HSN Host Colleen Lopez Fractures Elbow, Trips On Sophie

We broke our ankle a year ago, and HSN host Colleen Lopez has had a similar mishap.

On Facebook Lopez posted on Thursday that she had suffered a fractured elbow. She tripped over her pooch.

“Yep, this happened,” she wrote. “I spent the past couple days making new friends in the emergency room and at the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. It’s always something.”

HSN host Colleen Lopez is on the mend.

HSN host Colleen Lopez is on the mend.

She then posted a photo of her arm in a stylish sling with a graphic black and white print.

Lopez also posted a photo of “the culprit,” her Yorkie Sophie.

“I tripped and fell over Sophie the other day when I arrived home from work (no kidding),” Lopez wrote.

“She loves to run under our feet and I was trying not to step on her and just fell right on my elbow! I read that 250 people each day in the US end up in the ER from an injury tripping/falling over their pets! Sophie has made up for it with lots of extra kisses. If you have pets that play underfoot – be careful!!!”

We wish Colleen a quick recovery.

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55 Responses to “HSN Host Colleen Lopez Fractures Elbow, Trips On Sophie”

  1. Paula Says:

    Sounds like Sophie needs to go to obedience classes. Good dogs don’t run underfoot. She’s a cute dog, though. Lopez needs to train her better. Well trained dogs are so much better off, and so are their owners.
    Hope Colleen is on the mend soon. And takes Sophie to a good trainer.

  2. Dina L. Says:

    Time for obedience classes for Sophie. Or, she is going to get stepped on, or someone else is going to fall. My friend had a small dog that did that, and she took it to obedience classes. The dog learned to NOT walk near people’s feet, and was well leash- trained in the process. Also, obedience classes are good to keep dogs from jumping up on you (hate this) and sniffing people in embarrassing places. Dogs are like kids….they have no manners; they need to be taught. Hope colleen feels better soon! And please teach that dog some manners before someone else is hurt.

  3. Joseph Says:

    That is NOT a well behaved dog. Cairn terriers are cute, but they’re thick headed. They need instruction and discipline or they are too overwhelming. She will either get stepped on (may learn a lesson if it happens enough, sadly) or other people will fall or get hurt trying to avoid her. Dogs are great companions but only if they are well behaved. And Cairns can be great pets…they just need guidance. Hopefully Carlos and Colleen will take her to a good obedience teacher.
    Hope you are good as new soon, Colleen! Feel better.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I thought she was a Yorkie.

    • Rowann Says:

      It looks like Colleen replied after you did; Sophie is still a pup at 6 months. So she’s not badly behaved, she just needs a little encouragement. I do agree though, those cute little cairns can be stubborn! My brother’s family has one and she’s a cutie just like Sophie…but she has a mind of her own! Training classes with good follow up at home have made her well mannered. We all love her.
      Colleen seems to be on the mend and that’s great. Can’t wait to see what wonders of nature she brought back from Tucson. She’s a nice lady with a wonderful family.

  4. Sara Says:

    Get well soon Colleen. And get that dog to a trainer- before it hurts someone else or itself. Delivery people or guests might sue. It’s not funny or cute, and you could have been hurt much worse.

  5. Brenda Says:

    Oh my. Saw this on Coleen’s Facebook page, too. Sophie is cute but she needs some training. A little gentle guidance so she doesn’t run underfoot.
    Colleen looks good for her age…but she is her age, and things take longer to mend. Luckily she wasn’t hurt worse and best to prevent a reoccurrence. Be well, Colleen and take care.

  6. Colleen Lopez Says:

    Hi Linda, Thanks you for your well wishes – my arm is on the mend and feeling a little better every day. Sorry to hear you broke you’re ankle last year – hope you are fully recovered. Sophie is a 6 month old Cairn Terrier – and is sweetie with a great personality and lots of energy. Reading through the comments about dog training, I agree she needs to learn to keep away from our feet! We plan to continue with Sophie’s training. I took her to an 8 week puppy Kindergarten class last fall and she learned the basics (sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, etc.) – I’m happy to report Sophie and I passed Kindergarten πŸ™‚ She made her HSN debut in November when she modeled a doggie sweater on The List – she did a great job!
    Take care and happy 2016! Colleen

    • Bella Says:

      Hope your arm is doing better Colleen. Sophie is a cute, sweet little pup. Of course she is underfoot….she wants to be right there near her humans!
      As she gets older and her training progresses, she’ll learn to stay back a little. I bet she’s very smart, and will learn quickly.
      I enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda presentations last week. I bought a couple things. I’m a huge fan of the series. Haven’t seen 3 yet but am looking forward to it.
      Best to you and wish you a speedy recovery.

