JTV Alum Erin Moseley Is QVC’s New Diamonique Rep

Former Jewelry Television host Erin Moseley has landed a new gig, as the Diamonique rep on QVC.

She revealed the news on Facebook yesterday.

“I’m excited to finally announce I have been asked by QVC to represent Diamonique on air!” she wrote.

“I’m honored, thrilled and can’t wait to get started tomorrow. Not sure if it’s possible to thank my hubby Jeff Moseley enough for his support and encouragement. Life is full of twists and turns and I’m lucky to have him enjoy the ride with me! Stay tuned for lots of fun to come friends!”

Erin’s husband Jeff is another former JTV host, making them one of a number of good-looking home-shopping couples, in the mold of Judy Crowell and Paul Deasy on Evine Live now.

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12 Responses to “JTV Alum Erin Moseley Is QVC’s New Diamonique Rep”

  1. Bronxgirl48 Says:

    She won’t stick around long, trust me.

  2. Barbara Says:

    I will bet Antonella and Jennifer are over the moon. Not.

  3. SUSAN Says:

    Why in the heck do they need a vendor rep to sell their fake diamonds….all it does is have QVC pass on the added expense to their customers—DEFINITELY NOT NEEDED! What QVC really needs is a NEW gold buyer, and bring in NEW and INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE jewelry at a REASONABLE PRICE!

    • Jose Says:

      They hired Nancy to take over Diamonique. She could not cut it. Now they hire Erin? For what? The other hosts can sell it and have been for YEARS.

  4. Carrie W Says:

    I agree Susan! I never buy jewels from the Q anymore. Everything is so boring, dull, and dry as toast! Oh well – money saved for me!!

  5. Bronxgirl48 Says:

    I think Jeff engineered this deal for Erin and he has even bigger and better plans for her. Just a feeling that he’s her Svengali, lol.

  6. Lovie Says:

    Looks like Erin is coming up on her 1-year anniversary at QVC and she’s still hanging tough. I don’t know what caused her abrupt exit from JTV, but I’m loving that she’s holding her own at the #1 shopping channel. Success is the best revenge, indeed. 🙂

    • Koko Says:

      Why do they have a Diamonique person? She is one of the newest people at QVC and she does not know what lots of the other hosts know that have been there for decades. She adds nothing to a presentation.

      • Lovie Says:

        I understand your point, but I think Erin is great for Diamonique. She doesn’t have to know as much as the other hosts to do that job. It’s cubic zirconia. Not exactly rocket science. I think QVC brought Erin onboard to put a fresh, new face on the Dominique brand, which it needed desperately. I’m just totally inspired by how she landed such a sweet gig after things so abruptly ended at JTV. Talk about “onward and upward”! I

      • Bomba Says:

        With the “departure” of Peyton and David, I have to wonder how long this job will last for her.

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        David who?

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