Ex-Evine Live Host Charged With Macy’s Ripoff

Here’s another black eye for Evine Live. Jennifer Kline, described as a former host on the home shopping network, has been charged with swindling Macy’s.

The Hennepin Attorney in Minnesota issued a press release on the charges against Kline. We don’t remember her as a host, but Kline’s Facebook page describes her as a beauty and style expert on Evine Live.

From what we make of the case, Kline is accused of buying a bunch of designer duds at Macy’s, and then returning a batch of clothes for a $5,000 refund at the Mall of America. But she allegedly took the tags off the new clothes, put them on a batch of old clothes, and returned the swapped-out old items.


Here is the text of the press release on Kline, who is an ex-Mrs. America.

Former Mrs. America charged with swindle at Macy’s

A former Mrs. America and home shopping network host was charged with theft by swindle in a scheme that cost Macy’s more than $5,000, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Jennifer Susan Kline, 50, of Wayzata was scheduled to make her first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. Kline was crowned Mrs. America in 1989 and had been a host on ShopNBC/EVINE Live.

According to the criminal complaint, a Macy’s asset protection detective contacted Edina Police in early December to report that on Nov. 5, Kline purchased $2,884 worth of designer clothing items from the Southdale store. The next day, she purchased another $2,906 worth of clothes from the same store. On Nov. 11 and 30, Kline returned numerous articles of clothing to Macy’s Mall of America store and was refunded $5,501.

The Macy’s detective was told about the returns and examined the returned clothes. He discovered that the tags and labels had been switched from the new clothes Kline purchased and attached to the returned clothing. On further examination, the returned clothes were dirty or showed other signs of having been worn, the complaint states.

Edina Police executed a search warrant at Kline’s home and recovered 24 items of clothing purchased on Nov. 5 and 6 and supposedly returned on Nov. 11 and 30, according to the complaint.


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One Response to “Ex-Evine Live Host Charged With Macy’s Ripoff”

  1. QueenCeleste Says:

    She wasn’t a host for long, and I haven’t seen her on air for at least a year. I liked her–she had a pleasant manner. Interesting that they investigated her returns.

    Recently at Bloomies I found a necklace in the sale area with Kate Spade tags. It was not a Kate Spade necklace (I know my jewelry, if nothing else!), and I even found an Asian marking on the hangtag. It was obviously a return by someone who presumably kept the authentic Kate Spade piece. I told a clerk who thanked me and said maybe they could trace the shopper who’d returned it. About a week later it was back in the clearance bin, and I told a manager. The clerks should really know their jewelry!

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