      • Barbara Says:

        I, too, bought a couple things from the Kung Fu Panda presentation. I bought a couple tops, and the cute “Po” face cross body bag.
        I’m commenting because these are the first purchases that I haven’t had to send back to HSN in a very long time. The tops are well made and comfortable, and launder well. The bag is well made and cute…different. I actually just ordered another bag…so I’ll have 2. It’s not something anyone in my area has, that I know of, and I get compliments all the time. I will put the new one away for the future.
        I hope HSN continues with this better quality merchandise. I hate buying things that don’t fit, or fall apart, or shed or pill. HSN needs to get better things, like the items I bought, and step up their quality control and customer service. Both have gone down badly over the last 12 years or so.

  7. Emily Says:

    Sorry Colleen you were hurt 😦 I agree, little Sophie just needs a little coaching to stay out from underfoot. I’m glad you’re going to take her to training! She is such a cute little dog. I think it’s awesome you both passed puppy kindergarten! Some of these trainers are so effective… and they make it look so effortless! Good luck with Sophie’s future classes. And I hope your arm feels better and heals quickly.

  8. homeshoppingista Says:

    Hi Colleen, I mistakenly thought that Sophie was a Yorkie! She is adorable. I tried to adopt a red min pin from a pound last year but was rejected because I am not home enough time during the day. I was devastated. I would love to have a dog.
    Anyway, you appear to be doing well since I’ve seen you on-air since your accident. Get well and Happy New Year, as well!

    • Janine Says:

      That is horrible! Better a loving person who is not home all the time, than a kennel…or worse. These shelters need to rethink some of their policies. A loving home is a loving home…whether it is up to their “standards” or not. No wonder these places are so overcrowded. And sorry you were turned away, Miss Moss. Totally unfair to both you and the dog.

  9. QueenCeleste Says:

    How lovely that Colleen responded! Hope she has a swift recovery. I’ve tripped many a time over my cats, but no training them, alas!

    Miss Moss, how sad you were rejected, and with so many dogs desperately in need of homes. I’m sure they’d prefer prefer a real home where they’re alone awhile, to kennel surroundings.

  10. homeshoppingista Says:

    Apparently it’s harder to adopt a dog than it is a kid.

    • Jayne Says:

      I understand that shelters need to be careful who adopts, but their reason for denying you, Linda, is bogus. It’s stupid to deny a dog or cat a good home just because someone isn’t going to be home with them 24/7. Hopefully they’ll rethink their policy at the shelter.
      Hope Colleen feels better soon.

    • Tanya Says:

      I can’t believe the shelter denied you that dog, Miss Moss, for that petty reason. Try another shelter…good grief, they can’t all be that picky for no reason….or can they? They all say adopt, don’t shop. Well, shelters, you need to be more reasonable, at least about some of the details. Better luck next time, Miss Moss. I bet you’ll be a great pet mom. ☺
      Get better soon, Colleen. Glad you’re continuing with Sophie’s training. She won’t get stepped on and no one will get hurt. She’s such an adorable little puppy!

  11. Twat Waffles Says:

    She tripped because it’s karma for making fun of Andrew Lessman’s age on TV the other day, hahahaha she’s a transparent host who needs her! Get well soon Colleen so we can watch you sell product. LOL

    • Ron Says:

      I didn’t see that….hopefully she was joking because Andrew looks younger than she does! She is what, 57 or 58+??? And I do believe in karma. And she doesn’t need to sell another thing….she’s made her millions. Andrew doesn’t deserve that, kidding or not. A good reply to her remarks might have been “maybe I should get botox and plastic surgery like you, Colleen, then I can look younger too.” She gets a brow lift about every 2 years…..even I can tell, and then my wife will confirm it. “Looks like Colleen got another brow lift. About 3 more and she’ll have a beard.” And they think we don’t know.

