Evine Live Sales Rise 5 Percent To $167 Million

Sorry folks, but we have to keep this short because we have to be in the office at 6 a.m. this morning to do early cop checks.

On the bright side, Evine Live reported $167 million in revenue in the first quarter, a 5 percent increase year-over-year.

On the dark side, the No. 3 home shopping network also saw an increase in its losses, up 5 percent to $4.9 million, according to press release Wednesday.

Beauty was the fastest-growing category at 19 percent versus the prior year, followed closely by fashion at 18 percent, home and consumer electronics declined by 4 percent and jewelry and watches declined by 2 percent.

The return rate for the quarter was 19.2 percent, an improvement of 110 basis points year-over-year.

Gross-profit dollars increased 7.2 percent to $61.4 million. Gross profit as a percentage of sales increased 60 basis points to 36.8 percent.

Adjusted EBITDA increased to $3.4 million primarily due to improved merchandising margins and increased discipline in operating expenses and shipping and handling margin.

Operating expenses increased $3.8 million year-over-year to $65 million, a 6 percent increase, driven primarily by a $1.4 million increase in variable costs from an 8 percent increase in unit volume, and a $1 million increase in executive and management transition costs.

Earnings-per-share for the first quarter decreased to ($0.09), which includes $3.6 million in executive and management transition costs and $80,000 in distribution facility consolidation and technology upgrade costs. In comparison, EPS for the fiscal 2015 first quarter was ($0.08), which included $2.6 million in executive and management transition costs.

“The Evine team executed extremely well given both the recent changes at the company and the challenges we are seeing in the overall retail marketplace,” Bob Rosenblatt, chairman and interim CEO, said in a canned statement.

“By bringing added discipline and a greater commitment towards building a cohesive, more balanced business strategy, we’re proving that we can deliver both great exciting products to our customers, and improved profitability to our stakeholders.”

The network also announced an improved inventory position, which decreased 6 percent versus the same period last year, the largest decrease since the fourth quarter of 2012, and an improved gross margin, which increased 60 basis points versus the same period last year to 36.8 percent.

Evine Live also noted that it recently hired two new members of the senior leadership team: Nicole Ostoya as chief marketing officer and Michael Henry as chief merchandising officer.

“Both Nicole and Michael are exciting additions to the Evine family, each with great track records in their previous endeavors,” Rosenblatt said. “Together they will bring more energy and focus to attracting new customers while capturing an even greater share of wallet from our existing shoppers.”

Here is Seeking Alpha’s transcript of the Evine Live analyst call:


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9 Responses to “Evine Live Sales Rise 5 Percent To $167 Million”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    Well with the extra revenue I think it’s time for the following…

    1- High Def camera feed! My lord what cheap bastards!!! It’s 2016!!

    2- Have other (respected) watch brands not those Chinese made monstrosities from Incrapta!

    3- Find an identity already! What do you sell, mostly junk? Is it the Invicta Channel and garage sale network?

    4- STOP STOP STOP showing “previously recorded” demos for hrs at a time late at night. It’s like you want to be the most cheesiest janky lucky to be in 3rd place home shopping network of all time.

    5- Get better HOSTS!!!! My gosh at least half gotta go!!! Allison Wagoner is so full of shit and fake and transparent I’m surprised she’s not related to Colleen Lopez whatta a PRIME phony!! Fattima Cocci SUX she belongs in the home shopping network minor league team, and everyone says she’s pretty, she looks like she’s part squirrel and can wreck some dudes walnuts with those coffin sized chicklets!!!

    Mellissa Miner is such a waste, all filler, and on Jose’s balloon knot, my god! I think Jose and Waterford don’t mind a little ass munching.

    Kendy Kloepfer is like a big XL sized wide load of donkey dung!! Please, she would orgasm if she was selling lint in a Ziploc baggie.

