QVC Reviewing Airing Of Racial Slur On Laptop

Well, this was one home shopping network demo of a laptop that really went awry. And thanks for the tip on this, kind reader.

According to, a viewer was recently shocked to see the “N” word on the screen of a cheapie laptop that QVC was demonstrating. At the time, the laptop screen was showcasing a website.

QVC Looking Into Why It Showed A Laptop With Racist Content On TV

The viewer emailed QVC with a screen shot of the offending image, but she didn’t get any response.

When contacted QVC, SVP of Brand and Communications Doug Rose issued an apology, said the incident was under investigation and added that the network was evaluating its live-streaming procedures.

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8 Responses to “QVC Reviewing Airing Of Racial Slur On Laptop”

  1. Dara Says:

    While this is vulgar and totally unacceptable, what I find even worse is the fraud of a CEO Mike George who tries to act as Mr. Nice Guy but who’s agenda is to eliminate as many dedicated employees who were responsible for building QVC in the first place as possible. George is the consummate snake oil salesmen, kissing up to his masters at Liberty, making million while hiding behind skirts and lackeys when bad news has to be delivered. Over the years he has laid of thousands of dedicated employees most in their 50’s (read healthcare costs) who will never have a chance to achieve the same standard of living especially when their needs are greatest, putting their kids through school, saving for retirement, etc. The latest stunt and probable the keystone of his career is eliminating hundreds of administative positions forcing them to train Polish nationals and then laying the US based employees off. Of course George crows about this in his analyst calls and probably will receive a bonus. While he tools around town in his fancy cars and lives in him multi-million dollar house one wonders if he runs into some of these poor souls struggling to make ends meet. I gather George has no trouble sleeping but that seperate individuals with souls and integrity and scum like George. I wish the displaced all the best. Good luck, you will need it.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I just can Not believe how QVC treated Paula Deen and now this?? I’m sure this was a ” mistake” on the live stream of the Q, but REALLY?? Come on… you totally canned Paula and you QVC are guilty of the same ” mistake”…it really upsets me how you can say we in no way agree with this, and all is OK. Paula Deen you were done wrong.

  3. Monica Says:

    Paula Deen you were done wrong.!! What are you some kind of nut or child molester? QVC, Paula &You are are wrong, this crazy bigot is back on tv after a fake apology, this world is getting nuttier.

    • Roxy Says:

      Yes, Paula was NOT done wrong…I agree with you. Let’s keep bigotry and hate off TV, please. And the q should be boycotted for taking jobs from Americans and outsourcing them to Poland.
      On a side note, I believe Paula n word Deen is on Evine. Boo to them, too, for stooping low enough to have her.

  4. Dara Says:

    At QVC, our people are our most important resource. That’s why we’re committed to helping them thrive—both as individuals and as part of a team that shares a common set of values we call The QVC Difference. By collectively supporting Personal Enrichment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Safety & Wellness, we build trust, community, partnership—and a state of well-being. Together, we’ve made QVC a great place to work!

    LOL, the QVC Difference… Force US based employees to train Polish employees to take over their jobs and then terminate them.

    Don’t buy from QVC…

  5. Lisa Says:

    Monica, NO I am not a nut, NO I am not a child molester. I am a Christian mother of three and Grandmother to two. Listen! People make mistakes, JUST like the mistake of live streaming at QVC. Now, with that being said, I personally feel QVC owes Paula Deen an apology. Saying a racial slur and SHOWING racial slurs live streaming on air is no different. Should everyone boycott QVC for their mistake into a million homes?? They apologized. Was it “fake”? I could care less about verbal attacks toward me, but yes this world is in trouble. What skeletons are in your closet??

  6. Deborah Says:

    I am totally against racism of any kind. But here’s a thought. Stuff not of my choosing is always popping up on my phone and laptop.
    One time, when my home computer was down, I went to the library to source some clothing for my husband. I typed in “men’s work shirts” and picked out a source. I clicked on it and a kiddie porn site popped up!!! Horrified, I hit the back key about 4 times and it finally disappeared. This was not a singular experience; it has happened with various porn, violent, etc websites.
    QVC definitely should check into it, but it is possible that something like I mentioned happened. And, let’s hope that’s what it was.

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