QVC Lauded For Safety In N.C. Center

Who says we never write anything good about QVC?

The North Carolina Department of Labor has given the No. 1 home shopping network’s distribution center in Rocky Mount, N.C., a Gold Award, the state’s highest annual honor for workplace safety.

The award recognizes public and private companies across the state that maintain exemplary safety records, including an incidence rate at least 50 percent below the average for their industry (as measured by days away from work, restricted activity and job transfers).

This is the fifth consecutive time Rocky Mount has won the Gold Award, and sixth time overall.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our team members at QVC,” said Bill Stanulis, Rocky Mount general manager. “This award is a direct reflection of our safety culture at the site, as well as the work, dedication, care and commitment that our team members are displaying every day towards safety.”

As someone who has written a number of stories about safety violations at North Jersey companies, endangering workers, we tip our hat to QVC.


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4 Responses to “QVC Lauded For Safety In N.C. Center”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Believe me if they could replace those warehouse workers with robots they do it in a heartbeat. Ask those poor bastards in West Chester who are losing their jobs (and being forced to train their replacements) to Polish nationals. QVC has no values, is anti-American and if you cared you wouldn’t buy from them

    • Dina Says:

      Thank you, Charlie. I was just going to say, how is their workplace in POLAND rated for safety? After all, it seems they are firing Americans and moving their business there, so wouldn’t that warrant a safety inspection?!?
      Outsourcing….. the cause of poverty in America.

  2. Cathy Says:

    To Miss Moss, please read all
    I enjoyed your article but agree with previous posters.
    Your blog is full of information, and I am looking for some. I hope you or other readers can help me. If so, please post here.

    I thought I read or heard that jeweler Erwin Pearl had passed away. I have been online for hours and can’t find any information. There also, I believe, was a Wikipedia about him which I cannot find.
    If you or anyone knows if/when he passed, or any other information, please post and THANK YOU.
    I followed him on HSN and bought some of his pieces. They all still look and wear well. I know he went to QVC; although I watched him on there sometimes, I liked his HSN things better. It seemed to me they were mostly a little more stylish. He was an elegant presence on both channels and has an interesting background.
    Again, thanks to you or anyone who posts some information. And I love your blog.

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