Hot Off The Press: Stars Are Selling On QVC

Here’s a hot scoop for you: Celebs are selling products on home shopping networks!

Who’d a thunk such a thing?

You’re not surprised? Well, we guess you don’t work for the New York Daily News.

The tabloid run a puff piece on QVC Sunday with the headline “Shopping Network Lures Celebs: A Who’s Who On The ‘Q'” about famous names hawking their wares in West Chester, Penn.

QVC vendors Dennis Basso, Lisa Rinna, Jill Martin and Brad Goreski, creative director for the newly revived C. Wonder line, are quoted in the piece, and even posed together for a photo.

“This is where the cool kids hang out,” Rinna told the News, referring to the home shopping network.

The most interesting tidbit to us was that Martin, the “Today” correspondent, sold 50,000 G.I.L.I. wrap belts on day. We think it was a TSV.

HSN, which is really overladen with celebs, must be burning that it wasn’t included in the story.

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2 Responses to “Hot Off The Press: Stars Are Selling On QVC”

  1. Maggie Says:

    The thing is; all these element that are selling various things is that for the most part their “line” isn’t even theirs! They are basically paid spokespersons for everything from clothing, Jewelry, skin care and on & on. Even the self “esteemed” Isaac Mizrahi doesn’t design his clothing on the Q. His so called line, is owned by the same company that now owns the Liz Claiborne line, plus many others. Mr. Mizrahi doesn’t even know some of the items until they are on tv, live! He is not alone though…many many others do the same thing.
    And, if it’s not the celebs; the Q itself buys out the company and then changes what made it famous in the first place. One good example, is the Tova Borgnine line of perfumes. One fragrance “Tova Signature” was chemically changed and manufactured differently. The scent of this fragrance has never, ever been the same since QVC bought Mrs. Borgnine out. Now she’s paid by QVC to be a spokesperson for the altered fragrance.
    It goes on and on. Lisa Rinna has several times been quoted as saying ” I’ll do anything for a few bucks, anything to make money!” Once again, a talking head.
    It’s a shame. The celebs get paid for something they have often never seen. And the buying public gets caught up in this confusing marketing scheme.

  2. Sara James Says:

    Well said Maggie,,,
    What I wonder about is: How is it that La, Lisa from QVC, tries to go out on her own, with her cheesy “in house videos” of vendors from QVC, begs for freebies, from their wares and has them as contest gifts for her website? I mean doesn’t QVC frown on that? Its like she is using these people, for her little dog and pony show. I know the Q makes ex-hosts sign that they will not work on another shopping channel for a year, guess they should add not stealing vendors and their goods as well….
    I’m surprised they aren’t suing her,,,,,maybe thats to come…

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