Paula Deen Cooks Up Home Collection For Evine Live

Paula Deen, described as “the Queen of Southern Cuisine” by Evine Live, is doing a home collection for the home shopping network that will bow next month.

Evine Live put out a press release Tuesday that said it was expanding its partnership with Paula Deen – “celebrity chef, restaurateur, author and two-time Emmy Award Winner” – by premiering Paula Deen’s Home on March 13 and 14.

Deen landed at Evine Live last year in the wake of the controversy over her making racist remarks years ago, a brouhaha that lost her a variety of gigs, including one on QVC.

She has been doing kitchen and pantry merchandise for Evine Live and plans to build on that success with the home decor collection.

“Working with Evine Live and connecting directly with my fans has been a wonderful experience,” Deen said in a canned statement. “I approach style the same way I approach cooking. You need the right ingredients to make it all work. A pinch of color, a dash of texture and the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication. I’m looking forward to sharing all of my passions with Evine Live’s customers – my love of art, style and design.”

Paula Deen’s Home will offer an assortment of bedding, and includes “a number of colorful designs inspired by her art and her home, including patterned and embroidered coverlet sets, comforter sets, embroidered bed sheets and cotton blankets,” according to the press release.

“Paula Deen is known best as the ‘Queen of Southern Cuisine,’ but few know that she’s also an accomplished painter, fashionista and a connoisseur of home décor,” Evine Live Chief Merchandising Officer Penny Burnett said.

“Our product development team partnered closely with Paula when designing this collection, taking inspirations from her art, style and Savannah, Georgia home. Paula Deen’s Home truly embodies Paula’s personal approach to design and we’re excited to introduce her millions of fans to this new line.”

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2 Responses to “Paula Deen Cooks Up Home Collection For Evine Live”

  1. Marmalade (@Marmyylade) Says:

    Hi. I am wondering what happened to their I believe chief watch buyer who was always on from the 2000s to a few years ago. This was up to a few years ago. He was one of the most unlikely homeshopping folks ever. He was mid 50s, always looked unshaven and unkempt.he looked grumpy and always it seems bored. He did like compliments.

    Anyone remember him? I liked him because he was so different and in some ways more real.

  2. Emily Says:

    Go away, Paula Racist Deen. Far, far away. Please. And take your ugly home products, your heart attack foods, and the “n” word with you.

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