JTV Host Misty Mills To Open Restaurant

Jewelry Television host Misty Mills is becoming a restaurateur.

She is co-owner of an upscale Italian eatery, Merelli’s, that will be opening in July in Knoxville, Tenn., according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.


The story doesn’t mention that Mills is a JTV host, and we don’t know if her new venture will affect her gig on the home shopping network.


Here is her bio from JTV’s website:

Misty Mills is a long-standing member of the Jewelry Television® family. She starting out selling Beanie Babies in June of 97 but her love of all things that sparkle quickly shone through and she started selling fine jewelry by July of 97.

Misty stays up-to-date on the latest trends so she can offer helpful advice to JTV viewers.

“I love bringing affordable luxury to everyone. You don’t have to spend a million to look like it! And I truly enjoy being their personal shopper.” When Misty is at home, she is a devoted mother to her only son, Jonathan, who has grown into an outstanding young man.”

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17 Responses to “JTV Host Misty Mills To Open Restaurant”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I haven’t been able to get JTV in my area for awhile, and looked online to remember who Misty is! There have been some host changes on JTV….I’d really miss Cheryl Ells and Michele Lau if I were watching.
    I wish Misty a lot of luck with her restaurant…..it’s a fickle business, because the public is fickle. And due to spoilage, fluctuating food costs….it can be a narrow profit margin. She’s brave for doing it. Hopefully she works well with her partner and it’s a success. If not, Misty, sell your half and bail!!!!

    • Loretta Says:

      I agree, Roberta. The restaurant business is very iffy, especially in the current economy.
      I hope Misty does well and her restaurant is a success. I, too, no longer get JTV in my area and miss it. Ooh, and really sorry to hear Michele and Cheryl are gone.
      Best of luck, Misty.

  2. Lovie Says:

    Misty’s looking for a way out. She’ll nearly kill herself trying to run a restaurant AND work at Jtv until she’s sure that Merellis won’t tank; then she’ll leave Jtv. She won’t be able to do both forever.

    This does not surprise me. All Misty seems to say anymore is….

    “Stop what you’re doing.” ….
    “You need this in your life.” ….
    “I’m not going $200. I’m not going $150. I’m not going $100….” ….
    “Who’s on the line.”
    “I love it.” ….

    That’s about it. That’s all she really says . I’m not putting her down. I’d be burned out after 20 years myself. I hope the restaurant works out.

  3. Carrie W Says:

    I wish Misty well but I am done with her on JTV. I agree with what Lovie above is saying. She is one of the worst hosts on that channel. Can she take her BFF Nikki with her? I think that JTV needs a radical make over. This can be done by getting rid of the majority of the hosts. Ugh….

    • Connie Says:

      Agreed! Yet they got rid of Cheryl Ells and Michele Lau….both professional and very knowledgeable. These shopping channels seem to keep the worst hosts and fire the better ones.

  4. Karen Harden Says:

    I was watching JTV this weekend and on the 2:00 a.m. hour, Cheryl was on. I just looked at their program guide and she is on this weekend as well. Is she coming back?

  5. Barbara Says:

    Yes, Cheryl Ells is officially back on JTV. She did her first new show (Late Night Rocks) on June 23. JTV has been promoting her return. I don’t know where Michelle Lau went. On her twitter account she’s promoting products from theshops.tv, but when I went to their website I didn’t see her on the host list. But I did see Dave King, who was a QVC host a few years ago.

    • Bernadine Says:

      Cheryl quit JTV voluntarily; the night shift was getting to her. JTV fired Michele Lau.
      Glad Cheryl is back.

    • Karen Harden Says:

      I have not seen Cheryl on for 2 weeks and she is not on the program guide for the next week. What happened? She can’t be on vacation already!

    • Karen Harden Says:

      Where did Cheryl go? I have not seen her for weeks and she is not scheduled anytime soon!

  6. Martha Dubois Says:

    Misty and Nicki are my favorite. Heidi makes my head hurt.

  7. Lovie Says:

    I wonder. Is the restaurant opening this weekend? The link says “Opening July 2016”, but the website isn’t active yet. Monday is August 1st.

    • Lovie Says:

      Still not open. Perhaps they should change the opening date on the landing page.

      • Kara Says:

        Misty was cheating on her partner and boyfriend from what has been spread around and her boyfriend left her, misty also tried to illegally remove her boyfriend and partner illegally. Karma will come back to her!

  8. MD Says:

    i saw Cheryl on the LC channel (liquidation channel)

  9. Teresa Says:

    Misty mills is a fraud! She doesn’t deserve to be on tv or have a restaurant. She goes through men like the oreos that cling to her waistline! It’s time she leaves JTV!

  10. Ruth Says:

    Love to watch all of Misty Mills shows if she would leave JTV it would be very dull.

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