Someone Tell Interim Evine Live CEO It Already Is The Watch Network

Following the ouster of Mark Bozek, Evine Live’s interim CEO gave the Minneapolis Star Tribune an interview last week where he said he will be reviewing the home shopping network’s product mix.

But we were a little puzzled by the comments made by Bob Rosenblatt, the HSN alum who now at the helm as CEO of the No. 3 home shopping network. He also holds the title of chairman.

Rosenblatt, part of a dissident group that included Bozek and defeated prior management, said,. “We’re going to be reviewing very carefully the merchandising mix on air. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on going back to us being a jewelry and watch network.”

What the heck? Has he been watching the network recently? It should be called the Evicta Network.

Rosenblatt lives in New York and Florida. We guess he doesn’t like the weather in Minnesota, but he doesn’t sound very committed to Evine Live so far if he hasn’t relocated there already.

He’ll be commuting to Minneapolis, he told the Star Tribune.

In the interview, Rosenblatt credited Bozek with diversifying Evine Live’s product lineup but added but that some of the newer categories, like clothing, weren’t profitable enough.

And in an ominous message to Evine Live’s vendors, Rosenblatt said that arrangements with them will continue as long as they make money for both sides.

We wonder who doesn’t fit in that particular category.

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