      • Ingrid Says:

        To Ron, and Twat Waffles

        You guys are so petty! If you don’t like Colleen, fine, just leave it alone. If you preach negativity, you live in it. Concentrate on something that’s positive for you. If Colleen did make real fun of Andrew, then that’s on her. Don’t bring it on yourselves. Do something positive that makes you feel good. Life is too short for this stuff.
        I wish you both health and happiness. Colleen as well.

    • Kendra Says:

      To Twat Waffles

      I saw that show with Andrew Lessman. He looked really uncomfortable and embarrassed. Colleen seemed to be glad she was making him upset. Sometimes, she gets bitchy. It’s pretty well veiled, but someone who has any sensitivity can pick up on it.

      She got stupid bitchy with the late Arnold Scaasi. OK, Scaasi was pretty bitchy himself. BUT other hosts, like Lynn and Connie, were able to handle him in a professional manner. They pretty much ignored his pettiness, and made his presentations watchable. Colleen looked like an idiot, saying people should wear his necklaces under their shirts or sweaters. You could tell she was pulling on her clout as HSN s “number one” when she more than matched his pettiness. She should have breezed over his remarks the way Lynn and Connie did, sold his stuff, made her commission and been glad to get through the show.

      I wish her no harm, either (Ingrid) but she is more than full of herself. She has eusurped the other hosts in getting all the new vendors, and more prime time shows with the successful ones. She should step back and let someone else get a chance. She has mowed over Lynn, Connie, Bobbi, Bill, and a bunch of others. I hope her elbow is healed by now and that she quits being such a smug bitch. Be grateful for your wealth, Colleen, it came from many who trusted you when you lied through your teeth. Sorry to be negative, but there is a huge dark side to this business.

      • Sandy Says:

        WAY, WAY MORE than full of herself. Did you catch her on with Daisy Fuentes? Colleen thought she looked extra fine in those fake and mismatched extensions. ‘Nuff said. If you saw it, you know. If you missed it, check her out on Facebook. Ouch my poor eyes. Few had the nerve or decency to tell her.

  12. Twat Waffles Says:


    Hello Ingrid.

    There’s no malice behind my comments. Just happened to tune into the Lessman/Lopez telecast and she poked fun at his age numerous times (and after the 4th time he was getting uncomfortable) and I was trying to be funny.

    Personally I do not care for Colleen (nor am I petty or preach negativity unless were talking about the unscrupulous Invicta watch company) because she showed her true colors many yrs ago when she was caught saying something to the effect of, “We can sell bags of dirt and the people would buy it”.

    Plus IMHO she’s not a sincere host, meaning her on-air persona differs from her off-air persona.

    Even though I don’t know her personally I think a blind monkey can sense she’s quite full of it and rather pretentious while on-air.

    I don’t wish her any harm or fractured elbow, maybe she needs to be more grounded and grateful.

    • Amanda Says:

      I can’t speak for Ingrid, Twat Waffles (great funny handle, BTW) but I agree with what you said. Colleen really does need to be more grounded and grateful. And to make fun of someone’s age….well, I think Colleen is pushing 60 and has no room to talk! If not for all the cosmetic procedures she’s had on her face, she’d look it and then some.
      I’ve been watching HSN, off and on, for a long time. I didn’t catch the “bags of dirt” comment, but it has been mentioned by others before. Really, that says more about her than anything else. And most of the clothes and jewelry she designs are junk. All you have to do is read the reviews.
      I, like Ingrid, try to be as positive as possible. But, there is always room for the truth, be it positive or negative. You are just speaking the truth. These hosts…especially like Colleen…are buying big homes, driving fancy cars, going on over the top vacations…and all on the money they’ve earned selling over priced crap to those of us who buy. One of whom I’m not, anymore. Not for a long time.
      I respect you, Twat Waffles, for just telling it like it is.

