QVC Guru Isaac Mizrahi Featured At Jewish Museum

QVC’s design maestro, Brooklyn-born Isaac Mizrahi, is the centerpiece of a new exhibit at the Jewish Museum in the Big Apple. And “Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly Past” has gotten a lot of press in New York, including several stories in The New York Times.

The articles we’ve seen mention up top the fashion designer’s work for QVC, as well as the collection he used to do for Target, which we loved.

The current exhibit, however, focuses on his high-end clothes. The stories are an interesting read.

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One Response to “QVC Guru Isaac Mizrahi Featured At Jewish Museum”

  1. Celeste Parsen Says:

    Although I don’t like every single thing he designs, I love Mizrahi. Advocate for all women…..big, small, heavy, tall….and even dislikes breast augmentation! He deserves a place in the Jewish museum…in any museum.
    A breath of fresh air he is, and someone so intelligent, kind, and sweetly offbeat is welcome in my breathing space any time.
    You’re a great guy, Isaac.

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