Maybe The Troubled Brand On QVC Is WEN

Yesterday we came to the same conclusion as one of our Facebook friends about the product on QVC whose sales tanked in the second quarter: WEN by Chaz Dean.

We could be wrong, of course. But that’s our guess.

In one of our recent blogs, we quoted QVC CEO Mike George’s remarks from a 2Q earnings call with Wall Street analysts last week.

George said that one of the home shopping network’s products had seen its sales dip, according to a transcript of the call from Seeking Alpha.

“Finally, one of our largest brands faced a significant drop-off in sales at QVC and other outlets, which did materially impact our overall results,” George said. “Now this particular issue is brand specific and not reflective of our overall consumer health.”

The WEN hair care products have run into a ton of trouble. Complaints from customers who lost hair after using WEN have filed a class-action suit against it, and the FDA is also investigating the complaints.

George said that the product that lost sales was sold at QVC and “other outlets,” and WEN is sold via infomercials as well as the Q.

Anyone have any more thoughts and guesses?

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25 Responses to “Maybe The Troubled Brand On QVC Is WEN”

  1. Dara Says:

    It’s total BS, first of all QVC has been mis-managed for years basically since George came on board. A total lack of risk taking, responding to the competition (ie. look what Amazon does). Second because he is totally insecure he got rid of anyone that was associated with the old management team that knew what they were doing. All that was left to him was to cut cost and ruin lives. A massive layoff is now going on where the administration is losing jobs to Polish nationals. Is it possible that this might resonate with customers, I think it just might. Mikey needs to go or this company is destined for another footnote in retail failures. He’s a horrible leader and worse a snake oil sales man with no values.

  2. SUSAN Says:

    QVC’s products are now so limited and rotated so frequently that shoppers are watching and buying much less—how many vacuums, mattresses, beds, luggage, It Cosmetics, Philosophy Products, computers/tablets does one need—just look at their weekend lineup in particular–REDUNDANT AND BORING!! They have ignored our comments and customer feedback and now they can see it for themselves in terms of ever decreasing revenue quarter by quarter. And they continue to bring out the computers/tablets when their financial reports for the last couple of years say that electronic sales have declined!!!

    QVC is losing their customer base and no longer shows things that are unique and different, what they sell now can be purchased locally or online with better shipping and no “try me fee” (you lose your original shipping on returns).

    I think ALL their brands have been impacted. If it’s not WEN it could be Dyson (they’ve shown it so frequently that anyone that wanted to buy one has) OR it could be GILI which hasn’t been the same since Lisa left, Jill Martin just doesn’t project the image for the high end supposedly glamorous brand its supposed to be!

    QVC needs a complete overall on merchandise buyers, programmers and executives!!!

    • Jackie Says:

      Couldn’t stand Lisa she had a 🍆stuck up her rear end jill is a pure J.A.P on qvc presentations she s decked out in 6 Cartier bangles that’s $8k x 6 and a large Rolex watch and Gucci belt none of which qvc sells . Gili is so mainstream looking so boring I’m sure Jill wouldn’t be caught dead in them in public. Her taste is only for luxury brands not to mention the 10 carat rock she flashed last week while presenting her $39.99 polyester throw and hoodie

  3. Lovie Says:

    “QVC’s products are now so limited and rotated so frequently that shoppers are watching and buying much less—how many vacuums, mattresses, beds, luggage, It Cosmetics, Philosophy Products, computers/tablets does one need—just look at their weekend lineup in particular–REDUNDANT AND BORING!!”

    Amen, Susan! And don’t forget about Dooney & Burke. Ug!!! QVC is worse than Evine Live with those relentless Invicta watches.

    I don’t mean this in an ugly way, but why not have someone with a more elegant appearance selling those purses anyway? Sue Clifton seems like a nice lady and I do like her selling style, but she always looks like she just came in from a day in the country. Her outfits, her shoes, her hair and lack of make-up seems overly casual for someone asking you to pay $200+ for a purse that you can barely get your wallet and phone into. Again, she’s a great presenter, but she looks like she should be selling nice patio furniture not expensive handbags. (I know. I got off the subject a little bit.)

