QVC To Lay Off 220, Import Jobs To Krakow

QVC isn’t making any friends with its news that it is laying off 220 employees, including 100 at its West Chester HQ, as it sends some jobs overseas to Krakow, Poland, of all places.

Philadelphia Magazine is one of the news outlets that reported the sad news out of the No. 1 home shopping network. QVC is moving parts of its HR, IT finance and legal departments to Poland, the story says.

In addition to the pink slips in the U.S., 40 people are losing their jobs in Great Britain, 10 in Italy and 70 in Germany, according to the report. A QVC honcho broke the news to HQ workers, including some who have been with the channel since its beginning in the late 1980s, on Wednesday.

But the ax won’t be falling until 10 months. QVC gave the magazine a statement.

“The global business services model is part of QVC’s long-term strategy to continue modernizing how we operate as a global entity,” the home shopping network said. “It will provide more efficient and streamlined business services in order for QVC to stay competitive and continue expanding globally.”

“Many of the world’s largest companies have a global business services organization in Poland,” according to QVC. “Leveraging the country’s high-quality business environment, workforce with multi-lingual capabilities, and lower cost which enable seamless support for the U.S. and Europe.”

Last year QVC canned about 150 warehouse workers when it closes a facility in Florence, S.C.

The comments on the article skewered the home shopping network:

Translation. QVC’s board of directors want to earn more and the only way to accomplish this without reducing shareholder value is to terminate members of their US workforce. This is not America. This needs to be illegal and if not illegal, it should be extremely tax adverse to any company that does this. It’s a disgrace.

Come on guys-they only made $8.8 Billion last year. Gotta cut costs or the whole ship will sink! Good to see that people are outraged here. Truth is QVC is a totally greedy and unethical company that hates its long term employees. I worked there for 23 years and was an exemplary worker.
Then out of the blue, here comes a completely false negative performance review from the new boss and I got the choice between taking a job that paid half as much or get let go. My heart goes out to everyone who’s losing their jobs in their late 40s or 50s–good luck getting an interview let alone a job offer. Thanks for ending my career QVC-BOYCOTT THEM!!

I work for this company. They don’t give a damned about us, more for less is the attitude. Worthless employees get all the praise while the ones that do work repeatedly get coached or wrote up.Screw the “Q”, looking forward to retirement.

QVC is a dirty company. Of course they lay off these employees when they are paying their hosts high six and low seven figure paychecks to low lifes like Shawn Kilinger. Hell, Lisa Robertson was trying to get even more money than the million a year she was making.
QVC finally told her to pound sand. And now she is a 50 yr old saleswoman without a job. Like she is going to get anything better than she had at QVC. Of course these costs are passed on to the customer. I use Amazon a lot more than QVC anymore.

The network is already hiring for its opens its new 1 million-square-foot West Coast distribution hub in Cali. Some 500 people will work there. But that’s apparently cold comfort to a lot of folk.


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7 Responses to “QVC To Lay Off 220, Import Jobs To Krakow”

  1. QVC’s Revenue Rises 3 Percent, To $2.1 Billion, In 4Q | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] QVC To Lay Off 220, Import Jobs To Krakow […]

  2. doug Says:

    Mike George is a completer fraud and also a coward. He delivers bad news by having others do it. Has his HR Valuless Girl Exec go around the company going around the company looking for any and all reasons to get rid of employees especially older ones. On top of this he has made upwards to $100 million in compensation in salary, bonus, options, etc over the years while others worry every day about how to pay bills. I’m no Trump fan but you can understand how he resonates to folks who have been screwed by scumbags like George and his corp. masters at Liberty. If I was one of the unfortunate folks who was losing my job eventually to some Polish worker I leave now and never look back. This is a horrible company with horrible values and one of the worst CEOs in America.

  3. Dan Says:

    This is what fu**** this country up. Outsourcing. Enough said.

  4. Mandy Says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of QVC products, although I like many of their hosts. I did buy from them occasionally when something came up that I really liked.
    Those days are gone, with this announcement. I will no longer support any business that lays off American workers and sends their job to another country, leaving yet MORE Americans unemployed. To Dan….you summed it up best. Outsourcing is what has ruined this country. I hope QVC looses most of their customers. This stinks, and QVC should be deeply ashamed.

  5. Audree Says:

    This column is the first I’ve heard of this. Didn’t buy much from them…but this article ends any buying I will do from TV shopping channels.
    This move to Poland to get more $$$ for the bigwigs is totally immoral. As Dan said here, this outsourcing is what has killed our economy.
    As for hosts like Robertson, Lopez, et al…..people need to get OFF the adoration band wagon and see these sharks for whom they really are. They are not celebrities..they are nipped and tucked, overpaid used car salesmen. Look at the awful jewelry and clothing Colleen Lopez puts out…and her gushing, adoring fans can’t get enough. Like Lisa, her facebook is filled with ass kissers who worship the ground they walk on. And all these people do is con you out of your money. Wake up, people….you can get better deals at brick and mortar…or Amazon. Put these shopping channels out of business. They are no good for anyone….including their employees. That is, unless the employees are hosts or upper eschalons.

    • Lovie Says:

      Indeed, Audree. I’m sure the hosts and the upper management are the only people who count at these home shopping channel. The call centers are a churn-and-burn operation. I’m sure the architecture of the buildings are set up so the hosts don’t have to make any contact with the poor souls in the call center at all…. not even in the parking lot.

      When the cameras are rolling, the hosts are praising the call center reps (to make themselves look like they give a d@&*%.) But you know that if they had to share a restroom or a break room with the call center folks, they’d probably vomit. And I’m talking about ALL of them: HSN, QVC, Evine, Jtv, etc.

  6. Lucinda Kahookele Says:

    QVC To Lay Off 220, Import Jobs To Krakow | Homeshoppingista

    […]Out of those, probably the most really useful site in terms of transparency and security is odesk.[…]

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