Our Six Degrees Of Separation From David Bowie

In our last blog we related how our former boss Marianne had once met her idol David Bowie. We didn’t do the tale justice.

But Marianne — who had a dog named Ziggy Stardust — is a great storyteller, and she recalled her meeting with the rocker in a Facebook post today.

You can find her post in full here:


But here is part of it:

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with him at some inane, televised black tie event. At commercial break, we both left to grab a smoke. I saw him, alone, smoking. I went right up to him and just said, oh you smoke, too. My knees were shaking. I got the cigarette out, but fumbled for my lighter. So he asked if he could light my fire. Sheesh. Felt like Lauren Bacall, purring back, “you already have.”

So we had a few smokes together and I told him I named my dog Ziggy Stardust, after his famous character in the rock opera. He said, “oh no,” adding said that he prayed my dog’s ending wouldn’t he as tragic as that of the rock hero he created…

Bowie and I yapped about neurotic dogs. Guess he had them too …

I have the memory of a star I never expected to meet who was so charming and nice to me. Consider this a tribute from a “Rebel, Rebel” fan. Bye for now.

Bowie, of course, was married to super model and entrepreneur Iman, who does a line of clothes and accessories for HSN. Her collection is part of Joy Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs.

On social media, Iman posted two telling messages in recent days.

She wrote “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” and “The struggle is real, but so is God.”

In our first blog about Bowie’s death we mentioned that he had two different colored eyes, but one of our readers corrected us.

“Actually, his eyes were the same color, but the pupil in his left eye was permanently dilated thanks to a fight he got in over a girl with a friend when they were 15,” she wrote. “The dilation made it look like a different color because of the way it would let more light in to refract it. Nevertheless, it also made him look much cooler. We lost that and so much more yesterday.”

Thanks for the info!

By the way, if anyone cares, our favorite Bowie songs in order are “Changes,” “Suffragette City,” “Let’s Dance,” “Space Oddity” and “Young Americans.”

Wham, bam, thank you mame.



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