Lesson Learned: Don’t Buy Crappy Sheets From QVC, Evine Live

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. We guess we should be ashamed.

The lesson to be learned is don’t buy bargain sheets on home shopping networks.

Months ago we purchased two really inexpensive sheet sets. one in black and one in caramel, from Evine Live. They didn’t turn out to be such a great deal when after we washed one set for the first time, part of the stitching came out and the elastic came out on the fitted sheet.

Months later, we took a chance on super-soft sheets from Berkshire Blankets from QVC. We just washed them for the first time, and the same thing happened with them as with the Evine Live sheets: stitching came out so the elastic on the side came out on the fitted sheet.

Buyer beware.

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6 Responses to “Lesson Learned: Don’t Buy Crappy Sheets From QVC, Evine Live”

  1. Diana Says:

    I’ve never had a problem with the sheets, and I’ve bought many, including as gifts, over the past 2 decades. I was surprised to see your post.

    • Gina Cashin Says:

      I really like the sheets I get thru EvineLive, always high quality. Never buy sheets from QVC anymore, my past experience with their sheets are not good, poor quality.

  2. Richard Sachs Says:

    I found Sateen Sheets at Kohls under their Sonoma Lifestyles brand. These were almost
    identical to what HSN has on sale every once in a while… Even better with my 30% off coupon

  3. Sherry Bradford Says:

    I will never buy sheets from Evine again. They are crap. I have ordered the Berkshire and loved them. I probably won’t get to use them this year cause it is just to hot for fluffy sheets.

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    i have gotten many sheet sets from evine. i always get cotton. i have never had a problemwash in cold water and dry low. i also have five of their comforters and they are lovely

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