Latina Designer Cenia Paredes Coming To HSN

AcHSN, the home shopping network that makes the most effort to target women of color, is adding a little more Latin flava.

Fashion designer Cenia Paredes, who is Dominican, is bringing her Cenia Fit apparel collection to HSN, the New York Daily News reported last week.

She will debut June 24 with a line that she says is tailored for the bodies of Dominican — or dare we say some Hispanic — women have, namely pear-shaped.

That is different than the mass-market fashions made for women with hourglass figures, she is quoted as saying.

Maybe her clothes will actually fit us. (Actually, we just noticed that her clothes come in regular fit and “Cenia Fit,” which is for curvier gals.)

Cenia trumpeted the fact that she is coming to HSN on her company’s Facebook page, which has many photos of her sheath dresses.

Some of them are already available on

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4 Responses to “Latina Designer Cenia Paredes Coming To HSN”

  1. Chacha Says:

    Let us hope she is on with someone other than loudmouth Lopez. Please.

    • Alison Says:

      Lopez almost always gets the new vendors. I, too, Chacha am sick of her. I’ve gotten a few pieces here and there off the list that I like so I look at her Facebook for previews. Her previews for last night kept me from watching or buying.
      Dumb poses….you couldn’t tell what anything looked like except for one thing. And her phony “celebrity”….cough, cough…..personality is like nails on a chalkboard. If she is on for Cenia’s preview, I will not watch. If I see anything of Cenia’s that I like, I’ll order online. Anything to avoid watching Colleen and giving her commission!

  2. Darlene Says:

    I checked out some of Cenia’s fashions the other day. Nice that they come in regular and plus. They are good looking classics with a heavy nod to the 60s.

    I will not watch her debut, however, if Colleen Lopez is hosting. Motormouth, over the top and super phony. I used to watch her back in the day (1998-2001) if she was hosting something that interested me. Still phony back then, at least she didn’t gush and fawn as badly. And Alison, I agree… the fashion show on Facebook was a big DON’T. Goofy poses, big “I’m on! Look at ME!!!” spectacle. How about spreading your arms and just smiling to show off the scarf and caftan. Either she uses her dogs to show items, or makes a big fool of herself to do it. Let your DIL model instead, Colleen. Much more natural and pleasant.

    I wish Cenia bouquets of luck and hope she does well. And hope she is paired with anyone other than Colleen.

  3. Gladys Says:

    All that’s left online now is one shift dress. It’s ok, but not worth the money. Hopefully her full collection will be more well rounded.
    As for Lopez, I used to like her. She’s always had a fake overly enthusiastic tone…but she used to be nicer. Now I guess her celebrity status and queen of HSN status has made her head big. I’ve noticed snippiness on her part with some vendors, and some outright mean comments. Around New Year she was with Andrew Lessman, and was making digs about his age to the point where he was visibly uncomfortable. He tried to laugh it off, but you could tell she hurt his feelings. There have been others, too. And she made $$$$$$$$$ off Suzanne Somers….and was frequently snippy with her. Sure, they had their laughs, but Lopez was frequently rude to Somers. Somers can give it right back, though…good for her!
    So, if Lopez is hosting, I’ll look online, too. I don’t like watching anything she’s on anymore.

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