  4. Lovie Says:

    …. and I know $200 is not a lot to spend for some of you ladies, but to me it’s silly a penny over $100.00. Anything over that and you’re just paying for the brand-name.

  5. Lovie Says:

    …. it’s silly TO SPEND a penny over $100.00 ….

  6. Lovie Says:

    This WEN crisis might be the handiwork of Chaz’s competitors. It wouldn’t surprise me if these women were paid to create a hoax (or) there’s someone at the factory who’s being paid to slip something sinister into WEN’s formulation. WEN pushed a lot of other hair products out the door at QVC. Some of those companies might be out for blood.

    The die-hards will keep using WEN, but I doubt he will acquire many more newbies. This could be the beginning of the end UNLESS he pumps a ton of money into damage control. Time will tell.

  7. Marilyn Says:

    QVC used to be fun. Look what they have done to St. Patrick’s Day! It is now only on a limited time and the hours are not prime time. The Irish shows were always fun and had a nice ambiance,now it is just lie any other day. Christmas was a lot of fun, when Lisa Mason and David were on in the morning, a guest would come out dressed a s a UPS worker. Now it is just a presentation of the products. Many of the products on no longer on,American Girl,Lee Sands, etc. The prices and the products are getting out of hand. QVC still has some good points,but many are disappearing. Another thing why are some vendors,Jim Shore comes to mind, are always on in the wee hours of the morning!

  8. Mammaberti Says:

    I quit watching after a horrible Susan Graver show where she was so goofy and hyper and kept trying to model everything instead if the models. She has gotten progressively worse I assume menopausal and her clothing got to expensive for what it is.

    • Jackie Says:

      Omg Susan graver is the most annoying constantly tooting her own horn everything she presents she shamelessly cry’s “so amazing!” Must have! just perfect !you must buy every color! ugh she’s non stop .what’s so amazing about polyester rayon ! Hate her!

  9. Tori Stephens Says:

    I think it’s philosophy. Since Cristina Carlino sold it to Coty, the quality is no longer there. I’m no longer a philosophy girl. 😦

  10. SUSAN Says:

    Oh I don’t mind Sue Clifton for Dooney, the one that makes my skin crawl is Jill Martin with GILI…..This is supposed to be a high end high priced glamorous line and Jill doesn’t seem to convey it AT ALL!!! I wonder if the line in decline is GILI most of the other clothing lines have been named as having good sales! Hasn’t been the same since Lisa Robertson stopped presenting it…..say what you will I know some didn’t like her, but she fit the style and intent of GILI better….

  11. Millie Says:

    I’m suspicious of this Wen lawsuit. Could it be that those customers who claim their hair fell out after using Wen may have gotten adulterated or counterfeit products from unreliable sources? I’ve been using Wen for at least 5 years now & live it. No problems. Wen’s legal team should look into the possibility of the sabotaging of their product. Buy it only from Chad’s own website or QVC & you should be Ok.

    • Mimi Says:

      If you look up the details of the class-action lawsuit you’ll see there are only 200 people in the class, just a tiny fraction of users. When saved my hair and I’m not at all worried. It’s not Mally, is it? That stuff happened a while ago. I also think it’s philosophy. QVC is sooo boring now.

  12. Sara Says:

    Let me guess, its all Trumps fault …. Just kidding..
    I thinks its Wen and I don’t see any need to sabotage the product.
    I look at Chaz and that is enough for me, not to purchase his products.
    He looks like a greasy mess , I’m sorry but he does.
    It would be like going to an optometrist that is cross-eyed ..Would you trust him to work on you?
    I also heard, that many have experienced plumbing problems over time from his products
    If its plugging up pipes, just imagine what its doing to the pores in the scalp.
    He should market : “Chaz Dean- Drain Clean”, to go along with all his products.

    QVC doesn’t stay true to their vendors, once they appear to have legal problems.
    They don’t want bad press.
    Look how they crucified Paula Deen… (sp)

    Hey Lovie, hope all is going well for you.. 🙂

    • Lovie Says:

      I’m good, Sara! 🙂 I can see that QVC hasn’t pulled Chaz’s products YET. Personally, I don’t trust no-lather shampoos. My scalp needs to be THOROUGHLY cleaned or my pores get clogged and my hair starts to thin out. That’s probably what’s causing the problem for those people who lost their hair. They would probably have that same problem with any sulfate-free, no-lather shampoo. They need to go back to using a REAL shampoo.

