Catherine Malandrino Brings Line To HSN

A fashion designer whose work we admire, Catherine Malandrino, is coming to HSN, according to InStyle magazine.

Apparently the home shopping network did a breakfast preview of her French-themed collection in Manhattan last week. We were surprised to learn that the designer is French, we always assumed she was Italian.

Malandrino’s “French Rendez-Vous” collection will bow on the No. 2 home shopping channel on July 28. She will do five fashion lines, each one dedicated to a different city in France, InStyle reported.

Paris is up first.

InStyle liked what it saw. The magazine wrote that “the pieces are as crave-inducing as a baguette.”

Mmmmmmmmmm, we’re getting hungry.

“Home shopping is one of the few areas of retail that have remained almost entirely upbeat during this topsy-turvy time for designers,” InStyle wrote. “Malandrino’s approach will be distinguished by creating video travel guides to the cities she wants to feature, like Courchevel, her Alpine hometown, this fall, and St. Barts for spring 2017.”

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2 Responses to “Catherine Malandrino Brings Line To HSN”

  1. Karen Says:

    I look forward to seeing Malandrino’s designs. Hopefully HSN will keep the quality in her things. Heaven knows they try to sell cardboard fuzzies for $$$$$$$$$$$$. Let’s hope they stay true to her wishes.
    Ah, and can we PLEASE have someone…anyone….host her presentation besides big bully phony baloney Colleen Lopez. Oaf diva of HSN.
    And, I’m probably not first with this, but oaf diva posted that one of my very faves, Kathy Wolf is leaving. Good luck and God’s speed, Kathy. You will be missed….a lot.

  2. Teresa Says:

    I really like Maladrino’s designs, but I fear HSN will keep the high prices and lower the quality of the clothes. I’ve tried some of their “designer” clothes and found them to be less in quality and workmanship than Walmart…and high prices.
    Home shopping has changed and seems to reflect a high stuffy attitude and price, with terrible inferior quality. I fear trying this line, and may have to pass.

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