HSN Is Falling Through The Looking Glass With Alice

We went to the movies for our birthday on Thursday and saw a trailer for Tim Burton’s “Alice Through The Looking Glass.” The film has marvelous visual effects, and a rather creepy-looking Johnny Depp.

To be frank, the whole movie seemed a little creepy. Little did we know at the time that HSN has a super-duper event coming up in partnership with the flick.

We’re just posting the detailed press release, because we are itching to blog about the new documents that how much QVC honcho Mike George made last year. In a nutshell: a lot.

Here is the HSN press release:

HSN Will Launch Its Largest Ever Movie Event Spanning Across Three Days, Capturing the Essence of the Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Film

Supermodel Miranda Kerr, Academy Award©-winning Costume Designer Colleen Atwood, Hat Designer Patricia Underwood and Fashion Expert Giuliana Rancic, Design Collections for HSN, that take inspiration from the Disney Film

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading entertainment and lifestyle retailer HSN announced today an innovative marketing collaboration with Disney for the release of its all-new fantasy adventure movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. The collaboration brings curated capsule collections by top designers including Miranda Kerr, Colleen Atwood, Patricia Underwood, Giuliana Rancic, Jeffrey Banks and more, across home, culinary, fashion, footwear, jewelry, accessories and beauty. The assortment will be available as part of a collection of exclusive HSN items.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Disney Studios for our largest movie event to date,” said Bill Brand, president of HSN. “Alice Through The Looking Glass marks our sixth Disney movie collaboration, where we have inspired our partners to design collections that creatively capture the themes of the film and bring the iconic story to life!”

HSN collaborated with designers and influencers to create products that bring life to the all-new spectacular adventure, a follow-up to 2010’s wildly successful Alice in Wonderland. Drawing inspiration from the rich colors in the film, HSN is launching collections across six different themes in the movie, including: Red Queen, a collection inspired by the villainous queen with items spanning different shades of red; Time, featuring time-themed pieces inspired by the newest character; Kingsleigh Trading Co., an Asian-inspired assortment representing the unique finds Alice encountered during her world travels; Witzend, a whimsical and colorful collection capturing the essence of garden parties and outdoor living; Discover Alice Through The Looking Glass, a collection by multiple designers inspired by various themes; and Victorian Romance, a romantic collection inspired by the White Queen, filled with beautiful cameos, pearls and lace.

“We are excited to be working once again with the talented team at HSN,” said Don Gross, VP, Global Marketing Partnerships, Promotions & Synergy. “The whimsy and originality of Alice Through the Looking Glass are brought to life through this fantastic retail collection, and the creative details and designs will surely appeal to movie fans.”

The event kicks off at 11 p.m. on May 23rd and continues through midnight on May 26th. This unique marketing program is a key component of HSN’s entertainment integration strategy, which drives engagement across all of HSN’s shopping platforms, including TV, digital and mobile.

From rich shades of red to gothic time-themed pieces inspired by a new character, Time, these capsule collections seamlessly transition from day to night, with items such as:

Handmade headpieces by hat designer Patricia Underwood;
Bone china tea sets and accessories by Miranda Kerr;
Time-inspired sandals and footwear by Vince Camuto;
Fantastical statement jewelry including necklaces, earrings, brooches, and hairpins by Heidi Daus, Amedeo and Roberto by RFM, Colleen Atwood;
Leather and sterling silver jewelry handmade in the USA by King Baby;
Hand painted character inspired hand bags by Sharif;
Detailed, novelty hand bags by Danielle Nicole;
Contemporary pieces including pants, jackets, flair dresses and coordinating sets by Giuliana Rancic and Nikki Poulos

HSN will bring Alice Through The Looking Glass into homes with beautiful bedding and home essentials from Madcap Cottage, Anna Griffin, Hutton Wilkinson and Jeffrey Banks, whose classic bedding set features inspirational details pulled from the movie as part of its design.


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21 Responses to “HSN Is Falling Through The Looking Glass With Alice”

  1. Aryssa Says:

    I agree, Miss Moss, the movie looks like it will be a little creepy- at least from the trailers that I’ve seen. However, it may be a success like the other movie themed sales events HSN has had. My favorite so far has been the Kung Fu Panda event earlier this year. Very NOT creepy!
    Having said that, I wish HSN and the other shopping networks would cease and desist with their celebrity item pandering. Movie themed events, fine. Celebrities with “their” jewelry/fragrance/fashion/home goods are wearing thin. Either said celebs are “chemically enhanced” to the point of not functioning, or they don’t even know the items that “they” designed, or they are so darn obnoxious that no one gives a flying fig about what they’re selling. If I need clothes or bedding or fragrance, I will buy what I want from where I want. I actually prefer that it isn’t from Snookie, or JLo, or Diddy…or any other “big” name. Remember the designer labels on the back pockets of jeans from the 80s? I said at the time I wouldn’t wear someone.else’s name on my ass…and it’s no different now.
    Thank you, Miss Moss, for giving those of us a place to rant that isn’t attached to the big brotherhood of home shopping!