    • Jennifer Says:

      I have no malice toward Colleen, either, Twat Waffles…and everyone else. She has always been a bit too over the top for me, but I really saw her true colors in a magazine article. This is to verify what Twat Waffles said about Colleen’s bag of dirt comment. Twat Waffles, it’s been awhile since I’ve read this, and if I’m wrong about any of the details, please correct me. I think you know where I’m coming from. There have been a few articles/interviews with Mindy but I remember this one in particular because of Lopez’ comment.
      It was an article about how Mindy Grossman was trying to revamp HSN, image wise, and also increase sales. I believe it was in Elle or Vogue…and was quite an interesting read. It was published a couple years, I believe, after she took over as CEO of HSN…which I think was in 2006. So the article was published sometime, I think, in the late 2010s.
      In addition to interview and info with Mindy, there was a little part of the article dedicated to Lopez. It talked about her success, her #1 host status, and there was a brief interview. THIS IS WHERE SHE SAID THAT IF HSN PUT DIRT IN BAGS TO SELL, THEIR CUSTOMERS WOULD BUY IT. She came off as smug, ungrateful, and bitchy. After that, I disliked her as a host.
      She is pushy, phony, and lies like nobody’s business. She lies about her cosmetic surgery. She lies about what she sells on HSN. She lives by the water in a big home. They probably have a boat and some quad cycles and jet skis. I’m sure their vehicles are of a very expensive caliber. If she was more honest and grateful, I’d be happy for her. But to me, she earned all her wealth from lying to her viewers. Yes, they all have a sales spiel. But she embroiders and gushes and does a better job of acting than anyone nominated at the Oscars!
      I wish her no bad, but I don’t care for her and I don’t buy anything from her lines of clothes and jewelry or otherwise support her. She’s laughing at all of you who support her, all the way to the bank.
      I know her fans will disagree, and that’s fine. To each their own. I’m just backing up what Twat Waffles said, because it is true.

  13. Twat Waffles Says:


    Hi Jennifer! Yes! All of what you said as well as other recent posters here is very true and I think very plain to see. πŸ™‚

    Sorry Ingrid (LOL).

    I call out a PHONY when I see one. Colleen is the definition for sure.

    Fake smiles, fake gestures (horrible actress), fake interactions with live callers…etc.

    I’ve been an Andrew Lessman customer since the 80’s and I know how this man is (really intelligent, sincere, educational, honest) and after the 3rd or 4th time Colleen poked fun at his age (in only one segment demo) he kept looking back at her like, “seriously”?

    Andrew was getting uncomfortable. Sure it’s fun to schmooze here and again on air to break up the constant barrage of seriousness but he was getting annoyed and or embarrassed.

    I will say the following…

    In this world we all need $$ to make ends meet to survive. For some people $$ is abnormally overly paramount, and in their tiny brains it breeds a false sense of reality. I would assume Colleen’s brain is the size of plankton. There are many people in the world even at Colleen’s age don’t grasp humbleness, humility and sincerity, and being grounded with a proper filter. Also due to their constant kowtowing to the dollar bill and their wealthy financial status forget that HEALTH is the most precious gift in the freaking universe.

    Colleen needs to be humbled, stop being FAKE, and stop being a total bitch. Is that possible? πŸ˜‰

    • Francesca Says:

      Doesn’t look like it’s possible, Twat Waffles. Her head is getting bigger and bigger all the time. Recently she’s posted frequent close up selfies. A little of that goes a looooooong way (Lisa Robertson, anyone?) and I guess all of her fan adoration has swelled her head even more.
      The selfies show her botox and cosmetic nips and tucks, too. Her left eye looks significantly different than her right, and she has the shine associated with injectables. All of her sisters, though nice looking, sag a bit. Colleen’s has been pulled up via surgery. This last one wasn’t so good, however.
      Hey, if you’re into cosmetic procedures, fine. Just don’t lie about it! At least Lisa owns up to hers….she outright admits to them!
      I’ve always thought Lopez was a big liar/phony. Now she’s 100 times worse. She sticks that elbow out, hand on hip, like a bitchy harpy. Oh…..that’s right, she IS a bitchy harpy.
      Last of all, a note to Twat Waffles. What you said about health being the most important thing, is so true, it is gospel. Stay well, my friend.

  14. Twat Waffles Says:


    You hit the nail on the head!

    Funny and rather sad to a degree, in person these cosmetic junkies look awfully plastic and well…just “off”.

    I’ll never forget the late Greg Giraldo during the Joan Rivers roast, he said “Joan what did you do to your face, you look like a surprised catfish”. LMAO!!!!!

    I think Colleen should cease with the selfies. With her tiny corn niblets for teeth I wouldn’t advise an open smile either. LOL.

    All kidding side the only thing worth anything (aside from love and family and friends) is our health, without good health were simply not “living”.

    • Adrianna Says:

      Hi Twat Waffles

      I miss Greg Giraldo and his humor. RIP, Greg.