    • Heather Says:

      Wen sales have declined due to people’s hair falling out and the law suit. I’m sure the older ladies across middle America are clutching their pearls at the sight of Chazs new hard look . When he first debuted on qvc he was nice looking clean cut all American whom the ladies adored now he’s a gender neutral freak his Instagram pics are really creepy . I’m using aveda after dropping Wen in 2016 my hair came back and no more clogged pores or drains . Go to hell wen !!!

  13. dbanimate Says:

    NY Times recently did a story about the Wen lawsuits. I thought the products were all natural. They’re not. They are sulfate free but on the Wen website there are NO ingredients listed, so who knows what’s in the products.

  14. Linda Says:

    Bigot Paler Dean crucified herself!

  15. sheri Says:

    I do agree with the reviews about qvc rotating products, all of 15 of them, how many mattresses does a person need, it has lost it’s viewing appeal, I hope they wise up , I’ve been going to amazon recently..

  16. Cheri Says:

    I’m not part of lawsuit but after using Wen for six months I started losing my hair, I stopped using and within six months the fallout slowed significantly-like all products this one just wasn’t for me. With that said I agree with other posters that Q continues to sell the same things over and over-even the hosts are having trouble trying to make the same old things seem like something we can’t live without. Products like Tarte and Bare Escentuals have been sold off so we lost the familiar faces who introduced us to the products and gained our trust, we lost the best representative for GILI, so could be any of these lines losing steam or none of these. Maybe it’s me and I just I no longer need anything they’re offering. Yeah for my wallet-did someone say wallet?…….

  17. Jackie Says:

    I believe and wouldn’t be surprised at all that is true as I was a Wen user who lost so much of my hair people noticed it and my bath tub floor was covered in hair in a matter of days it wasn’t until I heard about the law suit did I realize it was Wen and I immediately stopped using it . My hair is slowly coming back and not falling out like it was with Wen . I wish this company would shutter it ruined my full head of hair!

    • Jackie Says:

      Another thing the Wen cleanser (while I was using it .for years)always always built up a thick residue in my tub and removing the residue was a struggle it needed a lot of scrubbing and if that wasn’t bad enough my drain clogged from the Wen build up and this was a perfect example of what Wen was doing to my scalp it was a build up from daily use and clogging my pores exactly like it built up in my bathtub and clogged my drain this actually was what made me realize it without any doubt was Wen cleanser and the class action lawsuit was the first red flag for me thank god the law suit came to light this product should be banned!! Hate chaz he made a fortune during the cleansers peak years of selling on qvc chaz made millions and you can see on his instagram gram pics how rich he is house in Hollywood hills custom house in Manhattan private plane trips with four dogs to qvc compound with a slew of paid models . And all we got was $25 dollars in the law suit settlement after the hundreds I spent on Wen . Ugh! Sickening

  18. Hilary Says:

    Wen is the worst shampoo ever my hair fell out over time ,the cleanser is thick and when it’s rinsed out it leaves a film build up in your shower and clogs your drain as it did to my drain and I’ve never had a clogged drain or film build up before using Wen . It literally clogged my pores like it did my drain and my hair would fall out in every washing . Awful I’ve gone back to using aveda . Wen is way too expensive you’re just putting money in Chazs pocket every showing on qvc would gross millions in a day Chaz has built a mansion in Hollywood his qvc profits enabled him to build another shop in nyc which he poured millions into . The brand hasn’t been selling as well since the class action law suit . Hope everyone stops wasting money on his crappy over rated over priced products. Even his infomercials has stopped . I’m sure Guthrie Renker will not be associated with Chaz anymore retailers have also dropped Wen probably to avoid potential litigations as Well as consumers no longer interested in it means its not moving off the shelves subsequently bring discounted

  19. Jenna Says:

    blog. A fantastic read.

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