    Kimberly Wells should leave all together and start her own infomercial for an exercise program called “I’m very fit, I know Suzzane Somer’s, and I have a horse face”. She looks like an old tired Joyce Dewitt with Portobello mushrooms for ears!

    Tim (turtle face) Temple is such a douche, must have a small penis, and how he takes being a “watch nerd” to sorryful levels of brutal dishonesty. The day Tim collects Incrapta watches for his own personal collection and wears them outside to resaurants, functions and events not dealing with EswineLive pigs will not only fly, but shit rainbows made of Skittles. Tim, catch the fervor!!! And he’s a horrible voice impressionist just really sad.

    Lynnne Schacher just loves the sound of her voice and is as bland as it gets. Like Farina with nothing on it and no water to choke it down with.

    Skip Connely reminds me of that odd uncle that looks like he smells like pee. He also reminds me of a 60’s hippie who has a delicate and frail personality and still thinks Ghallager smashing watermelons is still insanely funny. 8=====O

    Natasha Chughati is so green it really comes through the screen, another minor leaguer in desperate need of overall polishing.

    Kristine Kvanli needs to stay at the 2am-5am-7am time slots, the perfect face for a small overnight audience. 😉

    Brian Kessler is an oldie (bring back Shawn even though he left LOL) put Kessler with Waterford on-air and he thinks he’s a millionaire with mansions and poloponies. Brian put’s the “F” in flaky and I’d much rather see him employed at Long John Silvers.

    Ryan (sweetie pie former model) Johnson is just so far up Incrapta’s ass he pays rent! My lord dial it back into the cool casual realm sometimes Ryan! Your showing all the viewers that you never wiped off the Invicta stitcky facial you took in the kisser when you got the job. Need a wet Bounty?

    All the others including Justin can stay, that’s right Justin you’ve improved considerably at your craft since starting on-air.

    Must be something in that Eden Prairie water! Jeez!

    The lady who used to be with Wolfgang Puck, Cooks Temptatons or whatever, oh lord such flimsy nasty pots and pans and trinkets made to look like junk.

    If you only fix 1 thing on my list please make it #1 so viewers can see just how sad you are in HD. 🙂


    • Ruth Says:

      Twat waffles: funny post….but true. Alison Waggoner has worked with Colleen. She was on HSN (as was Colleen) back around 1999-2000. I think she left HSN in 2000 or 2001. So, she was probably mentored by Colleen, or decided on her own to emulate Colleen’s phony persona. After all is said and done, I like Alison better. Can’t stand Colleen.

    • Savannah Says:

      Twat waffles:
      Your name and your post are funny. Your post is also true. Here is my take on some hosts and some info all of you might not have known;
      As previous poster Ruth said, Allison Wagoner was formerly on HSN. I didn’t start watching HSN to any extent till late 1999. She was on then and like Ruth said, departed a year or so later. Ditto Kimberly Wells. Who was never on with Suzanne Somers at HSN, contrary to what people say. She wasn’t on much at all.
      I don’t see much of the Q but I do find their hosts more likeable. Nothing against her, but I don’t miss Lisa Robertson on there. I like Venable and Antonella the best, I think.
      On HSN, I cannot stand diva-in-her-own-mind Lopez. Phony, lying, gushing fake enthusiasm. And actually snotty on air with some vendors. I liked Suzanne Somers paired better with Bill, Chris, or Lynn. The presentations were still fun but you actually got to see the products better. Colleen gets too goofy and silly with many of her vendors. She is too full of herself.
      Callie Northagen. Know it all. Kisses all the celebrity vendors a****. Her nose is deep brown, lol. She was really sickening with Madonna when Madonna was on with her children’s book about 10 years ago. Madonna was even uncomfortable. But Callie’s real personality came through on an HSN Christmas segment shown on Christmas 2004. All the hosts gave little speeches that were repeated throughout the day. I was broke, living in a room with no heat and no kitchen. In a warmer climate but we were having a colder winter. I did have a small tv, thankfully. Callie said that no one had the right to be miserable or unhappy…they should just buck up and take it. Hungry and cold, huddled under the blankets, I was still grateful for my crappy job and the roof over my head. And I didn’t need that face lifted bitc* to tell me how I should feel. Neither did the homeless, or terminally ill, or people left behind when their loved ones died unexpectedly. After that, I couldn’t stand her. BTW, one more face/brow lift and she’ll have a beard!
      Shivan Sarna. A quiet, professional host…for the most part. Somewhere around 2003-2007, she was on overnight selling fashions. When she gave the measurements for the plus sizes, she cracked up laughing. How rude and immature. That’s right, Shivan, hurt the feelings of a huge group of HSN shoppers, and lose their business. Not just once, I saw her do it on several occasions where she presented clothing. During the day, too. What a bitc*. She has certainly had her own issues with her weight during her time on HSN…no room to talk, anyway.
      There are many of the hosts on HSN and Evine that I don’t care for. Some.vendors, as well. HSN had a good lineup back in 2000. Hosts and Vendors. I miss June Hagman, Dan Dennis, and a few others. I’m glad Diana Perkovic (another bitc*) is gone. I miss Rachel Huber, too. Times change and people move on….but these channels should try to hire better hosts. Most of the new ones are fast talkers who don’t even think about what they say. Annoying.
      Anyway, that’s my take on these hosts.