      I agree about Colleen…fake and phony to the nth degree. Health and love are it, my friend..and people like Colleen take everything for granted. No gratitude, no humility, no honesty. I’m glad no one is describing me with those words.

      But, you, Twat Waffles, made me laugh till my sides hurt, and cried a river. I never noticed how small Colleen’s teeth were, till you mentioned it. I looked up her pictures on Facebook, and you’re right! THAT’S why her nose looks long, and her lower face pushed in a little. When I looked at the photo, and thought of your description “tiny corn niblets teeth”, I laughed hysterically for at least 15 minutes.

      And Francesca, I totally see what you mean about the recent close up selfie. Yikes, she has had major work done, and this recent
      ” job” is not good at all. She is beginning to look “off”, as Twat Waffles said, and not like herself anymore. If you’re into cosmetic facial procedures, at least know when to stop. Colleen should have stopped before the last 2. She got really shiny and whatever is being pulled/lifted is making her nose more pronounced, and her mouth more pushed in, like someone with no teeth. When you begin to stop looking like yourself, you’ve gone too far.

      I don’t buy from HSN at all any more. And, I get Lessman’s wonderful supplements directly from his website. HSN is the pits.

  15. Maria Says:

    Big bah humbug on Lopez. Always has been a big phony, big fake enthusiasm, and lies, lies, lies.
    Last night on the list, wearing painted on tight jeans, looking odd and uncomfortable. I’m in my 50s, too and I do NOT dress like an old lady. But, I do not dress like a teenager, or a skinny 20 something. That’s how Lopez dresses. Pants waaaaaaaay too tight for ANY age group, those stupid bare shoulder rags, and other things that are trendy, not timely or fashionable. Seems like quite a few of you on here see her for what she really is. Yes, she needs a lesson in humility and gratitude. And how NOT to be greedy. She is one of the greediest people I’ve ever seen. More, more more- all for Colleen and no one else.
    I wish HSN would give other hosts more air time and give Lopez more down time. And discontinue her crappy clothes and jewelry….they suck big time. Bad fit, poor quality, inconsistent workmanship….and a lot of that is on HSN. But she should oversee the quality control much more and listen to the complaints.
    I’m sorry she hurt her elbow but she should quit sicking it out, already. And she’s a Scorpio?!?!?!? I just found out recently. So am I, and we are polar opposites. Thank God. Must be in the ascendant, lol.

    • Chris Says:


      I saw the list, too. Lopez looked like a fat slut stuffed into those jeans. She isn’t fat, but she isn’t fit.
      Quit wearing tight pants, Colleen. They look awful. You look desperate, not sexy, lol! Seriously, you look like an old fat whore trying to recapture her youth. No one wants to see anyone at any age melted and poured into their clothes.
      And word about those fugly bare shoulder tops and dresses. You’re already big, why do you want to look like a front lineman? Your fans tell you what you want to hear. You are shallow, unsophisticated, and unintelligent. What your sweet husband sees in you, we’ll never know. Perfect example of love is blind. She is always “on”, too. Give it a rest and try to develop some inner qualities. Nah, too late for that.

    • Greg Says:

      More painted on jeans and stupidity, Colleen style. Holding her dogs, wearing too tight jeans, promoting the list. She says they had “Sperry DOC siders” shoes. It’s TOP siders, dumb bitch. Don’t you even know the crap you’re pushing down our throats?
      And her dogs “send wet kisses”. Sounds like an animal husbandry porno flick title. Everyone on here blasting her ungrateful attitude and swollen head are speaking the truth. Get your products right, dummy Colleen, and put on some clothes that fit. And stop with the dog porn.

  16. Twat Waffles Says:

    @Adrianna & @Maria…


    Awesome posts ladies!!!

    You know them more I look at Colleen the more she’s reminding of Alice The Goon!


  17. Twat Waffles Says:

    Darn typos! LOL

    I forgot to mention…The Green Giant is now selling “Colleen Niblets” in the frozen section!

