Homeshoppingista Breaks A Leg, No Actually Ankle

The Homeshoppingista is recuperating. Blogging will be spotty for the next few weeks.

For those who are not our Facebook friends and don’t know, two weeks ago we fell while taking out our trash and broke our right ankle. This comes roughly 18 months after falling and breaking our left ankle.

We guess we’ll now be sporting two swollen ankles on hot summer days in the future.

We have not forgotten you, but circumstances make it a little difficult to blog.

But we’re still in the game.



12 Responses to “Homeshoppingista Breaks A Leg, No Actually Ankle”

  1. Roberta Jacobson Says:

    You need to wear sturdy shoes and take Vista to build up your bones.

  2. Linda Finch Says:

    I would love to be on the Homeshoppingista Facebook page, but cannot find it.

  3. pussmom212 Says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident,at least now u will have a matching set next summer.
    Feel better,u r a trooper.not. much of a facebook person so just hearing of this now.

  4. QueenCeleste Says:

    Oh, how awful, and during the summer to boot. I hope your recovery will be swift. We’ll miss you!

  5. MaryAnn Sarabia Says:

    So sorry to hear that Ms Moss! Please feel better and take good care. I feel your pain having both a broken leg and ankle in the past. Its no fun.

  6. Marilyn Says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident. Speedy recovery. I always look forward to your e-mails.

  7. Quirkygal Says:

    Taking out the trash? Just more evidence that housework is evil and dangerous πŸ˜‰

    Take care and keep us posted.

  8. LindaSonia Says:

    WE should take better care….heal quickly.

  9. Cheri Says:

    Take care , hope you feel better soon.

  10. Sara Says:

    Gee, Linda
    I remember when you did your leg, shortly after your dad passed..
    You need football padding… πŸ™‚
    Feel better soon….

  11. Lovie Says:

    Just wondering….

    Why do you always say “We” and “Our” in your posts? It’s especially awkward in this particular entry. It’s not something that I notice other bloggers / writers doing unless they’re actually referring to a group of people. I really like this blog and I’m NOT trying to be critical. I just notice that you always say “We” and “Our” when it seems like you’re writing about yourself as an individual.

    Regardless, I hope that you have a fast and relaxing recovery.

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