep voice. She has gone from being ok to being THE MOST annoying host on TV. One of several reasons I no longer watch HSN, or even order from them. The only home shopping I do, is order some of Suzanne Somers’ skincare online from Evine. Some of the deals are better than on her personal website. I love Suzanne but can’t stand watching the hosts…. especially manic and over caffeinated Kimberly Wells. Although she is better than watching Colleen…
    Wake up, shopping channels, and listen to your viewers. Maybe your sales won’t slip so badly.

  14. Yvonne Says:

    You can dress it up or down

    Grab this while you can

    Make sure you have us on speed dial

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

    This will be your “go to” piece

    They aren’t finding any more Tanzanite
    rough in the mines in Tanzania. This
    is your chance to get in on the last of it
    (Colleen must say this spiel in her sleep)

    You can wear this diamond necklace
    with an evening gown, or with jeans
    and a tee shirt

    You won’t see yourself coming and
    going in this

    And many, many more! Great column!

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