The Wrap On HSN’s ‘Looking Glass’ Event

It’s Wednesday, and HSN just kicked off the second day of its “Alice Through the Looking Glass” event, featuring merchandise inspired by the new Disney film.

The Wrap, a website that covers the business of Hollywood, just did a story where it interviewed HSN honcho Bill Brand about the event.

How Disney Is Using HSN to Sell ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’

The article points out that the movie, starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, has received meh reviews. But Brand claims that won’t put a crimp on “Looking Glass” goods on HSN.

We’ve already said we’ve already said that we’ve been creeped out by trailers for the movies. And we just read a story, which claimed that movies such as “Alice” and “Maleficent” are basically ruining fairy tales for kids with their dark, adult takes on these tales.

We agree.


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7 Responses to “The Wrap On HSN’s ‘Looking Glass’ Event”

  1. quirkygal Says:

    Egads how long is this so called promotion going to last? I’m home on Monday and Tuesdays and tend to leave HSN, QVC, or HGTV on in the background as a I do stuff. HSN with it’s Alice “wackiness” was nearly unwatchable and even things that would normally look OK (most clothing items) were styled to the point of ridiculousness and unbuyable. I just got home tonight, Wednesday, and it’s still going. Ugh.

    Wonder how this “event” is impacting sales and if Disney’s paying them enough to make up for the shortfall.

    • Paulette Says:

      It seems to be a like or don’t like thing…not much in between. Like you, quirkygal, I found it to be more disruptive and confusing than entertaining.
      Some of the hosts claim the costumes and parts of sets were actually from the movie. Knowing how many of the hosts lie, that could be true or not. Since they are pushing the movie, maybe Disney would possibly loan the costumes and props? I think they’re mostly replicates created by HSN.
      Have you seen the price points? And keep in mind most of HSN merchandise is junk. Some of the things are normal prices; some are marked way up for this event. $3000.00 for an ugly shed?!? Please. I’m sure some of it is ok. But most of it is the usual junk merchandise with a huge price.
      I enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda 3 event a few months ago. It was just one evening, and the prices were normal. I bought a couple things from that event and they are very well made.
      The other HSN movie events, however,have been big and over done much like this one. “The Help” and “Eat, Pray, Love” to mention just a couple. One gets tired of looking at that stuff for days….and even a whole day of it. Just think of it as a comparison to an Evine Invicta watch sellathon. Good grief!

    • Stephanie Says:

      Hi Quirkygal
      I would guess HSN did ok with this overhyped and dizzying event. Here’s my 2¢:
      HSN, like QVC and Evine, started out as a place for everyone to buy fun, new and ingenious items. They offered good costume jewelry, fun and affordable fashions, good staple kitchen items….and some home goods items that were unique and useful. Their largest customer base was- and is- the 40+ to 80+ year olds, mostly female. These were people who had modest to large incomes, and wanted to shop from home. HSN, especially, brought in cleaning tools, cleaning products, furniture slipcovers, and more. They had good beauty/skincare lines, bath products, and clothing. There was affordable high end costume jewelry…their own Technibond, as well as Suzanne Somers’ well made jewelry. There were perfumes, good jewelry, and more luxury fashions for those who could afford it. And enough inventory that there were incredible markdowns for clearance. I bought a $500 gorgeous faux leopard coat…for $79!!! The sizes weren’t as plentiful so I ordered a size larger. It made the coat look even more sumptuous. And their Beat the Clock jewelry and fashion shows had great clearance prices, too.
      Enter Mindy Grossman, and HSN is no longer everyone’s channel. The prices have gone way up. Now, there are high end designers bringing in cheaply made knock offs of their original lines. There are celebrities ad nauseum hawking jewelry and fashions…again, poorly made. And of course, Colleen Liar Lopez, with her own overpriced shoddy lines of jewelry and clothing. But, heads up, girls, don’t buy her fashions unless you like the sleezy off the shoulder or slit sleeves look!
      My point is, Grossman is trying to make HSN appeal to the rich women in Chanel bags and shoes, who tote their babies around in LV strollers. These people live in a different world. They will never shop at HSN or any other TV shopping channel. They shop at boutiques in Vegas, Beverly Hills, NYC, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta…..they do not shop on TV. They take their babies and their Vuitton or Hermes strollers, put them in their Bentleys and Benzes, and drive off to designer boutiques.Don’t believe me? They’re all over Instagram. I have nothing against these people…more power to them…but they do live in a different world. So, Mindy, take your sights off them and focus back on your core customers. No, you don’t need dowdy, boring items. Just things that the Mrs. Average Joe can relate to and afford. And please, bring us better quality. Cardboard handbags and flimsy I’ll fitting clothes don’t cut it.
      HSN probably made their quota for this nutty event. And who cares. I closed my shopping account with them 3 years ago. Buh-bye!!!

      • Thelma Says:

        Yes, Stephanie, good point about Colleen’s open sleeve, open shoulder blouses. For this event, she had one blouse of her design. Cold shoulder/slit sleeves. If I want my arms to be bare, I’ll go sleeveless/short sleeves. And the off the shoulder stuff is old, tiresome, and outdated. Also, it looks floozy or skanky, whichever you prefer.
        As for the event, I could have lived nicely without it. I watched about 30 minutes total, and that was too much.
        I’ll watch the movie when it comes to Netflix.

  2. Greta Says:

    I think the classic tales should be left to their original form, the way the authors/creators intended. Not made scary or dark.
    The whole Alice event has been too long and confusing. AND EXPENSIVE. These events are for the rich, not for us commoners. And let them have it. I have closed my membership at HSN. Add that to Evine and QVC. These channels have gotten too expensive for many of us.

  3. QueenCeleste Says:

    So well said, everyone! I normally tune out these overly-hyped events with their high priced items. I miss the earlier days of home shopping when you could find unique items, few celebrities, and hosts who didn’t consider themselves celebrities. Products WERE better made then, some things still made in America. I guess those days are gone for good.

    • Mitzi Says:

      True, Queen Celeste, and everyone else. Those days are gone for good, and it’s a shame.
      And, Queen….you’re right on the point about hosts thinking that they’re celebrities. Colleen Lopez is the biggest offender I can think of. Her head has gotten way too big. And her fakeness has become intolerable. The world of home shopping needs a big dose of humility and quality control.

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