Veteran Evine Live Host Connie Kunkle Exits

We noticed several new hosts, women of color, in the past two days on Evine Live and now we know why: The net needed to fill in its ranks now that veteran host Connie Kunkle has left the house.

A kind Facebook friend gave us the heads-up about Kunkle’s “early retirement.”

The home shopping network posted the news on its own Facebook page.

EVINE Live Host Connie Kunkle wanted to share the following message with all of her fans:

“It is with a sad heart that I inform my EVINE Live customers, coworkers and friends, that I am leaving my position as an On-Air Host and taking early retirement. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company and my interactions with its loyal and loving customers. I will miss the encouragement and friendship from this community. I appreciate your support, and I will miss each of you. A special thank you!”

We want to sincerely thank Connie for all the smiles and laughter she has brought to us and her viewers over the past 11 years. We wish her all the best as she starts this new phase in her life and will miss her dearly. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a few fun clips of Connie over the years plus share your favorite Connie memory in the comments below.

Here is Kunkle’s bio from

Connie Kunkle has hosted television shows about home decorating, cooking and finance in addition to hosting talk shows. She became an at-home shopping host in 1996, and in 2004 joined Evine Live, where she became the go-to woman for everything from jewelry and fashion to beauty and home décor. Connie loves connecting with viewers and talking about products with them.

When not behind the camera, Connie can often be found on stage singing. She has performed around the world, including Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall in London. With unending energy and a zest for life, Connie enjoys golfing, knitting and adventure travel–and she loves sharing her stories on air with viewers.

“I love the variety of products here at Evine Live–no two days are alike! It really keeps us on our toes.”

The hosts that we saw for the first time recently, maybe we have just missed them before, are Fatima Cocci and Sam Simmons.

Cocci’s bio:

Fatima became part of the Evine Live family in 2007 as a favorite model and guest. She is excited to have recently joined the dynamic and fun-loving host team. As a self-proclaimed “true Gemini,” she loves to be involved in the amazing variety of products offered here and is always looking to dive into the next hot project.

While the Evine Live family grows daily, her own family is also growing with the arrival of a baby boy this year. Fatima is happy her stepson will now have a partner in crime to buddy with.

Fatima’s background includes everything from sales, to owning her own real estate brokerage, to teaching Latin dance professionally. The common thread has always been her love of being social and connecting with people.

“I am thrilled to have an opportunity to bring the awesome products we have at Evine Live to life. I am also delighted to share my passion for life, dance, and travel with all of our fabulous viewers.”

Simmon’s bio:

Sam joins the Evine Live family after a 15 year TV career that has taken her all over the world. Beginning her career in the control room at BBC news it wasn’t long before she was invited to step in front of the camera as both host and model. “I love to travel for work but moving to Minnesota for Evine Live is totally life changing. It was too good an opportunity to miss!”

Outside of the studio Sam is passionate about yoga, personal growth and is a trained life coach. Her motto is, “Rock what you’ve got!”


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20 Responses to “Veteran Evine Live Host Connie Kunkle Exits”

  1. Elise Says:

    You were one of the best you have been miss and will be missed

  2. QueenCeleste Says:

    I’ll also miss Connie. But the two new hosts are great, and I enjoy Samantha Simmon’s English accent.

    Just curious about Carmela Sterling–haven’t seen her on air in ages. She often would be paired with another host on the overnights and I so enjoyed her easy, gracious manner. Wonder if she’s strictly behind the scenes now.

  3. Shirley King Says:

    I thought she had one drink to many. So now they have Aron, whose on one to many, who can’t stop looking at herself

  4. Nani Says:

    I can’t understand Samantha Simmons, as I can other English accents. So I skip over her when she’s hosting/speaking, but not the presenters.

  5. Gayle Says:

    I like Connie and am sorry to see her go, but glad it’s her choice. I miss Charla Rines’ humor and unmasked reality…..I liked Evine when it was Shop NBC about 10-12 years ago. The only good thing they’ve added more recently is Suzanne Somers, whose skin care line is great. Of course, ordering it from Evine’s website is like pulling teeth, though their prices are mostly a little less than on her own website.
    Also, Evine’s website is awful to navigate and their host page, which is in constant motion, makes it impossible to tell who is there and who isn’t. Ditto QVC’ s. HSN’s isn’t great but is a little easier to navigate than the other 2. At least their host page is what it is…not a merry go round of photos or a hidden maze.
    At any rate, good luck Connie, and also to Daniel Green. Exiting these shopping channels by one’s own choice has got to be worth some commendation.

  6. johnethomas2 Says:

    Shocked and saddened that our friend Broadway actress Connie Kunkle has passed away. Connie appeared on Broadway as Fantine in Les Miserables as well as numerous Broadway national tours including The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. My wife and I first met her years ago when she co-hosted our PBS Kids Concoctions television special in Orlando, Florida. Many of you may know Connie as an on air homeshopping host on ShopNBC/Evine. Connie was always bright and vivacious. She was full of life and always singing show tunes. Connie passed away peacefully in her sleep after a year-long battle with dementia.

  7. Brigid Says:

    From Connie Kunkles FB Page today. Friends of Connie: It is with deep sorrow that I share that our friend Connie Kunkle has passed away at age 58. Little more than a year ago, Connie was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, at which time she moved to Texas to be with her sister, Judy. In the last few months, Connie transitioned to a memory care facility where she received loving care. I hope it brings some comfort that Connie never ceased to be her wonderful self, with the sparkling green eyes, and delighted her caregivers despite her advancing condition. She passed peacefully in her sleep last night. My 36 yr. friendship with Connie began with Disney Entertainment in Florida, after which she starred on Broadway and touring companies, sang around the world and in recent years was a very popular and dynamic on-air host for ShopNBC (now Evine). Arrangements will be forthcoming. I know we all share in this shock and grief and are heartbroken. Please share this news with anyone who would want to know. Most of all, please know that Connie is no longer bound to a broken body and mind, and is now with her heavenly father, probably belting out a show tune – that’s our Connie!

  8. Kristin Says:

    R.I.P. Connie…died so young. Her FB page said she had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and passed away in her sleep.

  9. Archie Says:

    Evine just posted, she passed away the other day.

  10. Barbie Sumroy Says:

    RIP Connie Kunkle – gone but never forgotten it was an honour to have also sung with her on many occasions in England!

  11. In Memory Of Former Evine Host Connie Kunkle | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] […]

  12. Caroline Gibson Says:

    Sleep tight Connie, it was a pleasure to sing with you in a number of venues in the UK. A bright light taken to seen.

    • Caroline Gibson Says:

      Sleep tight Connie, it was a pleasure to sing with you in a number of venues in the UK. A bright light taken to soon.

  13. Andrea Cross Says:

    Hello my name is Andrea Cross. I ordered and item on line. I never received my product. I’m a new customer. I was told I had an account already, but I never predict anything from your company until 1-7-17. I paying for this product on easy pay. But I don’t not have my product. I need help please.

  14. lee holzhauer Says:

    I loved Connie kunkle she made me laugh she was adorable she was funny when she hosted with Sam Sam bora from one world miss her .

  15. Jerri Holmes Says:

    Connie has always been my favorite host. There’s never a dull moment when connie’s in the house. Good luck to u Connie! Never change.

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