Get The ‘Scoop’ On HSN’s Stefani Greenfield

Ever wonder exactly what chatty Stefani Greenfield’s fashion bona fides were before she came to HSN? Then read this New York Times story on the rise and fall of Scoop, the trend-setting retail chain.

Greenfield was one of the co-founders of Scoop NYC, which is closing its 15 stores after a storied history that started in 1996.

Greenfield was “an early champion of lines like Rag & Bone, Alice and Olivia, Tory Burch and Stella McCartney,” according to The Times.

Greenfield, who left Scoop in 2008, didn’t comment for the story, which describes her as “host of ‘Curations Caravan’ on HSN.”

Not quite right. It’s her collection, she’s not merely the host.

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4 Responses to “Get The ‘Scoop’ On HSN’s Stefani Greenfield”

  1. Jenny Says:

    No amount of talent can make up for a bitchy heart. Just watch Greenfield on HSN and you’ll see what a harradan she is. Having no manners is worse than having no money. That woman is the worst vendor on any shopping channel.
    Scoop was probably relieved when she left. And her stuff is over priced crap.

    • Lauren Says:

      What you say is true, Jenny. Greenfield is a witch and it shows. That’s witch with a b.
      I fell for a $300 handbag a couple years ago. Was supposed to be suede with leather trim and handle. And big mouth Lopez was showing it and going on and on about how great it was.
      It arrived about 2 weeks later. It was thin cardboard with suede painted on or otherwise thinly applied. The handle and trim “leather” was also pasted to paper and was unravelling even though the handbag was new in the box!
      I took it out and examined it. Crooked/unfinished seams, thinly applied leather and suede, the lining was cheap and flimsy, and the thing stunk of chemicals. Back it went, and I sent a letter with it demanding my return postage be refunded as well. I have since closed my account with HSN. Greenfield isn’t the only one on there with crap merchandise. But she is the witchiest.

  2. Laura Says:

    Greenfield’s stuff is pure crapola. I’ve allowed myself to be bullied by her aggressive presentations, and tried some of her things. Cheaply made, off sized clothes, cheap flimsy accessories, and cheap gaudy jewelry. All at premium prices. But what can you expect from a loud mouth bitch who steam rolls over everyone.
    No matter what she did for scoop, this bitch you see on HSN is who she is now.

  3. Mary Ann Says:

    Bringing Greenfield back to HSN in 2009 was a big mistake. I remember her first go round on there in early 2000s…around 2002 or 2003…I think. She sold hippie bead jewelry…like the glass bead stuff my friends and I made in college. Her jewelry was nothing special, but had high prices. I don’t think it was very popular,and she was always glum and smug, like she didn’t want to be on there selling her glass bead crap.
    She should have stayed at SCOOP. I agree with posters on here that she is a real bitch, and her stuff is junk. I cannot stand to watch when she’s on. She even talks over flap jaw Colleen Lopez. And that isn’t easy.

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