Embezzler Ordered To Make-Good On $600,000 In QVC Buys

Holy crap! This story makes us really nervous. It hits too close to home.

The Credit Union Times, of all things, reported that Donna Jennings, the former president and CEO of Winchester Community Federal Credit Union, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and to make $1 million in restitution for embezzlement.


Jennings used the stolen money, in part, to pay $600,000 in credit-cards bills for home shopping items.

As she was stealing funds from the credit union, she purchased nearly $600,000 worth of designer shoes, purses, jewelry and beauty products from QVC TV,” according to the article. “Thousands of boxes containing all of this merchandise filled a floor at her home. She also had products shipped to her office to hide her shopping addiction from her fiancé. UPS workers called her the QVC queen.”

Jennings explained her out-of-control behavior to her shrink.

“It’d help me if I was lonely,” she said. ”Shopping relieved stress. I felt I needed to have extra. I didn’t want to run out. Everything seemed like a good deal, and it’d [QVC] come on, and I’d do it again …. getting stuff made me feel better – just the process of opening a box.”

We feel that.

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2 Responses to “Embezzler Ordered To Make-Good On $600,000 In QVC Buys”

  1. QueenCeleste Says:

    She should have hit the clearance section at Evine. Many splendid bargains to be had without breaking the bank!

  2. QueenCeleste Says:

    Just to add, I can completely relate. The mailman driving up, bringing the package inside, the giddiness of opening it, trying on the jewelry or clothing–a real high!

    By the way, the ad that came up with this posting was from HSN. They’re inescapable!

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