Finance Whiz Suze Orman Joins HSN From QVC

HSN is getting yet another vendor from QVC: Suze Orman.

Orman has been a fixture on QVC for as long as we can remember, so this is a big move.

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman let the cat out of the bag during a fourth-quarter earnings call with analysts on Wednesday.

She said that the No. 2 home shopping network was “excited about the premier of personal financial guru, Suze Orman, selling the complexities of financial planning as we reinforce HSN as a destination for our customers who trust us to provide value-added services that will be beneficial to them.”

Last we heard, Orman was a Jersey girl like us, living with her girlfriend in Morris County, where we grew up. We believe that she resides in Chester.

We fear that if Orman got a gander at our personal finances, she’d faint.


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10 Responses to “Finance Whiz Suze Orman Joins HSN From QVC”

  1. Ellen Schultz Says:

    I have a question about a fashion designer, male, who used to be on HSN. He was blonde, pretty good looking and soft spoken. He designed gorgeous evening gowns for celebs. I can’t remember his name or find him anywhere. Do you know his name? He was a regular for years with lots of fashion.

  2. Mat Says:

    Orman always showed videos of her FL house when she was on Q. I wonder if now that she’s not doing her cnbc show she wanted to be closer to home or HSN is stealing top Q vendors vs only getting leftovers. They definitely have a strategy of getting big name celebrities

  3. Lynn McNamara Says:

    The fashion designer from South Africa that used to be on QVC is Marc Bouwer. I’m pretty sure he’s on HSN now.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Wasn’t Orman on HSN awhile back? And then before that, on QVC? If so, she was on QVC, HSN, QVC, and now HSN again.
    My head has the dizziness one gets while watching a tennis match. Keeping track of some of these vendors could be a full time job.
    I do think Orman has some good advice. I don’t agree with all of it but on some points she’s right on. Welcome (back?) to HSN, Suze.

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