Has QVC Put George Simonton On ‘Hold’ Forever?

Is designer George Simonton kaput on QVC?

These was speculation on the home shopping network’s forums about him when his clothing line was all on clearance on QVC.com.

Late last year he posted on Facebook that he is not a vendor anymore.

“Thank all of you for your concern,” Simonton wrote. “So many of you have expressed concern thinking I was sick but the truth is I’am well but sad. I was told I would be put on hold but I have not been invited back. but I wish them all the best of luck always and to my Friends & Fans please have a Blessed and Healthy New Year !!!”

Yet we swear he appeared on the home shopping network recently, so maybe QVC took him off “hold.”

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5 Responses to “Has QVC Put George Simonton On ‘Hold’ Forever?”

  1. Trina Dade Says:

    I do so hope George Simonton is back on. He is pure entertainment to watch. His gentle, yet knowledgeable, presentations make me want to enroll in one of his FIT classes. He designs styles that truly enhance the feminine body. Everything I have bought from his line wears like iron, and makes me feel good when I wear them. Thanks for keeping us informed about the home shopping world!

  2. Debbie Says:

    They put george on hold and get all these crappy designers on there clothing is terrible what happened is simontin’s clothing was selling more than any others so they started complaining

  3. Debbie Creamer Says:

    Please get George, his clothes are made for a woman’s body, not a stick person with no breasts! Debbie Creamer, Jacksonville Fl

  4. Tamara Says:

    I really want to see George Simonton back on QVC! Nothing compares to his knowledge and flair for design! Don’t be stupid QVC!!!

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