Peter Thomas Roth Goes From Beauty To Jewelry On QVC

It looks like QVC has a big designer jewelry day coming up, with Sunday’s TSV from Barbara Bixby and other vendors set for festivities, including Judith Ripka and JAI.

The one that caught our eye was skincare guru Peter Thomas Roth. What’s up with that? He’s now not only peddling beauty products to keep you wrinkle-free moisturized, he’s designing sterling silver baubles?

The jewelry collection, which we actually like, is called “Ribbon and Reed.” And it’s not cheap: The link necklace we like is $780.

Here’s what has this to say about Roth’s jewelry foray:

While skin care, hair care, and beauty have been his long-time passion, fine jewelry has been Peter Thomas Roth’s best-kept secret. Since 1939, his parents brought the jewelry designs of many renowned artists, celebrities, and impresarios to life. He learned by watching them work firsthand, and throughout his life, their inspiration and expertise remained steadfast.

In his youth, Peter Thomas Roth spent many days on Fifth Avenue in the opulence of one of New York’s most prestigious museums. There, he volunteered in the Jewelry Reproduction Department, mastering the very art that his parents had practiced for decades. On Mondays, when the museum was closed, he wandered the galleries like an explorer.

It was there that the motif behind the Ribbon and Reed collection caught his eye for the very first time. Classic and elegant, the design adorns a selection of the greatest masterpieces and objets d’arts, as well as the details of the grandest rooms. In his eyes, it symbolized luxury, power, romance, and authority. Years later, it became Peter Thomas Roth’s inspiration for his timeless jewelry collection.


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