  2. Suzie Says:

    These shopping channels need to get off the Hollywood/celebrity bandwagon. Some of it is fine, but as of late it has become ad nauseum. Please, let’s go back to good values and unique products we can’t get elsewhere.

  3. Alex Says:

    I just saw Colleen’s Facebook video about this and I can see why the products inspired by the movie are so $$$$$$$$$. A lot of work went into putting the sets together. Some of the items.are stupid, like the tree shed.
    And can Colleen a. Ditch the stupid cold shoulder tops- ever? and b. Stop gushing and rattling on, motormouth, at 100 words per second? She has gotten to the point where she is sickening to watch. She’s the phoniest TV shopping host, bar none! She should retire.

    • Katherine Says:

      I saw this video, too. Nothing on there for sale appealed to me to the point I would part with so much ca$$$$$$h to buy it. Heidi Daus’ jewelry is extremely overpriced…like most of HSN stuff is.
      And I couldn’t agree more about Lopez….you can hardly understand her, she’s talking so fast. And with that breathless, surprised gushing voice. Yes, please, someone go I to her closet and burn all those dumb open shoulder tops! Enough already, Colleen! You wear that crap way too much. It makes your arms and shoulders look heavy- and you aren’t small or thin. You’re right, Alex…she should retire!
      The movie is fine the way it is, without HSN sucking the life out of it to sell junk.

      • Rita Says:

        I used to watch Colleen, she used to be more tolerable. She is really phony and her tone in that video is terrible.
        I hate to be negative, and I wouldn’t put these comments on social media. But the channel forums don’t let you be honest. So thanks, Linda, for allowing us that.
        Since Colleen has had her own line of JUNK, she’s become much worse. She has a huge fan club, and people buy her shoddy stuff and don’t send it back when it’s unacceptable, so she rakes in the $$$$$$. I’ve returned a good amount of her jewelry…stones missing, damaged stones, flimsy metal…..and her clothes….bad fit, scratchy fabrics, shedding/pilling knits, open seams…..at my own expense and will buy from her no more.
        It’s time we exposed the negative side…which has gotten much worse in recent years….of this industry.

      • Rita Says:

        I used to watch Colleen, she used to be more tolerable. She is really phony and her tone in that video is terrible.
        I hate to be negative, and I wouldn’t put these comments on social media. But the channel forums don’t let you be honest. So thanks, Linda, for allowing us that.
        Since Colleen has had her own line of JUNK, she’s become much worse. She has a huge fan club, and people buy her shoddy stuff and don’t send it back when it’s unacceptable, so she rakes in the $$$$$$. I’ve returned a good amount of her jewelry…stones missing, damaged stones, flimsy metal…..and her clothes….bad fit, scratchy fabrics, shedding/pilling knits, open seams…..at my own expense and will buy from her no more.
        It’s time we exposed the negative side…which has gotten much worse in recent years….of this industry.
        PS Happy belated birthday, Linda

      • homeshoppingista Says:


      • Marie Says:

        Colleen made the video such a turn off, I haven’t even watched. The merchandise doesn’t interest me, but normally I’d probably watch for entertainment. She’s become such a big shark, she’s disgusting to watch.

    • Bobbi Says:

      Yes and she’s a liar. I’m reasonably sure those aren’t the actual sets and costumes from the movie. I doubt they’d even rent those things to HSN. They usually save those things for promotional display, or archive them.
      So for her to say ” this is the actual costume Johnny Depp wore”, is most likely not true. She should have said the sets and costumes were exact copies of the originals used in the movie. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me. This wouldn’t be the first lie Lopez told, however.
      I intend to see or rent the movie, at some point. I have no interest in any junk HSN is selling.

    • Deanna Says:

      $$$$$$$$$$$, no kidding! I thought the shed would make a cute playhouse for my 5 and 7 year old grandkids. Then, when they outgrew it, my daughter and son in law… their parents- could use it for storing garden stuff. They live in a very mild climate
      I looked it up, and there are no windows. And, it’s $3000. Really?!? There are other ridiculous prices, too. I don’t want to support this event.
      And I see what you mean about Colleen. This breathless gushing mile-a-minute whisper seems to be her new m.o. Once one of my more liked hosts, she’s become phony and contrived. And on TV way too much.
      Goodbye, HSN. I called and closed my account this morning.

      • Natalie Says:

        I’m posting here, because I don’t know where else. And responding to the looking glass video Colleen did, because this is closely related. She had a happy dance pre The List show video on Facebook, and Instagram last night. I never got to see the one on Facebook, so I don’t know if it was the same as the Instagram one, which is just a GIF.

        The Facebook one was gone from her page today! The Instagram one is still up. I, too, cringed at that HORRIBLE video she did for Looking Glass. Phony, fast talking, gushing her guts out. She wants the shed? Lock her in it, please.

