It’s Christmas In July For QVC, Colbert And Lord & Taylor

We’ve blogged about it once and now we’ll do it again: We hate the home-shopping network practice of having Christmas-in-July sales.

QVC held its own annoying one last week, where we had to watch host Rick Domeier hawking fake Christmas trees. But most of the home shopping channels have jumped on this bandwagon.

And now, for what we’ve noticed for the first time, brick-and-mortar retailers are having Christmas-in-July sales. That includes Lord & Taylor.

We even saw that Macy’s had a “Black-Friday-in-July” event.

We can’t escape.

As we sat down to write this blog Monday night, our fellow Montclair, N.J., resident Stephen Colbert was doing a song-and-dance number about the Republican convention.

In his convention song, Colbert warbled, “It’s like Christmas in July!”

Oy vey!

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7 Responses to “It’s Christmas In July For QVC, Colbert And Lord & Taylor”

  1. Sandra Warren Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Miss Moss. It’s bad enough there are Christmas decorations in the stores in August…and the sets on all home shopping channels are decorated for it in October. We do not need it in July!!!!
    IMO, they are ruining the joy and.meaning of the holiday. Most brick and mortar stores decorate toward the end of October, too. And, to add to the overkill, many people decorate their homes early and leave it up for all of January…or longer.
    We don’t even see Thanksgiving anymore. How about retail (home shopping, too) decorating AFTER Thanksgiving??? We don’t put our decorations up until after the first week in December. And we take them down by end of the first week in January. We’ve done that so that our kids could celebrate Christmas, its meaning, and all the fun like it was meant to be celebrated….not as a year round holiday! Now that our kids are headed toward college, they appreciate it more, and plan to follow the same traditions when they have their own homes.
    Thank you for writing this post, Miss Moss. And you are not the only one who feels that way.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Yes, can we please keep Christmas in December, and take decorations down by January 7th. Christmas has turned into an October through February holiday, with Christmas items and decor in stores before August!
    And yes, Sandra, it’s on home shopping in October. I’m tired of Christmas long before December. It has gone from a religious holiday to a retail nightmare. And even if one is not religious, Christmas was a warm family celebration, and decorating was fun. Now it’s inescapable from August on through January.
    We also don’t decorate before December, and we usually have our decorations put away by January 3rd……the 9th at the latest. But it’s retail…home shopping included….that needs to go back to after Thanksgiving, not before.

  3. Veronica Says:

    I think we need to STOP with Christmas in ANY month other than December. The retail overkill of this holiday spoils it for everyone. You don’t see dreidel and Menorah in October! My Jewish friends tell me that Chanukah has been commercialized….true, but it isn’t all around us in October!
    I am saddened by Christmas in July, too…this holiday is inescapable. Time goes by fast enough without making December 25 last 365 days!

  4. Dara Says:

    Forget the Holidays, don’t buy from a company that has destroyed as many lives as QVC has while the CEO reaps millions. Folks do you have values, QVC certainly doesn’t

  5. Rachael Says:

    Christmas is December 25th and should be celebrated in December. Retailers…brick n mortar, online, and TV shopping channels…..should not decorate before black Friday….and there should be no Christmas in July. This early decorating, seeing items in stores in August, Christmas in July, people leaving decorations up till Easter…and other Christmas overkill actions, are taking the pleasure and meaning out of the holiday.
    My family and I do not do any decorating indoor or out, till after December first. And our Christmas decor is always taken down and put away before Martin Luther King’s birthday…which is January 15th. And having them up that long is rare. The decorations for Christmas are usually put away soon after New Year’s day.
    Let’s please keep Christmas in December.

  6. Hannah Says:

    I agree with all previous posts about the over saturation of Christmas. Please let me add some others…
    Valentine’s day: items are out before Christmas is over. Please don’t put them out before mid January.
    Easter: often on shelves with Valentine’s day stuff. If it falls in March, put items out beginning of March. Otherwise, mid March.
    For every holiday or occasion, putting the stuff out about 3 weeks early is plenty. I really don’t want to see Christmas in July, or Easter in December. And Valentine’s day is a nice celebration for families or lovers. But I don’t want to see it on the shelves before Christmas is over. Can we please enjoy the holidays as they come, not months ahead.

  7. Georgie Says:

    Ugh! Christmas in July! Bah humbug!!!!!
    All of you who posted here are sane, normal people! Why are so many others pushing Christmas at us almost year round?
    I, too, vote for no Christmas decor…including home shopping channels….till Black Friday. And no Christmas in July!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!

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