A Fellow New Jerseyite Uses F-Word On QVC

We posted this on Facebook a week or so ago, but for those who missed it, here goes.

Leave it to one of our fellow Jerseyites to use the F-word on QVC, much to the chagrin of host Leah Williams.

Caller Rosalie announced that she was from South Jersey and lived on an island — an area with few stores — so she said she purchased her clothes from the home shopping network. She particularly liked the proprietary brand Denim & Co.

At that point you hear a male voice, apparently Rosalie’s husband, in the background.

“Do you see I’m on the f–king phone?” Rosalie shouted at him — and to QVC’s audience.

Williams told viewers, “Oh, it’s a live television show and Rosalie didn’t want to be interrupted on the phone. So we’re going to let her take care of whoever was interrupting.”

Lucky him!

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3 Responses to “A Fellow New Jerseyite Uses F-Word On QVC”

  1. Gloria Castro Says:

    Well..Things happen..Nice that QVC in so receptive to Live Callers to comment on products..Certainly not QVC’s fault..but when you go live …You just never know..However I cannot say much for the Caller. With that kind of offensive language..Maybe that is why she lives on an Island..
    I still remember Joan Rivers calling Dennis Basso an SOB (live) when he put a heavy coat on her & she fell down..No One cared what Joan said..But that was Joan..God Love Her..I still think of her everyday..No one will ever take her place..or, heart of Gold.

  2. Linda Says:

    Another inbred QVC shopper.

  3. Teresa Says:

    All these channels need to stop with the calls. I know this is late but I just saw this and it gave me a good reason to say that. The calls are scary, or pathetic, or…..just not what anyone needs to hear. I’m sorry Mrs. James lost her dear hubby…and her 15 carat cz ring makes her feel better. I’m not going to buy it because of that or anything else.

    There was a seaview moon (kirks folly) story that made me shed tears….that’s pretty bad. And what did I do next? I turned QVC off. I don’t need to see a home shopping show that makes me cry like Schindler’s List did. These calls need to stop. Now.

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