        The point of my post is, why was the Facebook happy dance one taken off her page? Is happy dance a trademark phrase belonging to David Venable? Whom, I might add, I’d rather see stand and pick his nose for an hour than watch Colleen do anything for 10 seconds!!! I’m wondering if she infringed. If so, can’t you let DV have his happy dance, Lopez? You act like an ass enough, without stealing other people’s trademarks and dumbing them down to your level.

        If you know, Linda, please share. And a happy belated birthday to you. I hope you have a great year. And, thanks for your blog. It lets some of us who are not fans of some of these swell headed hosts say what’s on our minds.

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        Perhaps QVC has trademarked “happy dance,” but I also think the video was criticized so much that perhaps that’s why HSN pulled it.

  4. Paul Says:

    No, not buying any used cars from motormouth Lopez. And what’s with the gushy-whispery b.s.? Trying to sell chicken poop to a chicken farmer! Please.

  5. Ruth Says:

    There are a couple pieces I’m interested in, but I’m buying them online when Lopez isnt on tv so she doesn’t get commission.
    This video was one of many of her performances that is down right awful. She’s the biggest phony I’ve ever seen. And yet her Facebook friends applaud her “enthusiasm”. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell to those people!!!

  6. Brittany Says:

    Belated happy birthday, Linda! And I agree with the general consensus about Lopez…..this new secret motormouth way of speaking only adds to her general annoying qualities.
    Although I liked some of the items, most were extra expensive. And cheap microfiber sheets….at a $$$$$$ price?! Microfiber sheets slide all over the bed and do not stay on. So whoever it was (Colin Cowie or Jeffrey Banks) or both….what were you thinking, dude!!?? Leave it to HSN to peddle inferior goods at high end store prices. There are some plates/cups I might consider…that’s about it. I’ve had too many returns with HSN jewelry- especially Lopez’ stuff- so I won’t go there. HSN goes Hollywood should be the channel’s new name!

  7. Carol Says:

    Although almost everything is over priced, Rancic and Poulos have kept their fashions at regular HSN prices. Kudos, ladies!
    This seems like a bunch of overblown to-do just for a movie. I wonder how much they’ll make with this venture.
    Many of the shoppers are rich beyond belief; if the collection is to THEIR liking they’ll make a bundle. Most of us mortals, however, can’t afford this stuff…most of which is JUNK.
    What happened to the old HSN, which could be counted on to bring in new products, great values, and very little Hollywood? Some of us would like that HSN back again.

  8. Ella Says:

    I like some of the jewelry, and a couple home items. At HSN prices I will have to choose 1 thing. I haven’t watched all of the event but what I have watched seems a bit convoluted and confusing. Best to look online.
    I, too am getting tired of Colleen and all her big productions about nothing. I used to like her but ever since she told a magazine interviewer that she could be selling dirt in paper bags and her fans would buy it, I haven’t cared for her. And she gets faker as each day goes by. And the lies…..maybe that’s why her nose is so long.

  9. Linda Says:

    To Natalie

    I saw the looking glass video that Lopez made….it was awful. Like you, I did not see the happy dance video…maybe we’re lucky, lol!
    And Linda….thanks….I didn’t realize the happy dance video got negative remarks. If it was anything like the looking glass one, I can see why. And whether or not QVC/Venable have “happy dance” trademarked, I think it was sleazy of Lopez to use it. The happy dance on her Instagram is, like Natalie said, just a GIF….and a stupid one at that.
    I only look at her Facebook to see what’s going to be on the list. I try to watch her as little as possible. She has become swell headed and arrogant….silly and stupid. For those who like her, you can have her. I’d like to see way more of other hosts. Just about anyone but her.
    As for Lisa Robertson, Lopez’ comparison, she is a bit narcissistic, but much more real and likeable than Lopez. Calmer, too. Life is stressful enough without these hosts being so amped up that they’re unwatchable. No more red bull and coffee, please have a few cups of chamomile tea and take a Valium before you go on air, lol!

    • Mark Says:

      Amen. The tea and Valium applies to MANY on ALL networks. Not a Lopez fan, either. Yuck.

      • Della Says:

        But first, please, give the chamomile tea and Valium to Lopez. And maybe an elephant tranquilizer, too. And a big slice of humble pie.

    • Caroline Says:

      Just seeing this now….I missed the happy dance Lopez video. I did see the looking glass video she did, and it was awful. Did you notice it has been removed, too, Linda et all?
      I see negative comments about it on here….and on other forums, too. And several negative comments about happy dance. Seems like HSN should ask Lopez to stop making hoakey videos. And, along with everyone else, trademarked or not….please leave the happy dance to David Venable. And, to a previous poster, I, too would rather watch Venable pick his nose and twiddle his thumbs than see Lopez do anything.
      To add, Lopez used to be on my good host list. She’s always been over the top…but now, she’s worse than ever. And please, STOP WITH THOSE BLOODY UGLY BARE SHOULDER AND SPLIT OPEN SLEEVE TOPS, COLLEEN. THEY ARE TIRESOME AND WE DON’T WANT TO WEAR THEM OR SEE THEM ON YOU. UGH. UGH UGH!!!!

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