HSN Host Kathy Wolf Leaving The Network

There’s more turnover in the home shopping world, with veteran HSN host Kathy Wolf flying the coop!

We got a heads-up from a reader that Colleen Lopez had spilled the beans about classy Wolf, who we really like, exiting the No. 2 home shopping channel.

“Today I am toasting my beautiful friend and HSN Host Kathy Wolf on HSN!” Lopez posted on Facebook on Wednesday. “I still can’t believe tomorrow will be Kathy’s last day as an HSN Host. When I came to HSN 22 years ago Kathy was my very first friend – I will never forget the first time I met Kathy – her huge smile, warm heart and easy laugh made me feel welcome In my new ‘home'”

There was a photo of Lopez and Wolf lifting their cocktail glasses.

We checked Wolf’s Facebook page and didn’t see any word about her leaving HSN.

According to Lopez, we will be seeing Wolf “on TV again in the future.”

Do tell.

HSN.com still has Wolf listed as a host. It says that she joined HSN in 1992, and that she describes herself as a total soccer mom. Her hobby is “laughing.”

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28 Responses to “HSN Host Kathy Wolf Leaving The Network”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I’m so glad you posted this, Miss Moss. I love your blog and you really keep us informed and up to date. I saw Lopez’ Facebook post about Kathy and that hag lies so much…..was wondering if “psych!!!!!” would have been on there today. Guess not.

    I have always liked Kathy. She’s a class act and a really good host. I don’t watch HSN much at all anymore…sick to death and back of phony obnoxious Colleen Lopez. But I did enjoy Kathy with Marilyn Miglin, and various other vendors when she got a chance to host. Lopez is always given prime time and prime vendors.

    I have no idea what she will do next…but knowing you and your eye for news, dear Miss Moss, you will keep us updated. Again, I’m sorry to see Kathy go and it makes HSN another step closer to the trash can. I wish you luck Kathy, and although you’ll be missed one has to be happy for you that you’ve disembarked the sinking ship that HSN has become.

  2. Mimi Says:

    Too bad Colleen isn’t leaving instead. With Kathy gone, one less of many reasons to watch HSN.
    She’s a great host and warm person. Good luck, Kathy. I will miss you.
    Please keep us updated on where she lands, Miss Moss.

  3. Jane Says:

    I saw Lopez Facebook post last evening. I don’t like her but I do occasionally check her page out to see what’s going on. Lopez is probably thrilled that another veteran host is leaving…..more for her to sell.
    I am sad to see Wolf go. Warm, classic, knowledgeable… always one of my favorite hosts, Wolf will be missed. I’m liking HSN so much less now, this may be where I close my account.
    To Kathy Wolf, I wish the very best. To HSN, you need a wakeup call. Please keep us posted, Miss Linda. Love your blog.

  4. Maria Says:

    Oh no! So surprising and so sad. I have enjoyed Kathy as a top notch host for all of the 18 years I’ve watched HSN. Who will host with Marilyn Miglin?
    I loved Chris with her…but enjoyed Kathy presenting Marilyn even more. Please don’t put her with Colleen or Callie… Yuck! Lynn, or Bobbi would be good with Marilyn. Or Connie.
    Good luck Kathy, we will miss your cheerful, gentle presence.

  5. Sela Says:

    It looks as though Kathy’s departure is voluntary; but to me there’s just the shadow of a doubt. I hope it wasn’t that HSN “suggested” she retire. Really, I hope that wasn’t it.
    I will certainly miss her. It seems she was delegated kind of an off time slot; but she was a pro at what she sold. As Maria noted, she was wonderful with Marilyn Miglin. Marilyn is such a soft, gentle person, that she needs someone quieter and less pushy to present her. Kathy was perfect. I guess we’ll see who hosts Marilyn from now on. I cringe at some of the possibilities.
    Another good host gone from HSN…never the loud pushy ones, it seems. I don’t watch much at all anymore, and now I’ll be watching less. Good luck Kathy and enjoy your freedom. And thank you, Miss Moss, for your always interesting column.

  6. Carole Says:

    On Kathy’s Facebook she recently posted pics of herself and the “crafting crew” at what appears to be her home. Said she missed crafting with us, and she would be sending the next month or so enjoying friends and family. She alluded to missing work, saying she’d probably ask “what’s next” after that.

    I’m wondering, too, Sela, if her leaving HSN was voluntary. I don’t think it was acrimonious if it was HSN’s idea; it may have been a firm suggestion. But she has been more family oriented as of late so it could very well be her choice.

    If it was HSN’s idea, boo on them. Instead, get rid of drippy Lopez, kiss-ass Callie, snotty Shivan, or some of the newbies who are more in the backgroung , thankfully….and hopefully closer to the exit. Some of them are rude with vendors and are so hyper they must subsist on red bull only.

    As for Kathy, leaving the used car lot of home shopping can only be good in the long run. Good luck Kathy. I miss you on TV.

