QVC Layoffs Send Shock Waves

We’re going to attempt a little blogging, especially after hearing about the layoffs of about 100 folks at QVC’s HQ in West Chester this week.

We first learned the 411 after ex-QVC host Lisa Mason posted the news on Facebook, lamenting the firing of a loyal network employee who had worked there 25 years, a person who was among the others who were pink-slipped.

Basically, Mason said she was holding her tongue about what she thought of the layoffs, which was similar to what ex-host Dave King posted on Facebook about the mini-bloodbath.

This situation must be put in context: QVC CEO Mike George during a 2Q earnings called warned that the network’s sales had tailed off significantly at the end of the quarter. Belt-tightening is no surprise.

Also, earlier this year QVC warned that layoffs would be coming to Pennsy, because the company was opening up a big international distribution hub in Poland.

And finally, QVC is opening a huge Left Coast distribution facility in Cali, and is hiring a boatload of people to work there.

A number of QVC shoppers are none-too-pleased to hear that American workers are losing their jobs in West Chester, and say they will boycott the No. 1 home shopping network.

Our first thought on the layoffs was whether any show hosts were being canned, but that was not apparently the case.

Host Mary Beth Roe had a Facebook post that appeared to allude to the sad circumstances at QVC, but she didn’t specifically reference the layoffs.

As someone who was summarily laid off just a few weeks after Sully miraculously landed a jet on the Hudson, the estimated 100 that were let go at QVC have our sympathy and good thoughts.


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5 Responses to “QVC Layoffs Send Shock Waves”

  1. Jessee Michael Says:

    Got an inside contact there, but none of the rank & file seem to know who’s affected yet.

  2. Dara Says:

    and who ruined this once great company, you get it, Mikey George, First he got rid of all of the old guard who knew what customer service, integrity, values and QVC stood for. That left inexperience kiss ass executives that did his bidding to a man who failed at Dell and now miserably at QVC. He has been there years and allowed the competition especially Amazon to eat his lunch. Rather than invest in meeting the competition head on he used his snake oil communication skills to ingratiate himself to the spores at Liberty Media resulting in a multi-million annual pay package for himself. The results, as always is someone gets the shaft for his incompetence. Who?, the most vunerabe, dedicated employees in their 50’s who with kids going in college now facing financial ruin without the hope of finding a decent job. Hourly folks are truly expendable. Unions? not to be found at QVC and actively avoided, you can be fired for trying to get one in. Human Resources, a joke, they actively look for opportunities to get you out. Benefits, yes great but only if you are an employee and chances are they will look for an independent contractor before an employee. So at the end of the day Mike George goes back to his million dollar home, takes his fancy vacations, drives his imported cars and thousands of former employees wonder how to make it through the next day.


  3. Dara Says:

    Oh my, 52 week low in the stock price… think the spores at Liberty will soon be coming for you Mikey….better fire a few more folks….

  4. 4714avatar Says:

    That’s why I would rather purchase from companies that have ZERO interest in taking jobs overseas. For bath & body products I shop online at

  5. Mary wissman Says:

    I think it is awful that the q is taken jobs away from our people & sending to another country they make their money here in the great USA. Shame on u qvc

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