Has QVC Put George Simonton On ‘Hold’ Forever?

Is designer George Simonton kaput on QVC?

These was speculation on the home shopping network’s forums about him when his clothing line was all on clearance on QVC.com.

Late last year he posted on Facebook that he is not a vendor anymore.

“Thank all of you for your concern,” Simonton wrote. “So many of you have expressed concern thinking I was sick but the truth is I’am well but sad. I was told I would be put on hold but I have not been invited back. but I wish them all the best of luck always and to my Friends & Fans please have a Blessed and Healthy New Year !!!”

Yet we swear he appeared on the home shopping network recently, so maybe QVC took him off “hold.”

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26 Responses to “Has QVC Put George Simonton On ‘Hold’ Forever?”

  1. Trina Dade Says:

    I do so hope George Simonton is back on. He is pure entertainment to watch. His gentle, yet knowledgeable, presentations make me want to enroll in one of his FIT classes. He designs styles that truly enhance the feminine body. Everything I have bought from his line wears like iron, and makes me feel good when I wear them. Thanks for keeping us informed about the home shopping world!

  2. Debbie Says:

    They put george on hold and get all these crappy designers on there clothing is terrible what happened is simontin’s clothing was selling more than any others so they started complaining

  3. Debbie Creamer Says:

    Please get George, his clothes are made for a woman’s body, not a stick person with no breasts! Debbie Creamer, Jacksonville Fl

  4. Tamara Says:

    I really want to see George Simonton back on QVC! Nothing compares to his knowledge and flair for design! Don’t be stupid QVC!!!

  5. Linda Alderman Says:

    I too have been looking and waiting for George to reappear with his quality clothing. Not the trendy cheap looking things some of the new designers have been spewing forth. Need some of those classic and classy pieces that never of out of style.

  6. kitraveler Says:

    Finally, some sort of answer! I did not think I would EVER find a pair of pants to fit my body, but then…..George came into my life!!! His Crystal Knit pants are the VERY BEST I have ever had in my closet….and on my body!!! How wonderful to finally find clothing to fit gracefully and well. I have been so excited since finding this line, but now, I am sadder than ever knowing that QVC has him “ON HOLD”! What does that even mean? I assume it means that he is not able to go anywhere else with his line! QVC…just repair your differences with George, and carry his clothing….forever!!! OR…let him go! My Crystal Knits will not last forever, and I need more now! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING!!!


    Are you kidding me, no more George Simonton. He is a class act, plus great clothes at a great price. Why don’t you ask your customers QVC to vote weather to stay or go, not just George, but all your vendors. Your customers made you and we can break you too. PLEASE GET GEORGE BACK!!!!

  8. valerie st.bernard Says:

    Qvc why did you put gs on hold not everyone wants to look like a elephant in tight pants and sweater ,I want quality clothes to wear and I’m not repeat not trying to relive my teens and twentys again. Right now u only have three designers that carry stuff I like,also please don’t try putting linea on hold .what is your problem. Val

  9. Nancy Gaddy Says:

    George S had the best clothes! Hope he is back somewhere soon!

  10. Barbara Jones Says:

    Well I’ve been wondering what happened to George myself. I love the Crystal Knit pants and can’t find them anywhere except on eBay and I don’t really want to purchase things from eBay. I want George Simonton with his SimotonSays Collection back on QVC!!!


      I think QVC blew it when George Simonton was asked to leave, he was a class act and I loved his Crystal Knit pants too, I didn’t like all his close but all that I did get were high quality, fit true to size and washed well. Please let me know if you find him selling his clothes somewhere else. I did buy his pants on eBay, still had tags on and were the real thing.
      Sue Van Der Linde

  11. catherine zientarski Says:

    All I can say is shame on who ever made the decision to let Mr. Simonton go. BRING HIM BACK !

  12. Joann Naticchione Says:

    I have several tops and pants of George Simonton’s that I bought from QVC. I was wondering why I haven’t seen him for such a long time. I always loved watching him because in addition to his beautiful clothes he has such a kind and wonderful personality. Please, QVC bring George back!

  13. Danielle d Says:

    My first purchase of clothing from qvc was George simonton. I remember when they were thinking of getting rid of Louis dell olio.
    Qvc has lost their minds. George is fashion, he knows a woman’s body. They are going hard with Logo, I think they are going for a younger audience. I knew something was wrong, hadn’t seen him in a while. Loved the way he dressed himself and the way he used to change his clothes for every presentation!