  7. connie Says:

    I could of sworn I heard a host on Evine Live state that Kathy Wolf would be on an upcoming show. It caught my attention because I hadn’t realized she had left HSN so I went on HSN Community page to learn of her leaving. Soooo..stay tuned to Evine Live. (which doesn’t make sense at all because she lives in florida)

    • Delia Says:

      Thanks, Connie…I finally saw this after seeing Kathy’s Facebook goodbye. Maybe she’ll be on Evine as a vendor, so she wouldn’t need to uproot. Although hosts do it all the time, I can’t see Kathy doing it too easily. She is a native Floridian and has strong roots there.
      Take a look at her Facebook….she sounds as though the future is not planned….but you never know. Also, they are bound by contract “not to say anything” about their plans until a specific period of time has passed. I wish her the best. She’s a nice person and good host.
      Thanks for the info. I can’t get Evine in my area so I’ll keep looking at blogs, etc. If you have more info please post here. Have a great week, Connie!
      Delia C.
      PS. With the recent developments with Bill Green, makes one wonder what unsavory changes are coming at HSN.

  8. Penny Says:

    First, Kathy Wolf left. Then, a week later, Bill Green decided to go behind the scenes instead of hosting/selling. I smell a rat at HSN. They are going to start forcing older hosts out. If so, please get rid of pig head Colleen Lopez, dippy Callie Northagen, and a few others that grate on nerves. And, younger is not necessarily better. Carrie and Leslie are motormouths who talk over everyone.
    I canceled my HSN club membership as soon as I learned Bill was no longer hosting. And I was on the fence about it when I heard about Kathy leaving. Bill pushed me to do it. I also canceled QVC membership due to their recent outsourcing. Want to make it 3, Evine?

  9. Jess Says:

    I will miss Kathy, low key and sweet. And Bill, too.
    I am sick of Colleen. Phoney, lying, huge inflated head.
    Recent selfie on Facebook, her big head with a ball cap and a thin scrawny side ponytail. But the star of the pic is all her recent plastic surgery. You can really see it. Too bad they can’t at least make the big, oafish “diva” look less mannish!
    If she was a nicer person, she wouldn’t be so ugly.

    • Cathie Says:

      I saw that, Jess! Not a flattering picture….she does look plastic and lifted. And her nose looks huge. And the side ponytail looks skanky…at least on her.
      As for Kathy….always a great host, informative, warm and welcoming. So sorry to see her go. And Mr. Bill, too.

    • Dorine Says:

      Kathy was always one of my faves. It amazes me how all the good ones leave or are fired, and the crazies stay.
      As for Lopez…ugh….yes, Jess, I agree. And she has really been at the plastic surgeon. She’s in Vegas, and posted a pic of herself and Carlos at a restaurant. No dark glasses in this shot, her eyes are extremely puffy and the rest of her face looks off, too. You can tell she’s had work/injections. She lies about it, and she has this look of a new face job pretty frequently. Poor Carlos, it can’t be easy living with that swollen head bitch! Now add swollen face. She would be more likeable if shed stop being “on”, stop pushing her sales so hard, and quit being a bitch. I’ve seen her get snippy with several vendors. She’s just a hick in designer duds. When I see her I think of ” you can put pearls and lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig”.

  10. robert stanford Says:

    Goodbye Kathy always enjoyed your showAnd you are very special. Enjoy your future. Robert

  11. Eva Says:

    Best wishes to Kathy. I will miss her on HSN. She conveyed enthusiasm without being pushy or loud.
    Like many of you on here, I’m sick of Colleen. Her jewelry is over priced junk, and so are her fashions. And she is awful to watch and listen to. She has become egotistical and arrogant.
    I’m sorry to see Kathy leave but HSN is NOT what it used to be. I think it’s time for me to cancel my membership and say goodbye to home shopping.

  12. Kay Says:

    I’ll miss you, Kathy. And I wish you the best. And leaving HSN can only be good. The merchandise has gone up in price and down in quality. And all the hosts are being eusurped by loudmouth Lopez.
    I won’t shop there anymore till they get rid of that big swindler.

  13. Danielle Says:

    I really miss Kathy. Bill, too. I have watched HSN for about 17 years, through many changes. Unfortunately, none have been changes for the better. Home shopping and I are about to part company.

  14. Sheila Says:

    I don’t watch HSN- or any home shopping tv- much anymore. But I do miss Kathy Wolf. I started watching HSN at the end of 1999. She was on the morning show (was it sunrise?) with Dave Shimkus. Many of my “old friends” are gone now. I miss Bill Green, too. I hope, like many have said, it was the decision of Kathy and Bill, NOT HSN, to move on.
    I enjoyed Geoff Cowan’s presentations that I saw. He may be a great new host. But the merchandise has been cheapened in quality, and marked way up in price. This applies to most everything on there. Other channels, too. And the hosts seem more desperate and pushy now. At least some of them. The result of all this is, I, and many others, are watching for entertainment only.