  18. Allen Says:

    OK, Twat Waffles et all…you are spot on about Colleen. Big undeserving hog.
    For those of you that take her word as gospel, you might want to alter the watermelon bunny recipe she just posted on Facebook…..
    She says to draw the outline of the bunny you will cut out with a PENCIL or MARKER. Yeah, some lead and poison chemicals will make your Easter happy as hell. Instead, people….draw the design with a toothpick or orangewood stick…or gently with a sharp knife.
    Colleen is a dumb beyotch beyond words. Everyone is oohing and ahhing about the thing….look at the instructions/ingredients she posts with these recipes. This one would be healthy save for the pencil and sharpee used that would leave toxins all over it. What you said is true, Twat Waffles and all the rest, times 100!!!!!

  19. Twat Waffles Says:


    Yeah my friend she sure could use a football field sized slice of humble pie!


  20. Gary Says:

    One more thing, friends. Colleen is one of those assholes that takes her dogs where they aren’t allowed and puts their dirty asses in the kiddie sear on the cart. In a grocery store, most of us with no little kids use that space for food. She’s on Facebook, shopping at home depot with them in the carts.
    Having lived in a Los Angeles suburb where this is abused badly, I’m sick of it. Leave your dogs at home, where it’s cooler and they won’t freak out. Or warmer, in winter. It’s against the law to take them into stores….and to have some “celebrity” setting this example is inexcusable. To Maria, who commented on Coleen’s selfishness, this is a perfect example of what you’re talking about.
    Most importantly, I don’t want your dog’s dirty ass where I put my groceries! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dog lover. But they don’t belong out in stores or restaurants. And she needs to quit using them as tools to sell products, get attention, and get on people’s good side. She’s a rude selfish bitch and everything Twat Waffles, Maria, and the rest of you said is true.

  21. Annette Says:

    Queen of the selfies at it again, from Home Depot with her dogs in shopping carts. Guess she thinks it’s her right; she has that privilege. Dogs are great…but keep them out of the stores, salons, restaurants, etc. We may like them but we don’t need their germs, or their bites. Dogs sometimes freak out in public places.
    Colleen needs humility, Twat Waffles, like you and others said. And she needs to get rid of the “world owes me” attitude. Her dogs are cute, but we’re tired of her mugging with them, and shoveling products down our throats with them. She had them on HSN before….really, too much. She’s taken HSN over with her big ego and pushy personality.
    Fine, show the dogs on Facebook. But please, not with crap you’re selling. And keep them out of the store. Go away, Colleen, we’re tired of you.

  22. Jessica Says:

    I used to enjoy Colleen. I’ve grown tired of her too. She’s way over the moon with her fake enthusiasm. And I agree, she needs to learn humility- badly.
    I’m commenting on the dogs in shopping cart thing. You’re all correct…pets don’t belong in stores, etc. And she is very selfish; most people are who break the rules. I’ve seen dogs in store carts growl and nip at nearby people, who weren’t even bothering them. I don’t want rabies or an infection because someone couldn’t stand to leave their dog at home for a couple hours. And since Colleen is a public figure, she should set a better example. Show the dogs in the garden with you, not in a store. And they do sell some food items in Home Depot, and I’m quite sure only guide dogs are allowed.
    I do think it’s in bad taste to use the dogs as sales props, too. They’re family members, not shills!
    Colleen has her fans, and that’s good. But I think more people are beginning to see how she really is.

  23. Twat Waffles Says:

    I hear you guys trust me! LOL.

    I’m a huge animal advocate, especially pooches! πŸ™‚

    I was in Home Depot last week and I saw 2 dogs, then I asked if they were service dogs and they said no Home Depot allows dogs…


    I had no idea. Then again these cute doggies weren’t butt cleansing the shopping carts they were walking on a leash next to their owners.

    Boy oh boy doesn’t Colleen just stick out to be abused. Humility and being humbled and not fake can go a long way there, Colleen!

    Hope you reading these posts, instead of living in your fake reality!


    • Crystal Says:

      I was surprised to hear Home Depot allows dogs. I have a dog, my best friend πŸ™‚ and I leave him home when I go shopping. That way, he is in a comfortable climate, and isn’t at risk of biting someone who startles him. He is calm and gentle, but as a previous poster said, being out in public creates different stimuli than he’s accustomed to.

      Even though HD allows dogs, I don’t think Lopez should have them in her cart, nor post a picture of them in there. And although I love my dog, I think it’s in the pets’, and public’s best interest that they aren’t, or shouldn’t be, allowed in stores, restaurants, etc. Those rules were originally made for a reason, if you stop and think about it. And I know my dear dog is not dying of loneliness at home. He sleeps, or rests, or “watches TV” through the window or sliding doors while I’m shopping, or out for a meal.

