Melissa McCarthy, Julia Roberts Peddle On HSN In New Films

We’ve done many blogs about HSN’s marketing partnerships with movie studios for the launch of new films, where the network will sell merchandise related to a new release. Well, HSN has stepped up that effort.

The Wall Street Journal did a story on Wednesday headlined “HSN Lands Supporting Role in Films” that explains how Julia Roberts and Melissa McCarthy will be playing characters who sell their products on the home shopping network.

This will be happening in Roberts’ movie “Mother’s Day,” which is out April 29, and McCarthy’s “The Boss,” which is out tomorrow. As we all know, McCarthy in real life sells a clothing line on HSN.

The article explains that HSN will be airing clips of the films and behind-the-scenes stuff, and will be creating “themed merchandise” tied to the movies.

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One Response to “Melissa McCarthy, Julia Roberts Peddle On HSN In New Films”

  1. Paul Says:

    Yet another movie themed ripoff show. HSN has turned itself into a gallery for idiots to watch. People who spend money on senseless shit because their wallets can’t stand to have anything in them. Shocking, as some of these people have important jobs. Being rich and having good sense don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

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