  14. Patricia Hernandez Says:

    I miss George Simonton. His clothes were in a league of quality. I am so glad I have several pieces of this clothing. I can go to church and or a wedding. They can be dressed up or down. I do not like the style of some of clothes from there nower people. I wouldn’t wear them to the store because they look dumpy and frumpy. When I hear the TV host describe how wonderful they are and how great, I think yo my self., really.

  15. S.K Miller Says:

    I am so sad to hear this! Simonton, Mackie and the Linea line by Del O’lio
    fit me perfectly. The quality was there, with fewer issues with sizing. With each of these designers I knew I could size down and almost every time have a spot on fit. I have not been to a mall in 15 years and am grateful for it. I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed with my hair sticking straight up wearing something that looks like I put for unrelated layers underneath with each of them hanging out somewhere. And just for good measure I tacked on some lace! Maybe a ruffle on the elbow would work!
    I can take my existing clothes and sew rags or other material on them and have Bag Lady Chic sans the $60, $70,$80+ price tag!! I have a good 15 years left in my career and that is if I choose to retire. The Lisas and Lories will never take the place of these fabulous men who understand classic style and longevity of a classic purchase. I am sad.

  16. Karen Abidi Says:

    I liked his shows. Bring him back

  17. Phoebe Baker Says:

    Baby boomers are being disregarded by QVC. I have no interest in their current products. Just as when as when HSN canceled OUR BELOVED Daniel-oh what his name CLOTHING LINE ( he tried to go direct to consumer for awhile and I stopped shopping for work clothes at HSN, now in retirement this 65 year old retiree has given up on QVC. They seem to not care about those of us retooling our wardrobes. Still wanting quality with ease of wear and travel well charteristics as investments but alas its not there. . So bye bye QVC.

  18. Liz Says:

    QVC should bring George Simonton back. He is an accomplished designer and made high quality clothes. Miss you George!

  19. Tamara Says:

    I am over Lori Golstein and Susan Graver! How many ways can you do layers and tunics! Geez give us some fashion……miss George Simonton, bring him back!

  20. Lynne Says:

    I was just searching qvc for some of the wonderful tops,etc that my favorite designer George Simonton has and to meitlooks like he is a goner from there, Are you people crazy his line is one of the best ever. SOOOOOOO SICK of Susan Graver and the horrible strange Logo tops,,, they are the ones that should go. I am heartsick over the whole situation if that is the case. He is such a gentleman and explains everything so well….. Shame on you people for letting him go. You people have lost a good long time shopper for doing something so dumb.

  21. Debra R Says:

    Was wearing one of my Simonton tops yesterday and started wondering where he’d been. We need him and his clothing line back.

  22. Cory Says:

    QVC – Bring George Simonton back. You made a huge mistake by letting him go. His designs are classic and always in style. I hope all of these replies and requests for George to return will change your minds.

  23. Barbara Comerford Says:

    George Simonton was my fav QVC designer along with Rachel Zoe, Isaac Mizrahi, Dennis Basso and Louis D’Olio. I like Joan Rivers as well and Dooney and Bourke as well as Yany. I am a Neiman, Nordstrom, Saks and Bloomie’s shopper who was shocked to find QVC designers who made similarly high quality clothes, bags and shoes. I fell in love with the ease of shopping here and the quality. Im very upset to see George Simonton, Rachel Zoe and other designers fall by the wayside.

  24. Linda H. Says:

    I agree with everyone! Where is George? He is talented, kind, sweet and so good at designing for women! I wore many of his clothes to work. Had lots of compliments and sent them to the Q to find him. Now I’m retired but I still like to look nice. I’m 57 and I will not be seen in LOGO fashions! I’m sorry but Lori looks like a poor street pauper. All her tops are the same…just different colors and more lace! I’m tired of the sharkbite and long backs!!! Her things may be for teeny boppers. Not me! I do like Susan Graver fashions but her prices are too high!!! Come on Susan, aren’t you rich enough by now? By the way, Kate, the redheaded model, looks terrible in LOGO tops! She’s too tall. Lori’s tops make people look so hippy! And I don’t mean cool…your hips stand out more with all the ruffles! Louis Dell Olio, Joan Rivers, Halston, Dennisand bob Mackey and Isaac……Please stay!!! Love you!

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