      Thank you for enlightening us, Twat Waffles. I do think our sweet fur babies belong at home when we go out, and I do think Lopez’ head has gotten way too big.

  24. Pam Says:

    Although Colleen has many fans, it seems she is losing quite a few. I totally understand and agree with the dog posts. And I do have 2 sweet dogs. They are well trained, and stay home when I go out to eat, or shop, or do other errands. Having said that, they are loved and spoiled as family members and I love animals.
    Also, Colleen could use a huge dose of humility and gratitude. She has become very full of herself, and consequently, many of us are too full of her! I’ve given up on her shoddy jewelry and fashions. I pretty much buy from Andrew Lessman, Nicky Butler, RJ Graziano, and Jay King. Other than that, HSN has nothing worthwhile to offer.
    They should give some other show hosts more air time and Colleen a bit less. We’re tiring of her, and she has made plenty off our hard earned dollars. She has her fans, and that’s good. But some of us would like to see some of the other hosts on more, for a change. Fake enthusiasm, lies about merchandise, and using one’s pets as selling tools is tiresome, and classless. Class is the one thing Colleen has never had.

  25. Brian Clark Says:

    I knew home depot allows dogs. And it’s fine to put small ones in the cart…..just please, put a blanket down first. Although I don’t care for Lopez I do like her dogs.
    Like others of you posted, however, I do not take my dog into any stores, restaurants, or public places. And Crystal…. I like your “watching TV” used for looking out the window. My dog Bubba watches TV when I’m gone, too. He lays right in front of the slider and looks out over the back yard. He’s comfortable, has his water and some kibble, and his toys. And some necessary time away from me…not too long, just a break. And is happy to see me come home.
    He interacts well with people, but I’m always afraid even the best behaved dogs will get nervous and bite when out in public in a stressful environment. I take Bubba for walks. I also take him to a nature park. Always on a leash. He visits Gramma occasionally; and sometimes Uncle, and Uncle’s dog, Shadow. Shadow and Bubba have known each other since both were puppies. So Bubba isn’t always stuck at home. And he doesn’t need to go with me every time I leave the house.
    I don’t know when the “take the dog with you every place you go” started, but it’s becoming an unwelcome nuisance. Please use discretion and keep your pets out of public places.

    • George Brennan Says:

      Well said, Brian. I have pets and I do as you do and totally agree. It’s best to leave them at home for their comfort and yours, and for the sake and general well being of the public.
      I do enjoy when Lopez posts pics of her dogs- but not when they’re used to sell merchandise. She’s a good host in that she rakes in the $$$$$$ for herself and HSN, but I don’t believe a word that she speaks.

  26. Suzy Says:

    Ah, Colleen, sometimes I wonder what is between your ears, lol. On her Facebook she has a picture of the ocean, captioned “I need vitamin sea”.
    Uh, hmmm…..she lives right on the water, on the gulf of Mexico……is that not the sea????? Maybe she’s needing the rocks and boulders pounded by giant waves at Big Sur, or water off the coast of the Carolinas…..but really…..what? You’re not hurting for ocean water, lady. Just walk out to your dock…..good grief, it doesn’t make any sense…..you live by the ocean, so you’re not ocean deprived. Earth to Colleen….

  27. Lovie Says:

    Has this blog been discontinued?

