Where Or Where Is New QVC Host Katie McGee?

We haven’t seen her in action yet, but QVC apparently has a new host, Katie McGee.

Some QVC person, we can’t remember who, posted this on Facebook.

“While you were sleeping new host Katie McGee made her QVC debut! She’s super cool, super sweet and super excited to get to know you – so check her out in the wee hours of the morning and give her a big welcome!”

But then some odds things happened when we tried to look into this. First, as far as we can tell, McGee doesn’t yet have her own Facebook page as a host for the home shopping network.

And when we went to QVC.com’s “Meet Our Hosts” section to see what it had to say about McGee, that page appears to have been revised since we last looked.

It does not list all the network’s hosts, but rather suggests a handful of hosts, and vendors, who people should follow. What’s up with that?



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2 Responses to “Where Or Where Is New QVC Host Katie McGee?”

  1. Leah Says:

    QVC has three new hosts: Elise Ivy, Mary DeAngelis (who was David’s producer for “In the Kitchen with David”), and Katie. Their Facebook profiles are up now at Elise Ivy QVC, Katie McGee QVC, and Mary QVC.

  2. Aventure Says:

    Thanks for sharing Aventure

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