      • Twat Waffles Says:

        Shivan Sarna shouldn’t make fun, last time I saw her mug I turned to STONE!

        Honestly she looks like a buzzard and a turtle gangbanged a pigeon…

        So I guess she’s part poultry, part game, and part fugly!!!

  2. sara Says:

    One would think that if the lowest sales is the watches, then get rid of them!! My gawd, how many places can you strap on these time pieces///Enough already…

  3. Carrie W Says:

    Mr./ Ms. Waffles – you slay me!! I totally agree about getting rid of half of the hosts! And OMG if I see another Invicta watch I’m gonna throw a toaster at my telly!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

  4. Carrie W Says:

    Another issue I have – the shipping and handling rates are WAY too high!

  5. Twat Waffles Says:

    All you have to do is watch Allison Waggoner with Invicta watches, there’s nothing worse!

    Such ultra FAKE enthusiasm, and she knows SQUAT about horology!

    She should go back to selling chocolates with her spastic weird brother of hers…

    I got a new confection in mind for her…

    A chocolate MUZZLE!!!!


  6. Becky Says:

    Twat Waffles, omg…you are funny dude. You have turned the truth into standup material! Yes, Evine needs to polish up…quite a bit.
    Savannah… you are spot on about Callie, Colleen and Shivan. Anyone who doubts you, I’m here to backup what you said about Callie and Shivan.
    I saw that holiday program where the HSN hosts all gave little speeches, and Callie was really on a high horse. Telling people how they should feel. Yes, you cold bitch, if we all made 6 figure salaries like you, we’d have much less to worry about. And Savannah…I’m so sorry you went through that tough time. It sounds like you were brave and effective in getting to a better place, bless you. I never liked Callie; I always thought she was put on there to eusurp June Hagman.
    As for Shivan, I saw 2 of those shows where she rudely cackled and laughed at the plus size measurements. My cousin saw them all. She even complained to HSN. And got nowhere, obviously. Shivan snotty is still there. All the plus sized people…and everyone else should boycott her. She looks weird and her mouth looks strange (nod to Twat Waffles here) and there is a parrot/turtle thing. And she herself has always been stocky/chubby.
    And I can’t stand Colleen. She’s a big drippy trans dude with an inflated ego. And no, I do not dislike trans people. Just her/him.
    I closed my shopping channel accounts with QVC and HSN a long time ago. Evine is getting close to the chopping block. These channels need to wake up and realize they’re not Saks or Bloomies…or any other high end store. They are electronic retailers who SHOULD try to appeal to their core clientele…not alienate them.

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