  28. Chrissy Says:

    Dear Miss homeshoppingista’s,
    I’m assuming the plural in” ista’s”. Maybe, Ms. Moon & ” graphic & We designer, Ann McGettigan? I read Ms Moon’s bio. On Homeshoppingista.wordpress.com & I couldn’t help but wonder why someone with your writing portfolio galore would want to start a ” gossip blog” on Homeshopping ” Stars” & ” Hosts”? After I found & read Abt your site on community Forum, which just FYI I don’t frequently visit nor am I ” techno” with social networking! But I cldnt help but want to read more Abt ur site & the “reasonings” u quote as to why u intimated this Site. I found it quite Contraversial? 1st u quote “U loved to Shop”! Yet also u stated you are very much in the ” Know” of how Homeshopping is watched by ” insomniac’s” & ” Person’s that are Lonely & home bound? Your defly a very busy Writer for numerous Co’s. I hope persons do check out your education, background history, & Employers ( past & present)! A good Read, as I must exclaim! Yet I believe your once inspired reasons for creating this site has started a whirlwind of back Firing.. Lol how ironic is that word as it maybe tht this Site of Gossip that persons may find of intrest has possibly cost ” Hosts” & even Ventors ” Stars” to small Businesses their jobs! I see your point of view in ” people want to know what happened to so & so” as a Host leaves etc. however, isn’t that why people have their own ” Facebook” page to other social Networking if they wanted persons that don’t have any life & watch Homeshopping channels like Soap Opera’s? That’s quoted on ur page. And No I don’t even have Facebook! And I wound up actually looking at a Vendors Product & caught a FDA Inspecting a certain Brand I use. That led to my finding your site? Which I’m not pointing at 1 particular Network Channel! You had insight or worked the ” Business side” for ” QVC, HSN, & SHOPNBC” now EVinelive! Which idk the latest under ur Events column was on C Lopez’s broken arm in Jan of this year… Yet idk if this Facebook to Mobile crap, which drove up Business.. Yet also likely became the reasons u had after being ” fired” in 2009, that lead u to frequent ” Homeshopping” that has escualted to your great Writing Skills & then ” Gossip column”? Sure people ” Wanna know”! That’s why I’m writing to you too? Why did you not see the potential of how this site cld possibly go ” Sour” and have others Losing their jobs too? And no I’m not a Host, a Business Owner, or even writing for any Big Newspaper, like The Post! I’m just one person who stumbled upon ur Site & thought, Wow! My only words were Wow! Maybe ur Site is lowered in Blogs etc because ur consumed with many writings for many different Papers etc? Lol I however, didn’t find Humor to any of this Nonsense after I read Ur Bio, Ur ” We” in regards to possibly Ann McGettigen? It doesn’t clarify her specifically & I surely don’t want to involve Names if they don’t deserve to be Mentioned! That Wld be Gossip now & who Knows more Abt that perhaps than You?

  29. Donna Says:

    Oh my god! Colleen Lopez is themost annoying motormouth host! I cannot tolerate her for more than 5 seconds.She almost seems mentally ill manic.She is so all about herself and her mouth never stops moving.I cannot stand this woman !!!!!!’!

    • Rose Says:

      I have watched HSN off and on for over 26 years and the same with QVC.
      What everyone is saying about Collen Lopez is so true about. Her attitude stinks. My niece worked there for about 6 months and said that everyone was really nice to her except for Collen. She said she had a major attitude and that she was hard to get along with!!! When Lopez is on I won’t watch. Not only that…..I think a lot of the products and clothes have gone down in quality and up in price. I also feel the same way about Calli. Both her and Colleen to me are very arrogant and so smug. I heard Calli telling one of the guests that was explaining her clothes to the TV audience that a model was wearing……and I quote Calli “yeah yeah get to the point” I think Calli forgot she had an open mic since she was standing off to the side. I thought to myself how rude!!!!! I’ve lost interest in both shopping networks. It seems to me that they show the same stuff over and over and the quality is not good at all any longer. I’ve sent more stuff back then I’ve kept!!!!! I know shopping on TV is a convience and easy but I’ve done some shopping outside of these shows and have found the exact same things they are selling for a whole lot less. And this BS of “we give you better deals” I don’t find to be true any longer.
      I bet if the truth be told a lot of things are referbished and last years merchandise from other companies that they buy from who are wanting a the products off of their hands.
      I have jewelry that I’ve bought from both Shopping networks and over time the gold has tarnished which makes me wonder when they say” it will last a lifetime” ….. Whose lifetime because it sure isn’t mine!!!!!!
      I read all the posts about some of the hosts and I do agree with how they are.
      How many of you think the hosts really wear the clothes they are selling? I don’t for one minute. They do on air but in their private lives I guarantee they are shopping at high end department stores for their wardrobe….purses and shoes!!!

      You all have a good day. I’m headed to the mallπŸ˜€

  30. BarbarA Eska Says:

    I have a cocker spaniel that I tripped over last year and ruptured my Achilles’ tendon. Her name is Sophie! Get better soon!

  31. Truthteller Says:

    Be careful when you drink alcohol, even if you’re in your own house! I know so many people with broken bones from tripping in their own homes!

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