  15. g johnson Says:

    Yes, everyone is correct Colleen think she run that place, HSN has lost a beautiful host, we all love Kathy and Bill. she will be miss. has
    anyone else notice Colleen hug knees, it look like she is wearing knee pads.

  16. Cris Says:

    Wow, I know I am REAL late, but it dawned on me today that I hadn’t seen Kathy in a while, and I really liked her! Googled it, and it brought me to this thread. Wow. I wish her all the best and hope to see her soon. Speaking of getting rid of people, I sure wouldn’t miss Carrie Smith. I cannot STAND her! She is WEIRD.

  17. Bob Says:

    That sucks that Kathy Wolf is gone. I’ve watched HSN since I was a teenager and she was one of if not my favorite host. Hope she does well with whatever she pursues next. We’ll miss you Kathy

  18. Amy w Smith Says:

    Kathy was so professional especially with descriptions & terminology !! I loved her with sharif & skip & Amanda! Oh, and I am just devastated about
    the removal of Bill Green as a Show Host ! There was no one I mean no one that could Host a jewelry Show better especially with the girls Connie , Alyce, & Lynn . Never mind you could put Bill on any show and he would know his Product ! I especially enjoyed him selling sheets & w Ellen Butter ! He almost made it seem like He AlwYs Could Read your Mind !!! Not Many host can Do that !!! I just Miss him Terribly

  19. ann hsu Says:

    Ann Hsu Says:
    oct 27.152pm

    I just found out Bill Green (my very favorite host of all) is not longer with HSN, and now I am reading that Kathy Wolf is gone also, so so sad that HSN didn’t fight for them to stay, HSN used to be my fav, but not any more I bought everything from HSN, but now I am iike the others about Coleen Lopez, she comes off as being the Queen of HSN and that is just not a nice thing to do, I used to enjoy Bill and would set my channel only to buy the things he was introducing, I really hope HSN changes the way they dismiss their hosts , because finding out and then reading things like I am reading about a few people I didn’t like as hosts just isn’t good. Bill Green and Kathy Wolf
    it is best for you if they are going to keep the ones that really need to go and get rid of the beautiful ones like you guys. Best of luck and hope the best for both of you. 2 of the most loved. Sad to see you go. Wishing all the best. A. hsu

  20. Pam Says:

    Why does everyone on here hate Colleen. I feel that Shannon is the same way, but no mention of her here. Is this Shannon’s page or something?

    • Betty Says:

      I really like Bobbi, a lot, she has been there from day one, she knows the products, I think she is very polite, it seems to me that coleen has gone behind, every ones back, now she has a clothing line which is over priced, a jewelry line that is the same, Bobbi has a very kind heart, I remember terry Lewis who was there for years, and had her clothing line and certain people came along and Terry was out. Remember Tina Berry? What happened to her? She was great at her job and very well educated, at one time hsn was giving Lynn a hard time and she is the sweetest, Katy was,great and very classy, before you knew it Coleen was in and all of the classy old timers were out, many of the top people has left including the female president, now ovc has purchased hsn, wondering who is going next, shavarna, sarna, drives me crazy, I am surprise connie, is still there, her and bill green are very good friend, and yes colleen, does think she is queen hsn, Lynn, Bobbi, Bill, connie, I am surprised to hear that people have bad feelings about Bobbi, and Lynn. The old timers has put in many years, Bobbi has been there since the beginning, Lynn 25 years, I do miss Katy, one classy lady. You do have back stabbed on hsn where many of the host is trying to become top dog, if you ask me I honestly believe that Bobbi should be at the top, she knows the company and she is a kind hearted person, who I believe is loving and sincere, how did colleen pull it off. Clothing line, jewelry line, I remember Bobbi had a purse line called Bobbi by Shariff. It only last a couple of seasons, certain suckered ups has clout. What about Marlow, who has been tfere for years. I find that the vendors are much nicer tHan host. Oh but they must, because they want to sell their products

  21. Maria Says:

    Why don’t they get rid of bobbi? She is by far the worst in manny ways. One time she must have thought the mic was off- she was fussing at someone for showing a “color” on a model that was just sold out. Also,She needs help with her weight issue. Not healthy looking. No clothes can hide it.
    And then there’s the one that use todo the crafting presentations, can’t even rember her name. They put here on fulltime!!! Sad sad.r

  22. DorisCasteelScott Says:

    Really enjoyed watching her host on HSN

  23. Marie Says:

    Nikki By Nikki Poulos. Does anyone know what happened to the brand Nikki by Nikki Poulos? It’s March 2017 and we have not seen Nikki aired for almost 5 months. I have phoned HSN and they claim that they still have Nikki as a vendor and that they’re keeping her on, but corporate say that they have not re-contracted this vendor back as of yet. Does anyone know what is doing on?

  24. F DeStefano Says:

    Shannon is okay because she is real, like her or not.

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